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Team Banners

We’ve received a lot of great feedback about the in-game team banners & base logos. To aid teams in building great banners that still fit into Dota’s art direction, we thought we’d fire off a few quick tips, and provide a wider set of banner templates to start from.

When creating a custom team set, it’s important to factor in how the environment is affected by banners and logos. While brighter/saturated colors can be used in moderation for banners, ground base logos generally call for more muted colors. A good practice is to have banners start with the desired color and intensity at the top of the banner where it’s draped over, and steadily gradient to more muted, ambient color at the bottom. Soft greens, blues and cyan are good examples of ambient colors that work with Dota’s aesthetic. The surrounding base logo background should match closely to the banner’s lower gradient color, rather than the brighter/saturated top. These 2 rules of thumb will create a custom set that has visual depth in the world, and that promotes good visibility for gameplay.

We’ve put together a new package teams can use to get their logos started, you can find it here.