1st - $1,437,190 USD
2nd - $632,364 USD
3rd - $287,438 USD
4th - $201,207 USD
5th - $114,975 USD
6th - $114,975 USD
7th - $43,116 USD
8th - $43,116 USD

Benaroya Hall
200 University Street
Seattle, WA 98101

This August, the top Dota 2 teams in the world descend upon Seattle to compete for the 2013 Championship Title. An expanded five days of double-elimination bracket action culminates in Sunday's best-of-five Grand Finals. Watch the event in-person at Seattle's famed Benaroya Hall or stream every second in Dota 2 or online at Dota2.com.

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Wild Card Match 1PM
Solo Championship Playoffs 7PM
Prelims Day One 9AM -> 10PM
Prelims Day Two 9AM -> 10PM
Prelims Day Three 9AM -> 2PM
Main Event Day One 12PM -> ~9-11PM
All-Star Match End of day
Main Event Day Two 12PM -> ~9-11PM
Solo Championship Grand Finals End of day
Main Event Day Three 12PM -> ~9-11PM
Main Event Day Four 12PM -> ~7-11PM
'Free to Play' Advance Screening* End of day
Main Event Day Five 12PM -> ~6-9PM
All times PDT
All games are viewable live in-game and at Dota2.com
*The 'Free to Play' Advance Screening will not be streamed