Battle Cup Winter 2017

Rewards Winter 2017

2 Treasures and 4 Levels
Per Player on Champion Team

Each player on the Battle Cup Champion team is awarded two Winter 2017 Treasures and four levels on their Winter Battle Pass.

Battle Pass Achievements

Your Battle Cup Score tracks your progress over the course of the season. Earn enough points to unlock Battle Pass achievements and rewards.

Battle Cup Trophy

Each Champion player receives an in-game trophy that can be displayed in their profile and tracks the number of tournaments won.

You'll also have the following Champion Prestige Effects for one week after winning a tournament:

From the moment the Ancient falls in the Battle Cup Grand Finals until the Cup is awarded in the following week's tournament, Champion players will have several exclusive Champion Prestige Effects on their account to display their battle mastery for all to see.

Champion Status

Whether chatting in the client or loading into a game, the Champion Status will display your Battle Cup triumphs to all of your allies and opponents in various places throughout the client.

Streak Counter

Win more than one Battle Cup in a row to increase the number of Battle Cups appearing in your Champion Status. The streak will grow until you fail to defend your title or choose not to participate in the following week's Battle Cup.

Champion Emoticons

Battle Cup Champions will have access to these exclusive Champion Emoticons unavailable to anyone else in Dota 2.

Battle Cup Champion Effigy

All first-place players will also receive a Battle Cup Champion Effigy, which automatically replaces a structure in your base with a custom model for the duration of the week following a tournament win. The wise enemy will tremble at the sight if they dare approach your Ancient.

Schedule Winter 2017

Date Southeast Asia China Europe South America North America
Champions Cup

Times listed above are in your time zone according to your browser, and indicate when registration begins. Teams have 30 minutes to enter the queue and find their first opponent. We encourage players to party up beforehand and be ready to enter the queue when registration opens.

The Champions Cup
Players with the highest Battle Cup Score in each tier are invited to compete in the season-ending Champions Cup.

Champions Cup winners retain their prestige status all through the offseason, until the next Battle Cup season.

One slot in each region's Major Qualifier will be reserved for a team that wins the previous season's Champions Cup at the highest tier.


Who can participate in the Battle Cup?
Any account with a profile badge over level 25 is eligible to join the tournament. You do not need a Battle Pass or a calibrated Matchmaking Ranking (MMR) to participate.
How much does it cost?
Tickets are available for $0.99 in the Dota 2 store, and each team requires 5 tickets to enter the tournament. However, there is no restriction on which participants provide the tickets. Each player can purchase their own ticket, or tickets can be purchased by other teammates in their stead. In addition to being available in the store, all Battle Pass owners receive one ticket, with an additional ticket earned at Battle Level 29.

At the end of the season, all unused tickets will expire and cannot be used for the next season. Battle Cup tickets are not tradable or giftable.
How are opponents determined?
Tournament matchmaking is based on tournament tier and geographic region. Tournament matchmaking uses automatic region selection, and MMR and language preferences are not factored in. Please note that only the larger server regions are used for Battle Cup games.

Each player has an individual tournament tier, which is set at the start of each season from your MMR. After the tier value is set, player MMR is not used in any way in the Battle Cup. If team members have different tiers, the highest tier is used. Furthermore, a team may elect to enter the Battle Cup at the next higher tier to increase their challenge.
How can I find teammates?
There are two in-game mechanisms to help you find teammates.
  • The in-game automated party builder tool matches parties with solo players looking for a team to join. The party builder matches based on language, tier, and server ping. As soon as a compatible match is found, the solo player will be added to the party. If you need more players after one has joined, use the party builder until you have a full team of five.
  • In addition to the party builder tool, you can also meet players from the same tier and geographic division by joining the chat channel dedicated to this purpose.
We strongly encourage all players to begin partying up and finding teammates before registration begins, so they are ready to queue as soon as the tournament starts.

A team's roster is set once they have entered the tournament, and individual players are not able to leave the team for a replacement. If team chooses not to continue, the party leader can forfeit the tournament on behalf of the team.
What is the Battle Cup Score?
The Battle Cup score tracks your Battle Cup progress throughout the season. Each week your Cup Score will increase based on your performance in the tournament.
  • 10 points Join the fight
  • 20 points Win a match and advance out of the first round
  • 40 points Reach the finals
  • 70 points Win the tournament
You can use your Battle Cup Score to compare your progress against friends and unlock achievements and rewards in the Battle Pass. Players with the highest Cup Score at each tier will be eligible to compete in a special season finale tournament, the Champions Cup.

If you compete at different tiers throughout the season, your Battle Cup score is tracked separately per tier.
What is the Champions Cup?
The Champions Cup is a special Battle Cup tournament held after the end of the regular season. Players earn the entry fee to this exclusive event—a golden ticket—by obtaining a sufficiently high Battle Cup Score in their tier.
We'll announce the Battle Cup Score needed to qualify later in the season. Players interested in reaching this goal can maximize their chances by participating each week at the same tier—and winning.
How can I qualify for the Dota 2 Major Championships?
In addition to the established route through Open Qualifiers, the Champions Cup offers a new path for any player to compete in the Dota 2 Majors. One slot from each Regional Qualifier will be filled by a team of tier-8 Champions Cup winners from the previous Battle Cup season.
Can I play in any division?
You can select to participate in any geographic division you wish. Keep in mind that each division has a designated time slot and assigned game server regions. You may play in a different division each week. Players may not participate in the Battle Cup multiple times in the same weekend.
What happens between rounds?
In between matches, a team has a deadline to enter the queue for the next match. If any queue deadline is missed, a team can still continue in the tournament if an opponent can be found. However, if an opponent cannot be found, then the team that failed to queue for their match in the allotted time will forfeit the tournament and their entry fee.
What happens if a team meets the deadline but an opponent cannot be found?
In rare cases, we may be unable to find an opponent for a team at their stage in the tournament, even if the team has met all deadlines to queue. If a team reaches the semi-finals and an appropriate opponent is available and waiting in the grand finals, the semi-finals team may be awarded a bye. If an opponent cannot be found, however, the team’s entry fee will be refunded and the team stats updated based on their progress to that point. Teams that miss any queue deadline are not eligible for a bye or a refund if an opponent cannot be found.
What if a player has connection issues?
If individual players experience network connection issues at the start of the game, the game will start without them, and the player can continue to try to connect to the game. Likewise, disconnected players are not timed out or removed from the game or marked as a leaver, and there is no AFK detection. In the event of a server crash or poor network conditions, all tickets are refunded, and team tournament stats are updated.
Can a team surrender?
If a team wishes to surrender, calling 'GG' is allowed.
Are my match stats public?
Like league tournament games, the match details and replays of all Battle Cup matches are considered public.