Dota Workshop


Q. What is the Merchandise workshop?
The Merchandise workshop is a pathway for the Dota 2 community to submit merchandise designs to be considered for production and sale at The Valve Store,, and other various brick and mortar retailers.

Q. How does this work?
The Merchandise workshop operates in a similar manner to how the current Steam Workshop operates; i.e. users will upload merchandise designs/concepts/mockups in .jpeg, .psd, or .ai format. Once uploaded, it will then be up to the Steam community to up vote, down vote, and give feedback regarding the overall concept and design of the submission. Valve will review the top designs and select which ones will go forward for production and distribution by WeLoveFine. WeLoveFine will contact you to sign a licensing agreement to use your designs for merchandise production and distribution.

Q. Why are we doing this?
We want to give the Dota 2 community an opportunity to see their merchandise designs and concepts become a reality. As with other workshops, the success of a contributor's design will be dependent on the community's participation and feedback, so please make sure your voice is heard.

Q. Where will I be able to purchase merchandise approved through The Merchandise workshop?
The Merchandise workshop designs that are up voted by the community and approved by Valve for production and sale by WeLoveFine can be purchased in four potential areas:
  1. The Secret Shop at The International
  2. The Valve Store
  4. Other online or brick and mortar retailers
Q. How will I get paid and who will pay me?
Since you will be entering into a licensing agreement directly with WeLoveFine, WeLoveFine (not Valve) will pay you royalties on merchandise sales with your designs. The licensing agreement will include amongst other items, the royalty percentage, reporting and frequency of payments. WeLoveFine may require you to provide other information prior to getting paid such as tax forms and banking information.