Opening Reel Guidelines
  • All video clips (“submissions”) must be at least 720p.
  • You may make as many Submissions as you like. All Submissions must be uploaded to YouTube by Friday, August 11.
  • Submitter must have obtained consent to appear from persons appearing in the footage in a private setting.
  • Chosen entries, selected by Valve, will appear in the Opening Reel videos that start each day of the Main Event during The International.
  • Valve will chose entries to be included in the Opening Reel videos in its sole discretion. There is no prize or other payment for use of Submissions.
  • By submitting a Submission for consideration, you represent that you are the owner of all rights in the Submission and that you have the right to grant to Valve the license described below.
  • By indicating your agreement here, Submitter grants Valve a worldwide, perpetual, non-terminable license to use the Submission as it may determine in its sole discretion, and to broadcast and re-broadcast the Submission in its sole discretion. Valve may also edit, cut or otherwise make new versions of the Submission in its sole discretion.

How do I upload a submission?

  • Navigate to the Opening Reel Submission Agreement page aici. Autentifică-te și acceptă acordul.

  • Odată ce ai acceptat acordul, navighează la pagina „Video” de pe profilul tău Steam. O accesezi mișcând mouse-ul peste numele contului tău, apoi alegând Conținut -> Video. Sau poți folosi următorul link:

  • If you have not yet linked your YouTube account to your Steam Profile, you will need to do so by clicking the 'Link YouTube Account' button in the upper right.

  • Once your YouTube account is linked to your Steam Account, click the 'Add Videos from YouTube' button on your Videos page.

  • Select the Video you want to upload from the list of your YouTube videos, then when asked, select 'Associate the video(s) with a game', and choose 'The International Opening Reel'. Then click the 'Add Video' button.

  • You have now successfully submitted your video to The International 2017 Opening Reel.