Item Build

starting items
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early game
Core ITems (Safe Lane)

Utility Items
Situational Items

Extension Items

Ability Build

Frost Arrows




Precision Aura




Talent Tree


+20 Movement Speed

+5 All Stats

+14 Agility

+50% Gust Blind

25% Evasion

+3s Gust Silence Duration

+25% Precision Aura Attack Speed

50% Cooldown Reduction

Author's Ability Notes

Manually cast this on enemy heroes to harass without drawing creep aggro. Minimize Drow's mana usage by using normal arrows a few times between each frost arrow. Frost Arrows do not stack, so time your next Frost Arrow to avoid depleting all your mana needlessly.
Silence offers a nice knockback to keep foes minimally back and allows you to create decent space for you to kite and trail foes. You can use Gust to silence an enemy and activate your Town Portal Scroll! Gust does not break Town Portal Channeling of enemies.
Only provides bonuses for allied ranged heroes and units (incl. creeps). Attack speed is increased based on your AGI stat, so build agility items to improve this global ability (both active and passive components). Don't forget to activate this.
Illusions receive the bonus damage from this ability. You lose your Marksmanship bonus if an enemy is near, invisible or not.
50% Cooldown Reduction : Affects ability and active-item cooldowns.

Author's Item Notes

Core ITems (Safe Lane)

Hurricane Pike allows you to keep a full range for your ultimate to function on enemies. By using Hurricane Pike on an enemy, your ultimate is enabled to give you bonus damage at an incredibly safe range. This is key for enemies who target Drow specifically or blink onto her to gank.

Utility Items

Once you have your second level in Gust, if you get ganked; you can use Gust to prevent an enemy from interrupting you as you teleport away. Be sure to use it the Town Portal Scroll fast as the duration of your Gust/Silence is limited!

Situational Items

Use Mask of Madness for a more offensive Drow Ranger; where you intend on ganking and taking advantage of your Frost Arrows to catch enemies out of place. Combine this with Shadow Blade/Silver Edge for further ganking.
Mid-game item that cuts straight into the midst of battle and doesn't aim for a long-term game. This allows Drow Ranger to take advantage of her early Frost Arrows and try to end the game as soon as possible.
Consider Linken's Sphere if specific ultimate, target abilities like stuns and silences are keeping you down. This should be seen different as Black King Bar because it will waste ultimate abilities on you like Doom's Doom or Necrophos' Reaper Scythe from completely killing/disabling you.
Get Silver Edge if initiating onto enemies is very difficult. With it, you can target enemies with strong passive abilities that make their attacks or resistance too durable to directly fight them.

Extension Items

Black King Bar is regular item for Drow Ranger to prevent being stunned or limiting your damage output. Ultimately, she is very fragile, so your damage output is a question of: Can I kill them before they kill me? Black King Bar ensures you can make the effort.
Manta Style works great with boosting the capabilities of your illusions thanks to Drow Ranger's passive ultimate that really strengthen her damage ever further. Later in the game, Drow offers pushing capabilities for all ranged heroes thanks to her Precision Aura. Manta Style breaks high-ground.
What works with an agility hero? More agility, the evasion is a nice touch for heroes that wants to stay on the rim of battles such as Drow Ranger.
Mjollnir and Aghanim's work best together. Late into the game, you'll either face Drow's strong counters: 1. Strong-armoured heroes 2. Illusion Heroes 3. In-Your-Face ganking heroes 4. Mega Creeps Aghanim's + Mjollnir helps push back lanes and does AOE damage against strong team-fighting line-ups.

Other Items

Since Drow Ranger has no escape (or ways of running away/getting out), Shadow blade is a great tool for her to either gank or run away from incoming attacks.