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Dota 2 Update - May 4th 2017

- Fixed issue where combined items would go in backpack if recipe was there
- During hero picking, if a player selects their lane on the minimap before choosing a hero, their icon will be highlighted by their player color.
- Rubick spell steal notification UI has been updated
- Rubick spell steal will now be displayed for all allies
- Talent selection will be broadcast to all allies
- Full talent tree will be displayed to spectators when any player selects a talent
- Broadcast toasts UI has been fixed and updated to Panorama with the following new features
- New dual image toast mode added
- Team images and player images, for players in the current game who have them, are now available in the image selection UI
- A Roshan status widget has been added when spectating
- Team net worth delta is now displayed beneath the time of day in the hud for spectators
- Best of 3 and Best of 5 pips have been moved to either side of the time of day display
- Fixed the "Demo Hero" control panel so players can still read lh/dn score while demo panel is open
- Edge panning while dragging will not pan while mouse dragging over the inventory or backback
- Fullscreen button will no longer be visible on the Watch Live screen when not applicable
- Added indictator to Watch Live screen when the game is in the draft phase
- Replay controls will default to hidden when viewing a live game
- Regional chat will now be restricted to players over level 5 and who have linked a phone number or have made a purchase on steam.
- Added option to disable prediction UI via cvar "dota_hud_ingame_predictions_hide". Can be used by broadcasters to hide UI if not needed.
- Champions Cup entry is now based on winning one Battle Cup
- All player Battle Cup tiers will be reset for this season based on current MMR
- Fixed some particle systems not appearing when couriers are killed