Dota Pro Circuit

2019 - 2020

The Road to the International
The 2019 - 2020 competitive season takes new shape, as teams face off in tournaments around the globe on the Dota Pro Circuit, featuring 5 Majors and 5 Minors that all offer DPC Points to determine the twelve direct invites to The International. Check the FAQ below for more information on the DPC Points system.
Schedule | Team Standings
Dates Status Location Prize Points Organizer
11/07 - 11/10 Minor $300,000 660
11/16 - 11/24 Major $1,000,000 15000
01/09 - 01/12 Minor $300,000 660
01/18 - 01/26 Major $1,000,000 15000
03/05 - 03/08 Minor $300,000 660
03/14 - 03/22 Major $1,000,000 15000
04/23 - 04/26 Minor $300,000 660
05/02 - 05/10 Major $1,000,000 15000
06/11 - 06/14 Minor $300,000 660
06/20 - 06/28 Major $1,000,000 15000
Last Updated: September 12, 2019
Rank Team Points
1 Team Secret 4850
2 TNC Predator 4256
3 Evil Geniuses 3480
5 Vici Gaming 2611
6 Team Liquid 1820
7 Alliance 1272
8 business associates 768
9 beastcoast 720
10 Team Aster 179
11 Nigma 170
12 Quincy Crew 156
13 Fighting PandaS 134
14 BOOM Esports 122
14 Fnatic 122
16 Gambit Esports 93
17 Royal Never Give Up 67
18 Adroit 56
19 paiN Gaming 52
20 Reality Rift 51
21 Geek Fam 40
21 Midas Club 40
23 catJAMMERS 38
24 Cignal Ultra 33
25 EHOME 28
26 Look For Smile 27
26 27
28 Team Spirit 24
28 Team Xolotl 24
30 HellRaisers 22
31 Unknown Team 17
32 NoPing Esports 13
32 13
34 Cyber Legacy 12
34 Team Singularity 12
36 Blaze 10
36 Infamous Gaming 10
38 Aggressive Mode 9
38 Cumulonimbus 9
38 Neon Esports 9
38 Newbee 9
42 Vicious Gaming 8
42 We Dislike Bears 8
44 CDEC 7
44 IO Dota2 7
44 Team Plus 7
47 OG.Seed 6
48 Ascomanni 5
49 Alpha x Hashtag 4
49 Broccoli Hunters 4
49 DoZe Esports 4
49 NOVA 4
53 Winstrike Team 3
56 Lowkey 2
56 Revive 2
56 Yung Suck Gaming 2
59 Team Strawberry 1
59 flowers 1
59 Ωmega Gaming 1


How are points earned?UPDATED
Points are earned by all 16 teams playing in the Major and all 8 teams playing in the Minor, as well as every team in the regional qualifiers.
How many points are Majors and Minors worth?UPDATED
This season, Majors are worth 15000 points, and Minors are worth 660 points. Additionally, teams that participated in the regional qualifiers obtain DPC points.
How are points distributed based on tournament results?NEW
For Majors, which are 16-team double-elimination, the point distribution is as follows :
PlacePrize poolPoints
For Minors, the point and prize pool distribution is as follows:
PlacePrize PoolPoints
*Since the minor winner also gets to participate in the major, they will only get points for the event in which they placed better (e.g: If they place last in the major, they will only get 140 points for winning the minor. If they place 8th instead, they'd get the 450 points for the major but not the 140 points from the minor)
Do teams earn points, or do players?
Points are now earned by teams.
If a player changes teams, do those players' points go with them?
How many teams receive direct invites to The International 2020 from points?
The top twelve teams with the highest point totals receive direct invites to The International 2020. The other invited teams will be determined by Regional Qualifiers (1 per region).
Do points determine invites to the Regional Qualifiers? UPDATED
Yes, as long as the team has a valid active roster. Teams can opt out of an invitation if, for example, they are disbanded and the roster isn't active.
How many regional qualifier teams qualify for Majors and Minors?
Each region gets a minimum of 2 qualified teams for Majors, and a minimum of 1 qualified team for Minors.
How are the remaining three Major and two Minor qualifier slots determined? UPDATED
The regions for the additional qualifier slots are assigned by Valve, per Major and Minor.
Are there other ways to qualify for a Major?
Yes, in addition to qualifying via Regional Qualifiers, the winner of the preceding Minor is automatically qualified to the Major. This team will earn either the DPC points for their Minor victory, or their placement in the Major, whichever is greater.
Can teams qualify for both the Minor and the Major?
No, only teams that have not qualified for the Major can compete in the Minor qualifiers.
Can a team play with subs? UPDATED
Yes. During qualifiers, a team must play with at least 4 of its 5 registered players (this will cause no penalty). Any team that plays the LAN portion of a tournament with a sub will incur a 40% penalty on points earned from that tournament.
Can a team remove a player after qualifying to a tournament? NEW
Yes. However, a team that removes a player after securing a slot at a minor or a major, will have a 20% deduction to the points obtained during that event in addition to the normal penalty.
When can teams no longer switch players? NEW
Teams can drop players up until the beginning of the final Minor. At that point teams can no longer release players from their roster. However, teams can still add players if they don't have a full set of 5 up until 12PM PST the day after the last Major concludes, at which point all teams will be considered locked and TI Invites will occur.
Can I participate in The International Open Qualifiers if I belong to or work for a team that has been qualified to The International or The International Regional Qualifiers? NEW
Who gets invited to The International Regional Qualifiers? NEW
The top 8 teams with the most DPC points from each region that didn't get invited to The International and have a full roster in the DPC site will be invited to the Regional Qualifiers.
What is the format for the Majors? NEW
Phase 1: 4 Bo3 GSL groups of 4. Top 2 teams per group advance to Upper bracket. Bottom 2 teams per group advance to lower brackets.
Phase 2: 16 team Double Elimination with 8 starting in Lower Bracket. Bo1 matches for 1st round of lower bracket. Bo5 finals, Bo3 every other game.
What is the format for the Minors? NEW
Phase 1: 2 Bo3 GSL groups of 4. Top 2 teams per group advance to Playoffs.
Phase 2: 4 Bo3 team double elimination. Bo5 finals.
How are qualifiers different this year? NEW
This year we have combined both the Majors and Minors qualifiers into a single, shorter one, reducing complexity and time for players and organizers, and allowing to both give extra time to rest to players after a Major is over without majorly compromising the time for players in the minor to get visas when required.
When are the qualifier dates? NEW
Qualifier #1: Oct 5-Oct 10
Qualifier #2: Dec 1-Dec 6
Qualifier #3: Feb 9-Feb 14
Qualifier #4: Mar 29-Apr 3
Qualifier #5: May 17-May 22
What is the format for the Qualifiers to the Majors and Minors? NEW
Phase 1 (2 days):
2 bo2 groups of 5. The top 8 teams with DPC points are invited. 2 Open qualifier spots. In case not enough teams have DPC points, Valve will decide how to distribute the remaining slots.
Top 2 from each group advance to Phase 2.
3rd from each group advances to Phase 3. Everyone else is eliminated and gets 10 DPC points. In cases the region has 3 major invites, Both 4th places play a bo3 to decide who else goes to Phase 3.
Phase 2:
4 team Double Elimination.
Top 2-3 qualify to the major. Loser(s) advance to to phase 3.

Phase 3:
4 team double elimination. Top 1/2 qualify to the minor, the rest get 20 DPC points.
Where can I sign up?
You can register as the manager of a team or as a player on the Registration Page.