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Dota 2 Update - November 21st, 2014

- Effigies now support styles
- Fixed Mac/Linux frequent menu crash and fog of war visibility problems (this fix requires the Nov 21st Steam client update)
- Fixed bug causing matches that are discarded due to poor network conditions to show up in match history, both in client and in WebAPIs that power 3rd party sites. (The matches were not scored, this is bug with the match history query only.)
- Fixed a rare bug that could cause you to teleport outside of the map
- Fixed a bug with swapping when a contract was involved
- Fixed Glyph tooltip being too large sometimes
- Adjusted sensitivity of poor network conditions detection
- Fixed crashing upon reconnecting. Cleared low priority games remaining for all players who received a penalty in the past 48 hours due to abandoning.
- Fixed various minor bugs

Dota 2 Update - November 20th, 2014

* Fixed various crashes
* Fixed some Effigy bugs
* Fixed Manifold Paradox assassination score being lower than intended and retroactively granted points
* Fixed a Mac crash
* Fixed a bug that caused Arcanas to drop at a higher rate than intended (fewer than 80 of each were dropped)
* Adjusted Poor Network Conditions packet loss sensitivity

Dota 2 Update - November 5th, 2014

- Match Ready dialog now works when in a bot match.
- Fixed effects attached to Whale Blade, Kantusa and several other items not always drawing properly
- Improved network performance with various muli-target attacks (like Cleave)
- Various Phantom Assassin ambient weapon effects have been fixed.
- Fixed a bug that could cause low end settings to not display effects properly
- Wards with auras such as Juggernaut’s healing ward, Tusk’s Sigil, Pugna’s Netherward, etc. will now properly stop ambient effects when they expire or are killed.
- Fixed Phoenix not being pickable in CD
- Various pathing fixes
- Enabled creation of local lobbies with 5v5 bots
- Fixed hero guide submission.
- Fixed a bug with the Terrorblade Arcana where the portrait colors would be wrong after respawning.
- Fixed a bug with the Terrorblade Arcana where Terrorblade would lose his wings after respawning in some cases, such as after swapping from a player who didn't own the arcana.
- Fixed a bug that caused customized particle effects spawned by animations, like Juggernaut's critical hit, to only show the default.

Dota 2 Update - November 3rd, 2014

* Reworked how broadcaster voice audio is managed in DotaTV and replays to keep audio more in sync and also improve the experience when variable latency or high packet loss are involved.

Dota 2 Update - October 30th, 2014

The current item drop system doesn't function well as a reward mechanism. It drops many items on players who aren't interested in them (the items are extremely common, or they're for a hero the player doesn't play), and in the process dilutes the value of the items. We'd like to get to a place where dramatically fewer uninteresting items enter the economy. We don't have a complete solution yet, so we're going to move forward step by step, taking feedback from you as we go.

- Item drops are now entirely time based instead of level based.
Drop list now includes full sets, treasures, bundles and Arcanas at a rare rate instead of frequently dropping common items
- Battle boosters have been removed from the game entirely (we actually removed them from the store in September).
Players with an active battle booster will receive a free Treasure of the Rotted Gallows.
Players who had an unused purchased battle booster in their armory will receive a free Treasure Redemption Token.

- A new treasure, the "Treasure of the Rotted Gallows" has been added to the game.
Treasure Redemption Tokens and other items that can be redeemed for treasures can select this new treasure.
International 2013 Treasure Keys may now be redeemed for treasures.
The items in this treasure can be traded/marketed in 3 months (February 1, 2015).
The rare rewards from this treasure are not subject to the trade or marketing restriction.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed custom Pudge chains not appearing on both sides.
- Fixed unusual Greevils not having their particle effects.
- Fixed alternate hero icons not showing consistently in the UI
- Buyback button now only accepts left clicks.