Item Build

starting items

Early (Buy regen if low)
Core (Required, in order)

Situation (only if needed)
Extension (choice, Any order)

Ability Build

Smoke Screen


Blink Strike


Tricks of the Trade


Cloak and Dagger


Talent Tree


+{s:value} Strength

+{s:value} Attack Speed


-{s:value}s Smoke Screen Cooldown

+{s:value} Backstab Multiplier


-{s:value} Tricks of the Trade Cooldown

+{s:value} Smoke Screen AoE

Author's Ability Notes

It does not break your invisibility. Use Smoke Screen to initiate on foes towards their return path to force them to engage your ally or you. Smoke Screen can also be used defensively if you need an area to avoid stuns. Reduces enemy vision inside.
The blink also does direct damage, so be sure to use it constantly when chasing, though it reveals you if you attack right after. Using Smoke Screen before Blink Striking foes is a safe move. Follow with Diffusal Blade and rip them to shreds before they can escape. Can be used on allies for no damage.
Tricks of the Trade is a great ability with one drawback: it requires you to be in the middle of a fight. Use this after using all your other abilities or to survive. 1. Open with Smoke Screen on enemies. 2. Blink Strike on them to back-stab a lot 3. Finish with Tricks of the Trade If enemy stands in your AoE, you will be revealed - otherwise your Cloak and Dagger will allow you to exit your ultimate with invisibility.
Spells and abilities do not break your invisibility, only physical right-click attacks (such as after your Tricks of the Trade). You can even TP while invisible.

Author's Item Notes

starting items

Quelling Blade is to get rid of those annoying wards that you just can't reach.
Orb of Venom is a great item pre-Diffusal Blade to keep enemies in your Smoke and also keep them nearby as you don't have your ultimate yet (pre-6) to blink on them.

Core (Required, in order)

This is the most useful item if you are playing Riki. The usefulness of this ability is its combination with smoke which will keep your opponent silence and missing you. 1. Active Smoke on your foes 2. Cast Diffusal Blade to keep them in the smoke 3. Blink when necessary to keep on them.
Manta Style dispels Dust of Appearance on you.

Situation (only if needed)

Using Blink Dagger does not remove your invisibility. Blink Dagger can be useful after popping your Tricks of the Trade to escape as you can cancel your ultimate at any time and distance yourself from enemies by Blinking away. Blink Dagger can be essential for a Riki that wants to be in and out while Tricks of the Trade is on cooldown/ready to go.
Especially good on low armor heroes to make quick-work for Riki. Helps push towers down easy and can ultimately serve to kill heroes with high health but low armor.
If you're getting disabled and destroyed a lot. BKB doesn't help your agility, but it gives you the survivability and ability to take down your foes fast! BKB should be considered if your ult doesn't kill enemies and you need to survive to hold on your ultimate. BKB is another safeguard method.
Battlefury provides sufficient mana regeneration to help you farm your other items while also hitting multiple enemies when casting your Tricks of the Trade, amplifying your farming output and fights with little risk.

Extension (choice, Any order)

Aghanim's Scepter increases your output from your Tricks of the Trade by increasing how many enemies you hit during as well as its duration. Target strong central allies like initators or other physical hitters to maximize your reach and movement during your Tricks of the Trade.
Nullifier is a key item for you late-game: it slows your target and dispels them. Especially useful against enemies that rely on key passive abilities or items like Ghost Scepter, Eul's, Glimmer, Satanic or Aeon Disk to have them disabled and nullified against you. Hero passive abilities like Windranger 'Windrun' and Monkey King's Jingu Mastery are also nullified by Nullifier.
Butterfly not only adds to your armour via your specialized attribute (AGI), but it also allows you to dodge attacks.
Eye of Skadi is great at the end-game to take down high health targets and also prevent enemies from fleeing with your slow. It provides stats across the board providing everything a carry needs to cap the game to a win.
Abyssal Blade is preferred for the sake that keeping your foe in place and in your Smoke can ultimately kill them fast.

Other Items

Spot and destroy your strongest counter: Sentry Wards, with this specific item.
Town Portal Scroll can be casted while you're invisible without it affecting your invisibility.
If you think you need more last-hitting potential, pick this up. Can be substituted with your other Early Game items or included.
Void Stone first so you can cast more spells to help you farm faster without completely depleting your mana.