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Keeping Busy in the Workshop

Another set of Workshop requirements and source assets have been published to the Workshop Requirements page. Lycan, Chen, Clinkz, Phantom Assassin, Phantom Lancer, Pugna, and Outworld Destroyer are now available.

If you submitted your item before the automated submission tool was released, please re-upload your item data using the new tool. You don't need to create an entirely new workshop entry. Just update your existing workshop entry. The 'imported' tag is automatically added by the uploading tool and tells us that your item can be one-click imported. This lets us review your assets very quickly. If you re-upload your asset using the new tool you can add the 'imported' tag if it doesn't already exist.

If we haven't released workshop requirements for a hero yet, the tool will report that the max polycount for an item is 0 and will prevent you from submitting. For now, focus on creating items for the heroes that have requirements and submit them using the tool. This will greatly increase the chances of your item getting shipped.

Here's a cool guide on YouTube, created by Matt White, for taking your item from Maya to Dota 2.