Item Build

starting items

Early (Buy regen if low)
Core (Required, in order)

Situation (only if needed)
Extension (choice, Any order)

Ability Build





Nature's Attendants




Talent Tree


+{s:value}% Magic Resistance

+{s:value} Movement Speed

+{s:value} Damage

+{s:value} Nature's Attendants Wisps

{s:value} Untouchable Slow

Enchant Affects Ancients

+{s:value}% Impetus Damage

+{s:value} Nature's Attendants Heal

Author's Ability Notes

At max level, Untouchable lets you easily tank Roshan for your allies. Do not rely on this ability too much to fight off physical carries as you are still very fragile from nukes and strong-damage hitters. This effect starts the amount they target you, as the first attack starts.
One of your most useful abilities throughout the game. Do not hesitate to gank at the first few levels with a controlled creep to get a first blood. Enchant also dispels and slows when casted on enemy heroes. Also farms well or stacks camps for you while laning.
At the beginning of every fight, activate this ability to help survive in fights: 1. Use Enchant to slow down an enemy 2. Follow-up with your controlled jungle creeps' abilities 3. Use Nature's Attendants to help survive any counter-attacks 4. Kill foe with Impetus
Impetus will seriously drain your mana, but the damage dealt with this ability is based on the difference of your target and the foe when it lands, not where casted; so if you can only squeeze one more attack in, start heading the opposite way to maximize the most damage out of that last shot.
A 3 second cooldown means you can use this to avoid lethal damage, spells and follow up with Impetus at increased damage due to the new distance range you have with your enemies. Combined with Hurricane Pike into Sproink, you can perform even further attacks on an enemy.
+{s:value} Nature's Attendants Wisps : More Nature's Attendants Wisps means it can heal multiple people much more quickly.
+{s:value} Nature's Attendants Heal : Increased rate of healing.

Author's Item Notes

Core (Required, in order)

Solar Crest on Enchantress has little ramifications for a hero that seldom gets hit by physical attacks due to distance and her passive ability. That said, Solar Crest provides a lot of benefits to her allies or in punishment to any target she is attacking or focusing on.

Situation (only if needed)

A great active for your team and controlled jungle creeps. Use Drums of Endurance to push with your jungle creeps, chase after foes and to push fights in your favour with the extra damage. This is especially useful for line-ups that want to fight and push early.
For magic-intensive enemy teams, Pipe of Insight can be considered. Enchantress is especially susceptible to Magic damage as she has a very small health-pool.
Chances are, if you're getting stunned, you're going to die. But in the rare case when you have the survivability to dish the damage and not get targeted; then Black King Bar can be ideal. But be sure to look into other items that help you escape/keep your distance without so much investment.

Other Items

Infused Raindrop is an item that works great in a pinch. Enchantress can't survive many nukes and her mana regeneration early on would love anything to help that improve it. Since Enchantress wants to be offensive at level 6. This item plays into both her difficulties.
Hand of Midas is seldom good as a reward for being so proactive in your ganks. If you find the game will be passive or you're ahead, try and snag a Hand of Midas to alleviate the need to farm. This should hasten your build towards Aghanim's Scepter fast.
Eul's Scepter of Divinity offers what you want; the mana and regeneration for your ultimate; the extra movement speed for your priority positioning and the disable in case you get jumped on and need to distance yourself. It's also very good to set up nets or stuns from your possessed jungle creeps.
The follow-up to Dragon Lance. Hurricane Pike removes enemies targeted on you, pushes them back and allows you to fire Impetus without fear of retaliation. An incredible item that bolsters your Force Staff desire with Dragon Lance's godly range.
Typically, you can buy this early on in the game to get first-blood, allowing you to rush Hand of Midas or simply a faster Mekansm
Bloodthorn is an end-game item that completely shuts off the active abilities of your targeted enemy. With it, you and your ally attacks gain True Strike (can't miss) and critical damage and any spell or physical attacks you do will deal additional damage at the end of the silence period.
Monkey King Bar provides additional attack speed but also provides direct bonus damage that capitalizes on the needed attack speed Enchantress is seeking.
Improve team-fights and pushing power with Vladmir's Offering. Enchantress is a great holder of auras given her ability to maneuver and stay in and out of fights when necessary.