Mercedes-Benz Arena, Shanghai, Kiina

How to watch

Live Streams

Watch the entire tournament live on Twitch or SteamTV. With complete coverage of the event available on stream, you won't have to miss out on any of the action no matter where you are.

In Person

If you purchased a ticket to attend The International, visit the ticketing FAQ to learn how to pick up your ticket and link it to your Steam account.


Watching in the Dota 2 client lets you control your own camera or even see the pro-player perspective. Battle Pass owners can also make in-game Battle Predictions for a chance at bonus Battle Points.


We know many fans can't make it to Mercedez-Benz Arena to see The International in person, so we've once again partnered with Barcraft United to help users connect at local Pubstomp events around the globe.


Keep track of all of the action during the Group Stage by tuning into the Multicast stream. This stream will highlight the best parts of matches being played simultaneously. Watch Multicast on Twitch or SteamTV. Available in English, Chinese, and Russian.

Viimeksi päivitetty: 10.17.21 9:56 am PDT
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