In the Woods... It Awakens.
The slivers of the Mad Moon hang low in the night sky. From spring comes summer, from summer comes fall; the shift of the seasons march onward, droned out by the unceasing clash of Radiant and Dire. Long forgotten are the brief moments in which we stopped to turn our attention towards the woods. Where is the season of Diretide? We howled at the woods, begging it to bring forth its candy-mad beast. But nothing came. And we moved on.
But now the trees shake. The taffy in our bowls jostles as the ground shakes under foot. Could it be?
Brace yourself for a special Dota 2 event. Roshan stomps from his cave, lumbering down the river, hungry for candy and blood. Round after round of an an all-new frenetic, five-on-five game-mode awaits. Lo, the season returns. It’s Diretide.
Take Part in the Foultivities
The woods tremble as the seasonal game mode Diretide returns! Gather your team and harvest your sweets in a best-of-five showdown, but be warned of the beast, for Roshan's craving for Greevil Taffy has only intensified.
Collect Taffy
The clock is ticking and your team's stash awaits! Cut down those creeps and secure their taffy. Harvest with haste!
Fill Your Bucket
Heap piles of taffy into your trove but beware your enemy's thievery and tricks. Driven by greed, they'll stop at nothing to rob you blind!
Satiate the Beast
Roshan's hunger is not to be ignored. Only the taffy in your pocket and your propensity to part with it will save you from a quick death.
Rewards Most Sweet
Throughout the Diretide season players can earn Diretide Points by playing both regular Dota 2 matches, and the Diretide game mode. Every 100 points will earn you one of Roshan's Rewards.
Diretide Courier
Prized Trunk of the Diretide
New Diretide Treasure
Diretide Shader Effect
Global Slot
Beaks n' Bubbles
Diretide Ward
Seasonal Shimmer Bundles
2 Bundles, 21 Heroes
Diretide Courier
Pumpkin Head
Any Hero
Ghostly Courier Effect
Global Slot
Diretide Mega-Kills
Mega-Kill Announcer
Chatlines & Sound Effects
13 in Total
Diretide Kill Streak
Kill Streak Effects
Spooky High Five
High Five Effect
Mystery Item
A Random Set or Item
Diretide Cursors
Hallowed Chest of The Diretide
Revamped Treasure
MMR Double-Down Tokens
Single Use
Spooky Emoticons
10 in total
Spooky Sprays
10 in total
Diretide Death Effects
Death Effect
Over 75 treats, which ones will you get?
The roar of Roshan echoes through the wood, sending chills down your spine, spooks down your skeleton, and rewards down your screaming face.
Diretide Shader Effect
Hallowed Chest of The Diretide
Prized Trunk of the Diretide
Spooky High Five
Diretide Cursors
Diretide Kill Streak
Diretide Death Effects
Pumpkin Head
Diretide Courier
Beaks n' Bubbles
Diretide Mega-Kills
Dark Willow
Scary Cat
Treant Protector
Lil Ghost
Centaur Warrunner
Legion Commander
Naga Siren
Skywrath Mage
Drow Ranger
Shadow Fiend
Death Prophet
Wraith King
Chaos Knight
Calabaxa Courier
Big Brain
Hungry Roshan
Angry Creep
Doom Guy
In the Bag
Lucky Cat
Pugna Sip
Happy Pumpkin
Angry Pumpkin
Sad Pumpkin
Unlucky Cat
Candy Apple
Broodmother Sweater
Cute Cat
Death Prophet
Lycan N' Friends
Baby Roshan
Greevil Taffy
Undying Vitamins
*Vioin Stabs*
*Nightmare Noises*
Like stealing candy from a baby. A no longer living baby.
The moon drives you to delirium.
One by one they fall!
Celebrate in the mad moon light!
Something dire this way comes.
The woods begin to stir!
Reap your harvest and protect your soul!
Hallowed Chest of The Diretide
Get chests by playing Matchmaking or Diretide for the duration of the event. Unlockable with a purchasable Hallowed Key, each Hallowed Chest of The Diretide contains one of 60 wondrous creations across 5 tiers including contributor sets, Immortals, all-new Immortal sets and ultra-rare Emblems.
Key Required to Unlock ($2.50)
How do you unlock these haunted treasures? By tracking down a priest or a wizard or a sorceress who has spent their entire lives learning the intracacies of dark, dangerous magicks with the hope that their knowledge and power will snap the unbreakable seal? Nope! A simple key will do the trick!
Improved Marketability
See a set or an immortal you like but aren't feeling lucky? All items are immediately marketable and you can purchase them from other players directly from the client!
Trade your items up
Got some items you don't want? Combine ten items of the same tier to get a random item of the tier immediately above, up to tier 4. Don't have 10 items to spare? Buy the cheapest ones available in the marketplace with one click.
Tier 5 Emblems
Emblem of the Diretide
Cosmically Rare - Modifies Attack Projectile, Lasts for 1 year
Comes in one of four colors:
Tier 4 Immortal Sets
Provocation of Ruin
Immortal Set - Juggernaut
Shadow in the Deep
Immortal Set - Slark
Desert Burn
Immortal Set - Snapfire
Tales of the Ardalan Interdictor
Immortal Set - Sniper
Tier 3 Immortals
Origin of the Unmaking
Immortal - Bane
Remnants of Ascension
Immortal - Grimstroke
God's Mercy
Immortal - Mars
Fetters of Omniscience
Immortal - Omniknight
Avowance of the Veiled Ones
Immortal - Phantom Assassin
Concord Reversion
Immortal - Phantom Lancer
Lash of the Lizard Kin
Immortal - Shadow Shaman
The Hallows Within Bundle
Immortal - Undying
Tier 2 Ambient Sets
Tier 1 Sets
Season's Grievings!
Diretide Wallpapers: