About Manage Your Teams Rules & Scoring


Assemble a fantasy team of players from those attending The International. As they play in the tournament, your fantasy team will earn points. At the closing of the tournament, each of your fantasy teams will earn you an item based on its performance.


Tournament players are broken up into three fantasy roles: Carry, Solo, and Support. Each fantasy role has a different scoring method, the full details of which can be found on the following pages. Your team roster must field two Carries, one Solo, and two Supports. It will also contain three bench slots, which hold players of any fantasy role. At the end of each day of The International, you'll have a time window in which you'll be able to adjust your roster, moving players on and off of your bench to change who you're fielding the following day. Players will not earn points for your team while on your bench, nor once they've been eliminated from the tournament.