Item Build

starting items
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early game
core items (Safe Lane) 2

utility items
situational items

extension items

Ability Build

Summon Wolves




Feral Impulse




Talent Tree


+5 Armor

+20 Damage

+13 Feral HP Regen

12% Cooldown Reduction

+8s Shapeshift Duration

+18% Feral Impulse Damage

+40% Chance Shapeshift Critical Strike

+3 Wolves Summoned

Author's Ability Notes

Use Summon Wolves to harass your foes, jungle when your lane is pushed and tank some damage when doing Roshan. Your first level of Summon Wolves if very weak; so avoid using it until level 2 at least. When using your wolves to tank Jungle damage, be sure to rotate them to avoid them dying, be sure to rotate them to maximize your output damage.
Works globally.
Also affects illusions and Lycan-owned creeps/units (Wolves, Necro. units). Howl combined with Feral Pulse make Lycan a very strong pusher.
Your ultimate gives you maximum speed and prevents you from being slowed. Use it on Roshan and further on to chase down weak foes or gank during your initial advantage in levels (after doing Rosha). Resume farming when it is on cooldown. There is a cast time, so use this ability pre-emptively as you don't want to be interrupted when casting it.
12% Cooldown Reduction : Reduces both ability and active-item cooldowns.

Author's Item Notes

early game

Use Helm of the Dominator to control creeps that can improve your pushing power like the Dire Wolf for more Damage or the Dark Troll to create skeletons to push harder.

core items (Safe Lane) 2

Lycan can either engage fights or take advantage of fights occurring to split-push. Necromonicon can increase your split-pushing speed, siege onto towers and detect wards, allowing you to take out any observers the enemy may have around.
Since slows cannot stop you when you are using your ultimate, Black King Bar is to prevent everything else from defeating you! The enemy line-up will be gear towards preventing you from split-pushing; making Black King Bar essential.
Assault Cuirass continues to lower the armour of your enemies and amplify the attack speed and armour of your allies; This works great for Lycan who has no trouble with damage, but thrives on attack speed to follow-through on his damage and likelihood of critical strikes.

utility items

At the fountain, buy Smoke of Deceit and Summon your Wolves. Use the Smoke to enter Roshan's Pit without being detected or seen by wards. Activate Smoke of Deceit and you can usually reach Roshan while hidden and replenishing your mana from summoning your Wolves.

situational items

Pipe of Insight provides your entire creep army and yourself with magic resistance. This is to serve as a substitute for Black King Bar when there are no hard-stuns to stop you but rather just wave-clearing AOE attacks that wipe your pushing force.
Get Heaven's Halberd if there is an enemy carry you need to disable. The dodge is even especially more desired for Lycan as his survivability can be a bit iffy.
Solar Crest allows Lycan to take an early Roshan, but also allow him to team-fight against rivaling carries. With his ultimate, he cannot be stunned and the stacked armour with evasion on Lycan makes him difficult to target while enemies are wittled down with the critical damage from Lycan.
Consider Linken's Sphere if specific ultimate, target abilities like stuns and silences are keeping you down. This should be seen different as Black King Bar because it will waste ultimate abilities on you like Doom's Doom or Necrophos' Reaper Scythe from completely killing/disabling you.
Get Silver Edge to more safely escape when pushing towers, to gank enemies or to re-position when fighting. With it, you can target enemies with strong passive abilities that make their attacks or resistance too durable to directly fight them.

extension items

The extra armor reduction and damage works great with your Wolves' damage. Desolator is a great item that is low in cost for large damage that work on towers; making split-pushing with Lycan even more worthwhile.
Abyssal Blade is key to a Lycan that solokills. With it, you can initiate on unsuspecting enemies and follow-through on your damage with your wolves while preventing them from fleeing with your dedicated stun and likelihood of bash.
Bloodthorn is an end-game item that completely shuts off the active abilities of your targeted enemy. With it, you and your ally attacks gain True Strike (can't miss) and critical damage and any spell or physical attacks you do will deal additional damage at the end of the silence period.