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How do I upload a submission?

  • Navigate to the Opening Reel Submission Agreement page hier. Log in and accept the agreement.

  • Once you have accepted the agreement, navigate to your Steam Profile 'Videos' page, which can be found in Steam by mousing over your Account name, selecting Content, then Videos, or by using the following link:

  • If you have not yet linked your YouTube account to your Steam Profile, you will need to do so by clicking the 'Link YouTube Account' button in the upper right.

  • Once your YouTube account is linked to your Steam Account, click the 'Add Videos from YouTube' button on your Videos page.

  • Select the Video you want to upload from the list of your YouTube videos, then when asked, select 'Associate the video(s) with a game', and choose 'The International Opening Reel'. Then click the 'Add Video' button.

  • You have now successfully submitted your video to The International 2017 Opening Reel.