Item Build

Starting Items

Early (Buy regen if low)
Core (Required, in order)

Situation (only if needed)
Extension (choice, Any order)

Ability Build

Berserker's Call


Battle Hunger


Counter Helix


Culling Blade


Talent Tree


+{s:value} Mana Regen

+{s:value}% Magic Resistance

+{s:value} Movement Speed

+{s:value} Counter Helix Damage

+{s:value} Culling Blade Threshold

+{s:value} Health Regen

+{s:value} Berserker's Call AoE

+{s:value} Battle Hunger DPS

Author's Ability Notes

Berserker's Call increases your armor and forces enemies to attack you. Use this also to escape as the armour boost is a way to prevent final attacks from killing you. Works through Black King Bar, also taunts heroes who are invisible, breaking their invisibility.
This is your harassment tool and a way to chase fleeing heroes. Especially good on support heroes who cannot last-hit. This also puts enemy's Blink Dagger on constant cooldown, preventing them from escaping.
We rely on Counter-Helix to flash-farm your necessary items (Blink Dagger). This is your main damage-dealer when trying for kills: 1. Blink Dagger onto a group of enemies 2. Activate Berserker's Call 3. Use Culling Blade on weak foes as Counter-Helix does its damage.
Culling Blade goes through everything like sliced bread. What's that? Dazzle's Shallow Grave slowin' someone's death down? Use this ability: it works. For each kill, it refreshes the use of Culling Blade, so use it constantly! Be wary of its mana cost and its better to use it before they can escape Can also be used on couriers at full health!

Author's Item Notes

Early (Buy regen if low)

Vanguard allows Axe to build Crimson Guard but ultimately gives him a lot of survivability during the early-game to bully and dominate the lane and jungle.
Use Blink Dagger to initiate on your opponent in fights. 1. Initiate with Blink Dagger onto enemy's location 2. Cast Berserker's Call to force them to attack 3. Use Blade Mail (if obtained) to force their attacks back 4. Use Battle Hunger to further inflict pain on enemies 5. End with Culling Blade on any fleeing enemies

Core (Required, in order)

It may be awhile before you can get Blink Dagger, Phase Boots helps close the gaps on enemies (combined with Battle Hunger) to pull of Berserker's Call. The extra armor and attack damage also helps you last hit early-game.
Synergizes great with Axe's first ability: Berserker's Call. Damage reflected back is the same as you take.
Black King Bar is versus magic casters who will try to tear Axe down as he has great armor but no resistance against magic attacks.

Situation (only if needed)

After initiating with Berserker's Call, you can use Force Staff to push yourself towards allies and the taunted enemies will follow.
Pipe of Insight is against magic-nukers that Axe cannot stand against. Pipe of Insight is a strong considerable pick-up that offers the team a lot of what they want: Magic Resistance, health regeneration and more.
Heaven's Halberd provides more survivability through evasion. To add, it also increases your life-steal/regeneration, reduces stuns and can disable foes. Use before your opponents pops their BKB as the Disarm will pursue even after.

Extension (choice, Any order)

Crimson Guard amplifies Axe's ability to absorb a ton of damage and, in turn, keep everyone focused on him. The damage taken is completely removed during Crimson Guard's duration; making it an incredible item with no mana cost and a great way to mitigate against strong physical melee carries or heroes with illusions.
Lotus Orb makes Axe's teamfighting strength even more potent. Blade Mail on top of Lotus Orb means even more damage, spells and attacks are reflected back to their foes; giving Axe more armour and also more direct fighting power. Lotus Orb can also be used to reflect back nuking damage or dispel stuns, slows, disables on Axe or an ally being punished.
Blink, Berserker's Call, Shiva's Guard. Keep foes nice, close and crippled as you active Shiva's Guard to truly put into effect your presence. Shiva's Guard also slows attack speed of all enemies nearby, making Axe's presence all the more challenging.

Other Items

Tranquil Boots is an alternative boots for Axe if he has a bad lane and can't afford the more expensive Phase Boots. The movement speed helps close the gaps on enemies (combined with Battle Hunger) to pull of Berserker's Call.
Either with Blink Dagger or in substitution with it, Silver Edge can provide for an aggressive Axe that Breaks tanky enemies like Tidehunter and Bristleback while also closing in on fights to initiate with Berserker's Call.
An early bracer helps ward off against supports who harass you with magical spells. The extra health from the Bracer also helps you survive in the lane.
Meteor Hammer increases your farming capability and makes your ganks all the more potent. As you grab enemies with your Berserker's Call, cast Meteor Hammer to then stun and damage them after the duration.
After initiating on an enemy, activate Manta Style to further proc. Counter Helix. Use Manta Style to further split-push lanes and increase your farming capabilities.