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At Seattle Center
Main Event
July 18-21, 2014
SUNDAY 13 through MONDAY 14
All broadcasts start at 9am PDT
All games are viewable live in-game and at Dota2.com
Visit the Watch Section for more details
Prize Pool
Total Prize Amount
First Place
Second Place
Third Place
Fourth Place
5/6th Place
7/8th Place
9/10th Place
11/12th Place
13/14th Place
The International Prize Pool is increased by $2.50 for every Compendium purchased until the end of the Tournament.
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All amounts USD. Last Updated: 6:55AM 01/20/22.
Ways to Watch
Watch Every Game Live in Dota 2 or at Dota2.com for Free
Full on-site analyst and broadcast coverage throughout.
New Spoiler-Free DVR Broadcast
Never miss a moment of the tournament. Whether you see it all happen Live, need to tune in a few hours late, or want to relive the previous day's events, each day's entire broadcast will be available from the stream navigator in the Watch Section for you to view at your own pace, complete with pause and rewind features. Plus, only the match results from the previous days' games will be displayed, so you won't have to worry about having a game spoiled for you.
New The International Multicast
With four games happening simultaneously throughout much of Phase Two of the Playoffs, you'll need a way to keep track of all the action. Introducing The International Multicast, a fifth live stream consolidating all the interesting games, unexpected picks, big team fights, catastrophic misses and clutch plays into one package, complete with commentary and desk analysis. The Multicast is the best way to watch every game at once.
New Dota Newcomers Broadcast
New to Dota? Or maybe you play Dota but have never gotten interested in the professional side of the game. Welcome to the Newcomer's Broadcast, an English stream happening alongside the main stream, featuring commentary aimed at easing people into understanding the exciting world of BKBs, tri-lanes, and counter-picks.
In Person
The International is sold out. Those of you with tickets should visit the ticketing FAQ to learn how to pick up your commemorative ticket.
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We know everyone can’t make it to KeyArena to see The International in person, so we have the next best thing: local events in your area. Join a Pubstomp and cheer for your favorite teams with your fellow Dota fans.
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The entire tournament will be also broadcast live on Twitch.tv.
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At the Event
Welcome to the Biggest Event in Dota History
Are you coming to The International?
Check out some of the other things you'll be able to do at the event below.
New Secret Shop Merchandise
The Secret Shop has been updated with a ton of new products including apparel, accessories, collectible pins, plush toys and so much more, many of which include unlock codes for in-game items. Can't make it to the event? Don't worry, many of these products will be available for purchase online shortly after The International, while the in-game items will become available on the Dota store throughout the tournament.
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Player Autographs
Collect in-game genuine quality autographs by meeting your favorite players from all nineteen teams in person, then stamp your items with that autograph to prove to everyone else that you really met them.
Workshop Creator Sessions
Throughout the tournament, workshop creators will be demonstrating the techniques they use to create many of your favorite items, from hero sets to couriers to wards and more. Stop by and learn how you can contribute to the Dota 2 community.
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