The path to the dota 2 championship
consists of three stages of competition
May 12-27
July 8-14
Main Event
July 18-21
1.Regional Qualifiers
May 12-27
Forty-one teams competed in four Regional Qualifiers.
Each Winner and Runner-Up advanced to the Playoffs.
Four winners
advanced to phase two of the playoffs

Four runner-ups
advanced to phase one of the playoffs
Nineteen teams travel to seattle
for the playoffs
Eleven directly invited teams
Alliance   |   Titan   |   Evil Geniuses   |   Fnatic   |   NewBee   |   Vici Gaming
Natus Vincere   |   Team DK   |   Invictus Gaming   |   Cloud9   |   Team Empire
Four qualifier winners
Na`Vi.US   |   Arrow Gaming   |   LGD Gaming   |   mousesports
Four qualifier runner-ups
Team Liquid   |   MVP Phoenix   |   CIS Game   |
2.The Playoffs
July 8-14
Seven days of competition in Seattle will decide which eight teams advance to the Main Event.
Full on-site analyst and broadcast coverage throughout the event.
Phase one
July 8
Wild Card Tournament with the four Qualifier Runner-Ups
All matches are Best of Three
Winning team
proceeds to phase two

Remaining three teams
Phase two
July 9-12
One group of sixteen teams
Each team plays every other team once
A minimum of 120 games will be played over four days
Top two teams
advance directly to main event upper bracket
Middle eight teams
enter playoff phase three
Bottom six teams
Phase Three
July 13-14
Two separate four-team brackets
Seeding is based on Phase Two performance
All matches are Best of Three
Day One
Loser of Match A

Losers of Match B and C
advance to main event lower bracket

Winner of Match C
advances to main event upper bracket
Day Two
Loser of Match D

Losers of Match E and F
advance to main event lower bracket

Winner of Match F
advances to main event upper bracket
The final eight teams
compete for the dota 2 championship
3.The Main Event
At KeyArena
July 18-21
Eight team double elimination tournament
All matches are Best of Three
Grand Final is Best of Five
Grand Finals
Monday - July 21
Upper Bracket
Lower Bracket