Main event coverage will run 12:00PM PDT all day until games complete,
Wednesday, August 7 through Sunday, August 11.

No games currently in-progress

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For those of you looking to follow the The International spoiler-free, or just want to catch a replay of a match you missed, bookmark the Preliminary Stage Schedule and the Main Event Schedule pages — then avoid our News Feed section, Twitter feed and Facebook posts — until you're caught up with the action.

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Don't be the only one to miss out on this year's version of The Play. Our hashtag #ti3 on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and across the web is here to keep you informed of all the events and excitement happening at The International.
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We know everyone can't make it to Benaroya Hall to see The International live, so we have the next best thing — local viewing events. There you can cheer on your favorite teams with friends and fans. Don't worry about missing any tournament items, just like in Benaroya Hall, if you register and attend an event you will still be tracked for tournament items.
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