"A Modern Multiplayer Masterpiece"



Join the Battle. Bring your friends.

The most-played game on Steam.

Κάθε μέρα, εκατομμύρια παίκτες παγκοσμίως εισέρχονται στη μάχη ως ένας από τους περισσότερους από εκατό ήρωες του Dota. Ανεξαρτήτως αν είναι η 10η ώρα τους στο παιχνίδι ή η 1000η, πάντα υπάρχει κάτι νέο για να ανακαλύψουν. Με τακτικές ενημερώσεις που εξασφαλίζουν την συνεχή εξέλιξη του παιχνιδιού, των χαρακτηριστικών και των ηρώων, το Dota 2 έχει πραγματικά πάρει την δική του μοναδική μορφή.

"The game is in an extraordinary place."

–PC Gamer

One Battlefield. Infinite Possibilities.

When it comes to diversity of heroes, abilities, and powerful items, Dota boasts an endless array—no two games are the same. Any hero can fill multiple roles, and there's an abundance of items to help meet the needs of each game. Dota doesn't provide limitations on how to play, it empowers you to express your own style.

"...offers more than literally any game I can think of."


Όλοι οι ήρωες είναι δωρεάν.

Competitive balance is Dota's crown jewel, and to ensure everyone is playing on an even field, the core content of the game—like the vast pool of heroes—is available to all players. Fans can collect cosmetics for heroes and fun add-ons for the world they inhabit, but everything you need to play is already included before you join your first match.

"...totally free to play in the way

we wish all free-to-play games could be"


Bring your friends and party up.

Dota is deep, and constantly evolving, but it's never too late to join.
Learn the ropes playing co-op vs. bots. Sharpen your skills in the hero demo mode. Jump into the behavior- and skill-based matchmaking system that ensures you'll be matched with the right players each game.