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Dota 2 Update - January 6th, 2017

- Fixed a bug which made it impossible to sell an abandoned teammate's items.
- Fixed a bug with broadcaster audio in DotaTV.
- Fixed Riki’s Tricks of the Trade missing the last attack.
- Fixed Rubick’s talents showing up incorrectly after stealing a spell.
- Fixed the talent names not appearing in ability draft
- Fixed an issue where network disconnection error messages would not be displayed in the dashboard correctly.
- Fixed an issue where the loading screen was dismissed too early when playing back a replay. Now it is shown until loading is finished and the versus screen is displayed.
- Fixed the sell item menu sometimes not accepting clicks.
- Improved some tooltips for buffs granted by items, buildings and neutrals.
- Fixed a bug with loaded control groups.
- Fixed a bug with adding and removing units from control groups via clicks on portraits.
- Fixed voice volume slider not working correctly.
- Improved audio dynamics on player and caster voice.
- Improved the bots' use of backpack slots.
- Fixed the workshop tool crashing when trying to upload bot scripts.