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August 3-8, 2015
KeyArena At Seattle Center
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Live Streams

透過 Steam 實況直播、YouTube,或 WatchESPN 等管道來看現場直播。同時還有整合了 Steam 社群和能提供即時戰況數據的 DotaTV 實況串流。
In Person

If you purchased a ticket, make sure you visit the ticketing 常見問答 了解如何領取入場證,以及如何將入場證與 Steam 帳戶連結。

We know everyone can’t make it to KeyArena to see The International in person, so we have the next best thing: local events in your area. Join a Pubstomp and cheer for your favorite teams with your fellow Dota fans.

還不熟 Dota?別擔心,我們有專為新手解說的頻道。國際錦標賽主賽期間將會一天一次選擇一場現場賽事進行解說,幫助新手們探究 Dota 世界中的刺激火花。
U.S. Theater Showings

我們將在美國東部時間 8 月 8 日當天的下午 4 點 30 分 於美國境內超過 40 家戲院中一同轉播總決賽。【這裡】是一同共襄盛舉的戲院名單。
DVR Replays

Tune in a few hours late, or relive the previous day's complete broadcast, complete with pause and rewind features. The results of each day's games are hidden by default to help you avoid spoilers.
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25% of the proceeds of all Compendium sales go directly to The International prize pool.