Unlock at Level 305
From the Ashes of a Fallen Faith
The day has come to witness a new lineage rise. Trained in the lost ways of the Turstarkuri by her adopted mentor the Anti-Mage, the disciple Wei has been called upon to put her years of practice to the final test. Now she must leave the confines of the temple—to cast off the horrors of the past and find out if she's truly ready to face the world of magic and bring the wizards of these realms to their vile knees.
Opetuslapsen polku
All-new Model
Persoona korvaa Anti-Magen alkuperäisen hahmon kokonaan sen nuorella oppilaalla nimeltä Wei. Se käy omalle tielleen ja yrittää vapauttaa maailman taikuudesta.
All-New Animations
Wei is a loyal disciple, but her journey is her own. She has a completely new set of animations to help show the more arcane-indulgent creatures of the world that their time on this plane grows short.
Custom Hero Assets
Includes an all-new Hero Portrait, Topbar Portrait, and a Minimap Icon.
Yli 900 vain persoonille tarkoitettua repliikkiä
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Unlock at Level 305