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The International Battle Pass is here to blaze a trail into the heart of the Dota summer season. Loaded full of exclusive features and legendary rewards, the Battle Pass is your treasure map to mythic fortune and glory as we journey to the conclusion of this year's Dota Pro Circuit and the ultimate showdown in Shanghai.
25 % aller Erlöse aus dem Battle Pass fließen direkt in das Preisgeld von The International 2019 ein.
Battle Pass 2019
Auf in die Schlacht
Kaufen $9.99
Level 50
Enthält normalen Battle Pass
+ Level 50 als Ausgangspunkt
Kaufen $29.35
Sie sparen 5 % bei enthaltenen Leveln
Level 100
Enthält normalen Battle Pass
+ Level 100 als Ausgangspunkt
Kaufen $44.99
Sie sparen 15 % bei enthaltenen Leveln
Zusätzliche Level können auch gekauft werden
Zusätzliche Level kaufen
Neue Funktionen
Deep in the jungles of Fellstrath, the ruins of an ancient civilization lie hidden beneath tangled canopy and creeping vine. Drawn here in search of fabled relics, Dark Willow has opened the way for others to follow. Now the Mo'rokai—two mythic beasts of yore dormant for centuries—have been roused from slumber by those who trespass upon their lands.
Sonderevent – Bald verfügbar
Die Mo'rokai erwachen
The Mo'rokai—two mythic beasts of yore, dormant for ages—have been roused from slumber, stirred by the battle of the Ancients. As the Mo'rokai reclaim their strength, they'll join the march upon the enemy Ancient, eager to battle anything in their way.
Feed Your Beasts
The Mo'rokai need arcane energy to regain their dormant powers. Collect energy around the Dota map as you kill heroes, destroy objectives, and push the fight to the enemy's door. In addition to the Mo'rokai's powers, your team will unlock shared passive abilities to aid in battle.
Ernten Sie Ihre Belohnungen
Help your Mo'rokai unlock more powers than its age-old foe and leverage them to destroy the enemy Ancient. A special stash of Battle Points awaits the winning team...while the losers are fed to the Mo'rokai.
Explore the darkest heart of the battlefield with a journey into treasure-filled ruins of a lost civilization. Win a game with any hero that blocks your progress in order to clear the path and continue your search for exclusive item sets, Battle Points, and special tools that will speed you on your way.
Lebendige Türme
Unlock the 'Guardians of the Lost Path' custom towers as you level up your Battle Pass. The influence of the Ancients manifests differently in each land it touches. In the ruins of Fellstrath, the stone guardians carved to glorify the temples of the Mo'rokai have been given new purpose—and imbued with the power to inspire more than mere awe in those unfortunate enough to wander within reach.
Dieser Gegenstand wird niemals handelbar oder marktfähig sein. Schalten Sie ihn noch vor Ende von The International frei.
Treue Schaufel
Use your trusty shovel to search the Dota map for special treasures. But take care, most things that lie beneath the earth are not a boon. Avoid the dangers and you might unearth bonus Battle Points, Treasures, Wheel Spins, or the cosmically-rare 'Honey Heist' Baby Roshan courier.
Alberner Affe
Honorable warriors never lose composure. This little guy flings filth so that you don't have to. He'll cheer for your denies or last hits, and show displeasure to anyone who attacks you.
Drop a beat on the battlefield. Regardless of victory or defeat, you'll get to bang on something.
Hoist some scales and discover the origins of everyone's favorite party decoration. You'll be able to brand this floating fellow with your favorite team once the tournament field is set.
Coach's Challenge
Got what it takes to guide random Dota squads to a season of impressive victories? Put your strategies and leadership skills to the ultimate test with the Coach's Challenge. Your teams, comprised of players of a lower MMR than yours, will rate your coaching abilities after each match, and your Coach Rating will rise or fall depending on your performance. Perform well enough and you'll earn additional Battle Points as you climb the coaching ranks.
The Coach’s Challenge also comes with a handful of bug fixes and quality of life improvements, including the ability to mute coaches from the scoreboard.
Coach's Challenge Medals:
Party Finder helps you create a pool of fun teammates without worrying about expanding your Steam Friends list. Just add teammates you like playing with after a match to include them in your pool. Then when you want to play, toggle the Party Finder option to invite everyone in your pool to join. You can also add existing Steam Friends to your pool so you can send an invite to everyone you like at once with a single click.
Spieler vermeiden
Not all players and playstyles work well together. To help keep your team chemistry balanced and fun, we've added an experimental Avoid Player list that guarantees you won't match with a player again. Designate players to avoid on the post-game screen to filter them out of your matchmaking pool.
Every matchmade game this season offers a chance to cement your status as the Most Valuable Player. After an Ancient falls, every player in the game can vote for an MVP from the winning team. The chosen player will be featured in the post-game screen, receive a mention on their friend feed, and be recognized during the pre-game of their next match. Battle Pass owners that win enough MVP awards will unlock Achievements that snag special infusions of Battle Points.
Remind your enemies exactly who owns the battlefield by planting an Avatar Banner of your hero's image for everyone to see. Raise your Battle Level to upgrade your banner's style and to show your Steam Avatar.
High five
Celebrate the thrilling highs and silly lows of each game with the new High Five action. Just throw your hand or handy appendage into the air at any time. If you see a teammate—or an enemy—waiting with hand raised, raise your own to reciprocate...or just leave them hanging. Raise your Battle Level to upgrade your High Five effects.
Versus Screen
Now players can show off their skills even before heading into the lanes, with the introduction of a reimagined Versus Screen. Each team receives a collective moment in the spotlight, and one member of each squad gets a special callout to highlight a few noteworthy Dota accomplishments. Recent performance, Battle Pass Levels, Dota Plus Hero stats, and cosmetics increase your chances of appearing.
Assistant Features
Freunde und Feinde
Learn the meta in real time with tips on how a hero you're considering will perform in your lineup. The new Friends and Foes feature helps identify good allies and bad counters based on global data for your rank.
Camp Stacking Assistant
Every carry appreciates a stacked camp, and every support could use some extra gold. Improve your stack efficiency with timing info from the camp stacking Assistant.
Ward Suggester
Have a stack of wards and don't know where to put them? Improve your ward game with the helpful guidance of the ward suggestor.
Keep track of the breakdown of the total damage you've received with a new display designed to help you make the right choices as each game progresses.
Customize your chat wheel messages with emoticons so your true meaning is always clear.
Wiederkehrende Funktionen
Doppeltes MMW-Risiko
Once per week—with more chances available at higher Battle Levels—you'll have the option to double your potential MMR loss or gain for a match.
Immortals recyceln
Haben Sie einen doppelten Immortal-Gegenstand und niemanden, dem Sie ihn schenken können? Recyceln Sie vier ungewollte Immortal-Gegenstände, um einen ungeöffneten Immortal-Schatz und eine Chance für Rylais Kampfsegen zu erhalten.
Ranglistensuche mit Rollen
Trinkgelder im Spiel
Kompendium zu The International
Also Returning:
Rylai's Battle Blessing · Favorite Team · In-Game Predictions
Daily Hero Challenge · Weekly Challenges · Achievements
Steigern Sie Ihr Battle-Level, um immer mehr exklusive Belohnungen zu erhalten. Sie können Ihr Level erhöhen, indem Sie Aufgaben im Battle Pass erledigen oder Battle-Level direkt kaufen. Wenn Ihr Level genügend wächst, erhalten Sie zusätzliche Immortal-Schätze, ein neues ausrüstbares Terrain, einen aufwertbaren Kurier, Heldenverspottungen und mehr.
Jeder Schatz enthält einen Immortal-Gegenstand und kann außerdem als Bonus einen seltenen Gegenstand enthalten.
Schatz I
Schatz II
Schatz III
Dread Requisition
Armgegenstand mit angepasstem Effekt für Open Wounds
Maske der Totenstarre
Kopfgegenstand mit angepasstem Effekt für Silence
Latticean Hierarchy
Rückengegenstand mit angepasstem Effekt für Spiked Carapace
Flügel der Offenbarung
Flügel mit angepasstem Effekt für Arcane Bolt
Infernal Menace
Waffe mit angepasstem Effekt für Double Edge
Krone der Pein
Kopfgegenstand mit angepasstem Effekt für Diabolic Edict
Urteil des Gefallenen
Totem mit angepasstem Effekt für Fissure
Golden Dread Requisition
Armgegenstand mit angepasstem Effekt für Open Wounds
Golden Flight of Epiphany
Flügel mit angepasstem Effekt für Arcane Bolt
Reaper's Wreath
Waffe mit angepasstem Effekt für Marksmanship
Verwildertes Emblem
Globaler Gegenstand mit exklusiver visueller Heldenaura
The Gates of Nothl
Back item with custom Shadow Wave effect
Off-Hand item with custom Chakram effect
Fortune of the Five Houses
Weapon with custom Stroke of Fate effect
Chalice of Ix'yxa
Weapon with custom Nether Blast effect
Umbral Glyph
Lantern with custom Shadow Word effect
Twilight Schism
Weapon with custom Moon Glaives effect
Horns of the Betrayer
Head item with custom Earth Spike effect
Golden Rectifier
Off-Hand item with custom Chakram effect
Golden Twilight Schism
Weapon with custom Moon Glaives effect
Apogee of the Guardian Flame
Shoulder item with custom Flame Guard effect
Overgrown Emblem
Global Item with an exclusive custom ambient hero effect
Seltene Bonusbelohnung
Sehr seltene Bonusbelohnung
Sehr seltene Bonusbelohnung
Ultraseltene Bonusbelohnung
Bonus Cosmically Rare Reward
Seltene Bonusbelohnung
Sehr seltene Bonusbelohnung
Sehr seltene Bonusbelohnung
Ultraseltene Bonusbelohnung
Bonus Cosmically Rare Reward
1, 10, 22, 34, 46, 80, 140, 220, danach alle 30 Level
1, 98, 112, 132, 140, 152, 230 – and every 10 levels thereafter,
bundle at 375 (x 3), bundle at 615 (x4)
Immortal-Gegenstände sind bis nach The International 2020 nicht handelbar oder marktfähig, können jedoch einmal verschenkt werden. Ultraseltene Gegenstände können nach einer Woche gehandelt werden.
Level 160
Überwuchertes Imperium
Neues Terrain
Take a journey into the Battle Pass rewards line to discover the scattered ruins of a lost civilization, featuring a new soundscape and dynamic weather effects that visit the winds and rains of monsoon season upon the jungle canopy to create some very soggy lanes.
Dieser Gegenstand wird niemals handelbar oder marktfähig sein. Schalten Sie ihn noch vor Ende von The International frei.
Level 255
Majesty of the Colossus
Prestige-Gegenstand für Tiny
Climb to Battle Level 255 to unlock the 'Majesty of the Colossus' exclusive Prestige Item for Tiny, coming soon. Featuring a new hero model and custom animations for Avalanche and Tree Grab, this reimagined take on Tiny is sure to grow on you.
Dieser Gegenstand wird niemals handelbar oder marktfähig sein. Schalten Sie ihn noch vor Ende von The International frei.
Level 305
Acolyte of the Lost Arts
Heldenpersona: Junger Invoker
Introducing the first-ever Hero Persona, a completely different visual and thematic take on a classic hero. Invoke level 305 to unlock the Young Invoker Persona. This new variant of an old favorite features all-new models, animations, and voice performance to help send the ageless Invoker back to his earliest days studying the wizarding arts. Every legend has a beginning, and the Arsenal Magus is no exception.
Mehr erfahren
Level 365
Er, der Eins mit dem Geist der Erde war, hat sich jetzt mit dem Fragment einer anderen verbunden. Auf Level 365 aufgestiegene Besitzer des Battle Pass schalten den bald verfügbaren Arcana-Gegenstand „Planetenfall“ für Earthshaker frei, mit einem himmlischen neuem Heldenmodell, neuen Animationen und Effekten für Echo Slam sowie 500 neue Sprachausgaben, einen freischaltbaren Stil und vielem mehr.
Mehr erfahren
Level 425
Axe Unleashed
Exklusives Faustkampfset für Axe
Verloren in einem seltsamen Land und ohne seine kostbare Namensgeberin ist Axe genau da, wo er sein möchte! Erreichen Sie Battle-Level 425, um das exklusive Faustkampfset „Axe entfesselt“ für Ihren Lieblingsboten des roten Wirbeltodes freizuschalten. Beinhaltet ein neues Modell, neue Animationen, neue Effekte und neue Sprachnachrichten, um den Verlust seiner geliebten – aber komplett entbehrliche – Lieblingswaffe auszugleichen.
Dieser Gegenstand wird niemals handelbar oder marktfähig sein. Schalten Sie ihn noch vor Ende von The International frei.
Saisonale Chatradsounds
Unleash a joyous cacophony into each game with this year's seasonal chat wheel sounds. Introducing a host of new lines along with some old favorites—all well-suited to convey the perfect sentiment for nearly every occasion—these are truly the sounds of summer.
Soundpaket 1
Level 44
Kommentatorpaket 1
Level 96
Soundpaket 2
Level 156
Kommentatorpaket 2
Level 200
Kommentatorpaket 3
Level 262
Soundpaket 4 (2017)
Level 313
Kommentatorpaket 4
Level 357
Soundpaket (2018)
Level 392
Kommentatorpaket 5
Level 457
Episches Kommentatorpaket 1 (2018)
Level 665
Episches Kommentatorpaket 2
Level 785
Koreanisches Kommentatorpaket
Level 1205
Immer wenn Sie oben ein Beispiel abspielen, hören Sie einen anderen Spruch aus dem ausgewählten Paket.
Level 182
Custom Lane Creeps
Enlist the aid of some scaly conscripts in your battle to destroy an Ancient. The upcoming 'Reptilian Refuge' Radiant and Dire creeps will be equippable in the Global Items loadout, and will feel right at home wandering the lanes of the exclusive 'Overgrown Empire' terrain.
Dieser Gegenstand wird niemals handelbar oder marktfähig sein. Schalten Sie ihn noch vor Ende von The International frei.
Level 4
Rollender Stein
Level 144
Scharfer Kritiker
Level 332
Level 16
Level 172
Eiskalter Ballkünstler
Level 367
Level 54
Fearless Cadence
Level 210
Zeig's mir
Level 442
Level 86
Geordnetes Chaos
Level 277
Nicht euer
Level 563
Aufwertbarer Kurier
Beetlebark and Plod
These two rebels are living proof that silent strangers from wildly different cultures can work through their differences to help each other run as far away from home as they possibly can.
Features six additional style unlocks for Beetlebark's shell.
Freigeschaltet auf den Leveln
1 · 40 · 114 · 197 · 302 · 516 · 1.054
Level 100
Evolving Chat Wheel
Salute the epic moments in each game by equipping a memorable call from last year's Grand Finals to your chat wheel. Your call will grow each time you climb one hundred battle levels, eventually reaching maximum celebration.
Dark Willow
Those who reach Battle Level 75 will earn the attentions of one Mireska Sunbreeze with the upcoming Dark Willow Announcer and Killing Spree bundle. Featuring Mireska's sly take on every game, you'll never miss your mark again.
The International 2019
This year, set the right mood and head into the lanes stepping to the tune of battle songs brought to you by three-time Emmy Award winning composer Russell Brower.
Level 1575
Wir präsentieren
Effekte für Fernkampfangriffe
Unlock a new seasonal effect for the auto-attacks of all your ranged heroes and add a little flair to every projectile you lob your enemy's way.
Verwildertes Emblem
Stand out from the crowd with a cosmically rare drop that bestows an exclusive emblem effect upon all of your heroes until next year's International. Each Immortal Treasure you open offers a cosmically-rare chance to drop an Overgrown Emblem. Demo the emblem in the Global Items loadout to check out the effects.
Besondere saisonale Effekte
Schalten Sie saisonale Effekte im Spiel frei, indem Sie folgende Battle-Level erreichen:
Brunnenheileffekt – Level 1
Teleportationseffekt – Level 1
Blink-Effekt – Level 1
Eul's Scepter of Divinity Effect
Brunnenheileffekt – Level 2
Teleportationseffekt – Level 2
Blink-Effekt – Level 2
Brunnenheileffekt – Level 3
Teleportationseffekt – Level 3
Effekte für Fernkampfangriffe
Neue Graffitis
Speak your mind without even opening your mouth. Use this season's updated Chat Wheel Sprays to paint select images onto the map, and let friends or enemies alike know just how you feel.
Exklusiver Ward
Wächter der Ruine
All Battle Pass owners can keep an eye on every part of the battlefield with a set of wards that know the jungles of Fellstrath better than anyone alive.
Starting at Battle Level 66, you'll receive mystical River Vials that allow your hero to change the substance and color of the river for everyone in the game. Just stand in the river and activate a vial to transform the river for three minutes. Each of your vials can be used once per game, and there’s no limit to the number of games in which you can activate a vial.
Flussphiole: Chrom
Flussphiole: Dürre
Flussphiole: Öl
Flussphiole: Elektrizität
Flussphiole: Schleim
Flussphiole: Trank
Flussphiole: Blut
Raise the Stakes
As you increase your Battle Level, you'll earn Battle Point Tributes that let you add bonus tokens to the wagers of everyone on your team. Available in 250, 500, and 1000-token amounts, these boosters may just help your whole team achieve higher Battle Levels. All you need to do is win.
+250 BP
Level 38+
+500 BP
Level 326+
+1000 BP
Level 755+
Preis des Wohltäters
Jeder Preis des Wohltäters enthält einen der Immortal-Schätze zu The International 2019 sowie eine kosmisch kleine Chance auf einen zusätzlichen Schatz, der limitierte Gegenstände enthält.
Exklusive Belohnung
Collector's Rewards
Aegis der Champions
Level 1000
Level 2000
Shipping Information
We have recently revamped our production process, and with the improved system in place, we will be able to start fulfilling shipments of the 2019 version of Baby Roshan shortly after Battle Levels are finalized at the conclusion of the Battle Pass season.
Those battle-forged legends that make it to level 1000 will receive a special glow effect for the in-game fountain Aegis and an invitation to receive The International 2019 Collector's Aegis, an exclusive 1/5th-scale alloy replica of the famed champion's prize. At level 2000, you'll also receive a replacement for Roshan's in-game model, and the 2019 Collector's Baby Roshan.
Including special aegis & roshan on in-game hero health bar