Day 3 is Over

The day started with Alliance continuing their undefeated run by winning the first game against DK handily.

But DK would not go down quietly and broke open their play style in the second game. They pressed and stayed aggressive the entire game - destroying Alliances bid to go undefeated.

The third game was a battle with Alliance turning it into a slug fest going on the offensive and DK brilliantly defending but their defense could not outlast the onslaught of Alliance.

This let Alliance continue to Saturday in the Upper Bracket with DK dropping down to play a best of three match against Orange. Game one of that match was played tonight with the next two to be finished on Saturday.

Orange earned that spot by defeating Fnatic with a resounding victory. With their loss, Fnatic has played their last game of this International.

The next Upper Bracket game was Na’Vi versus TongFu. Dendi hooked his way into victory in a first game that left TongFu flat footed. TongFu was able to mount a comeback in the second game and pushed the match into the full three games.

TongFu dominated the early game and just as it looked like they were going to win the match, Na’Vi came back. Na’Vi had the crowd in Benaroya Hall on their feet as they took the victory and will move on to face Alliance Saturday.

TongFu drops down to play the first of three games against IG tonight.

IG won their elimination game against Liquid in an exciting game where the low kill count hides the tense and exciting action.

Liquid, the only Lower Bracket team from group stage to advance, leaves us with that loss.

Both Fnatic and Liquid receive $42,936 in prize money. That compares to $25,000 for the same place last year - that difference is thanks to all players who purchased a Compendium.

Tomorrow we start the day continuing the Orange/DK and IG/TongFu matches followed by the match-up everyone has been waiting for on the main stage - Alliance vs Na’Vi in a best of three match with the winner heading into the Grand Championship match.

Attendees at Benaroya Hall will end the day with a special early showing of the Dota 2 documentary - Free To Play.

We also have a very special voice actor signing on Saturday - Ellen McLain and John Patrick Lowrie will be signing autographs from 2-4pm.

See you at 12 noon PST for another day of Dota 2 action - each day being better than the last.
Day 3 Begins

We begin Day 3 with only eight teams remaining and all eight teams will play today.

Can Alliance continue their streak of wins and remain undefeated? Will IG copy a page from their playbook from last year and mount a comeback from the lower bracket? Is the only hold out from the group stage lower bracket, Liquid, going to be able to keep winning their single elimination matches?

Today we find out all of that and more. Recap of Thursday's action.

In the hall we continue to have player signings, some impromptu as players mill about and some planned at their table. We also have two new voice actors signing today - Linda K. Morris and Gary Schwartz - they will be available from 2-4pm.

For fantasy players, we have some big movements in the top 5 players. Sylar takes the lead with 116.55, followed by Korok with 106.64, then Loda at 105.10, Dendi down to fourth with 104.86, and Super rounds out the top 5 with 100.68.

Make sure to lock in any changes before today’s matches and remember, tomorrow is the final day of the Fantasy Challenge.

Let the games continue!