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Dota 2 Update #2 - February 17th, 2017

- Fixed a bug where the achievement rewards for tipping other players were not being granted. All rewards have been retroactively granted.
- Fixed disassembling an item not considering the original item slot for the components.
- Fixed the display of talents for spectators.

Dota 2 Update - February 17th 2017

- Fixed a bug preventing item combines from building the item into the inventory slot that contained a recipe used in the combine.
- Added a new feature in the Shop UI that allows players to request item suggestions from teammates during the game.
- Fixed a number of bugs with the query panel.

Dota 2 - February 16th 2017

* Fixed Necrophos Ghost Shroud not preventing Physical damage from spells
* Fixed Shadow Dance lasting 0.5 seconds longer than intended when he doesn't have Scepter
* Fixed Berserker's Blood attack speed bonus not affecting illusions

Dota 2 Update - February 15th, 2017

- Fixed bots getting stuck when placing a ward by the top dire rune.
- Fixed a bug with minimap rendering on some systems.

Dota 2 Update - February 13th, 2017

- Added Drag & Drop of items in your inventory in the pre-game strategy panel.
- Fixed a bug where in Chinese lines after newlines were sometimes not being drawn.
- Desaturated the default items in the hero loadout screens.

[ Dota Custom Game Animations ]
- Added ability for Dota custom games to register custom animation lua scripts to run when a model loads.
Before a model is loaded (ie. at the beginning of addon_game_mode.lua) you must register a custom animation script:
RegisterCustomAnimationScriptForModel( "models/heroes/medusa/medusa.vmdl", "animation/heroes/medusa/medusa_custom.lua" )