Dota Pro Circuit

2019/2020 season

Although we're still in the heart of the 2018/2019 competitive season, it's time to start planning for next year's Majors and Minors. We're requesting that any organizations who are interested in hosting a Major or Minor in the 2019/2020 DPC seasons email us with their proposals.

Details on what we're looking for are below.
  • For the events, we are looking for proposals for 5 major and 5 minor events in the season. The dates for each major are as follow.
    • Nov 16-24
    • Jan 18-26
    • Mar 14-22
    • May 2-10
    • June 20-28

    The dates for each minor are as follow.
    • Nov 5-9
    • Jan 7-11
    • Mar 3-7
    • Apr 22-26
    • June 9-13
  • Proposals should be emailed to
  • Proposals should contain as many details about the tournament as possible -- location, venue, etc.
  • Starting in Fall 2019, Valve will determine the format for both majors and minors, as well as qualifiers.
  • Though we are accepting proposals for both Majors and Minors, we will be making our selections for Majors first, followed by the Minors.
  • We will be accepting proposals for Major and Minors through May 25, after which we will begin reviewing submissions.