Item Build

Starting Items
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Early Game
core Items (safe Lane)

Utility Items
Situational Items

Extension Items

Ability Build

Poison Touch


Shallow Grave


Shadow Wave


Bad Juju


Talent Tree


+75 Damage

+30% XP Gain

+200 Cast Range

+30 Shadow Wave Heal / Damage

+40 Movement Speed

+45 Poison Touch DPS

+40% Poison Touch Slow

+0.5 Bad Juju Armor Reduction

Author's Ability Notes

Poison Touch is a great initiation for your team. Use it early-on to harass enemies in-lane and follow-up with your attack - ensure they cannot hit you back. This is considered physical so common items like Medallion work with this item.
Leveling Shallow Grave only increases the range you can cast it, not the duration. Works on allies using Black King Bar or are Magic Immune. Use Shallow Grave to save an ally or to protect an ally who wants to use their teleport scroll to escape (can still be stunned). Casting Shallow Grave also improves Bad Juju's effect - may be worth it if you're especially ahead in a fight.
Shadow Wave is a great heal that goes through Black King Bar both on allies and enemies; spam it plenty to keep your team alive and hurt enemies around without fear. This is considered physical so common items like Medallion work with this item.
Rely on Bad Juju to reduce the cooldown of your items and abilities - making Dazzle a menace with his active items and abilities.

Author's Item Notes

core Items (safe Lane)

Guardian Greaves is the next logical step for anyone with Arcane Boots and Mekansm; save on space and improve your two items into a better boots that can amplify your team fighting capabilities. It removes debuffs and improves regeneration at no mana cost, making it a great item overall.

Situational Items

Thanks to Bad Juju, Necromonicon has a near constant up-time, hastening your farm and ensuring you have a constant follow-through of damage in combination with your poison slow.
As you are a frail hero that needs to stay on the outer edge of fights, Aether Lens keeps you at a safe distance to help allies and avoid enemies.
Split the need for Mekansm and Pipe of Insight with other support heroes. Pipe of Insight is great throughout the game, but maybe unnecessary if Mekansm can do the trick.

Extension Items

Glimmer Cape extends the survivability of your allies. Shallow Grave, Healing Wave and Glimmer Cape and ultimately save an ally from a very dire situation.
Force staff can be used either for yourself to get away or in combination with Shallow Grave (Shallow Grave then use force staff for your ally to get away with just an inch of his life left).
Solar Crest is an upgrade of Medallion of Courage and continues to capitalize on your abilities' physical-based damage. Use Solar Crest offensively and defensively as well as to hasten killing Roshan.