Item Build

starting items

Early (Buy regen if low)
Core (Required, in order)

Situation (only if needed)
Extension (choice, Any order)

Ability Build

Grave Chill


Soul Assumption


Gravekeeper's Cloak


Summon Familiars


Talent Tree



+{s:value} Damage

-{s:value} Armor Corruption

Soul Assumption Hits {s:value} Targets

+{s:value} Soul Assumption Damage Per Charge

+{s:value} Familiars Movement Speed

+{s:value} Gravekeeper's Cloak Stacks

+{s:value} Familiar

Author's Ability Notes

Grave Chill slows movement speed and attack speed so be sure to target the right heros who rely on their speed to obliterate your team. Use this on any unit to catch up to an enemy if you cannot slow them directly. The cooldown is relatively low regardless. During the laning phase, you can spam this ability to harass them and maintain control of the lane.
Spam this like crazy during team-fights. The damage occurring throughout the fight will be much faster than your cooldown: 1. Cast Grave Chill on a target. 2. Use Familiars to target the slowed target 3. Finish with Soul Assumption for the kill.
Familiars have a high-bounty death, so avoid getting them killed. They can be used in a variety of ways: 1. Attacks near you means stronger Soul Assumption spell 2. Flash-farm creeps and counter-push waves 3. Use their stuns to break channeling and disrupt fights 4. Stack Jungle and Ancient camps 5. Use Familiars to scout Rosh
Initiate with Silent as the Grave to catch opponents out and follow-up with Grave Chill and stuns from your Familiars' Stone Form.
Soul Assumption Hits {s:value} Targets : Soul Assumption cannot hit the same target twice. Prioritizes heroes
-{s:value} Armor Corruption : Basically armor reduction

Author's Item Notes

starting items

Plant a tree with iron branch to consume with tangos to increase your regeneration - especially useful in the mid-lane where you want to save starting items to afford early game items like bottle or boots of speed.

Core (Required, in order)

Although the cost is hefty, consider this item for the extra stun and if your team is offering global auras. The pushing power of three familiars is incredible and should be not be overlooked.
BKB is necessary for a hero that relies on not getting stunned or silenced to dish out the necessary damage.

Situation (only if needed)

Initiate with this slow due to its range and added stats that Visage needs (health and intelligence). Add Grave Chill to really cripple them. You can also stack Rod of Atos with Grave Chill and by the time Rod of Atos' effect wears off, Grave Chill is reusable again.
The value of Solar Crest comes from its movement speed and its dual usage depending on the situation: either to impart some of your armor to help an ally attack faster and survive physical damage OR to reduce an enemy's armor to utilize your physical damage or spells for further effect. The mana regen from Solar Crest is just enough to help you spam spells when farming or ganking.
Pipe of Insight provides your team with better sustainability against tough magic casters and carries that can wipe your team up incredibly fast if they're frail to magic types.

Extension (choice, Any order)

Shiva's Guard is a great defensive item to increase your armor while also staving off strong physical carries wtih your nuke aura.
Assault Cuirass means even further armor reduction and increased attack speed for you and your familiars.

Other Items

Medallion of Courage/Solar Crest works in conjunction with your Gravekeeper's Cloak to mitigate any armor loss you receive while attacking your foe. Your familiars also deal increased damage on the targeted foe.
Hand of Midas can be farmed incredibly fast with your Familiars. Early levels for Visage means increased larger nuking damage and survivability. Opt for this if you have a great lane and know the game will go long.
Improve team-fights and pushing power with Vladmir's Offering. Visage is a great holder of auras given his ability to maneuver and stay in and out of fights when necessary. To add, the familiars gain from the lifesteal and increased damage.
Lotus Orb provides the armor to give more survivability but also allows you dispel big stuns/slows or reflect back nuke damage on your teammates who keep getting targeted.
Heaven's Halberd provides more survivability through evasion. To add, it also increases your life-steal/regeneration, reduces stuns and can disable foes. Use before your opponents pops their BKB as the Disarm will pursue even after