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Early Game
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Situational Items

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Ability Build



Holy Persuasion


Divine Favor


Hand of God


Talent Tree


+{s:value} Health

+{s:value} Cast Range

-{s:value}s Divine Favor Cooldown

+{s:value} Holy Persuasion Damage

-{s:value}s Hand of God Cooldown

+{s:value} Holy Persuasion Minimum Health

+{s:value} Holy Persuasion Max Units

+{s:value} Hand of God Heal

Author's Ability Notes

Grab Creeps that have aura abilities you like or active abilities to stun/controll fights: 1. Satyr Tormenter (Regen), Alpha Wolf (extra damage), Hellbear Smasher (attack speed), Wildwing Ripper (Armor) 2. Centaur Conquer (AoE Stun), Satyr Banisher (Purge/Slow), Dark Troll Summoner (Ensnare), Mud Golem (Range Stun) Use Creeps with Divine Favour to farm the jungle, harass enemies and gank mid with a Smoke of Deceit.
This is a global heal, spam it even in fights you're not even in. Account for who is getting targeted, who is important and use this ability accordingly. Don't use it at the very last second, but more in the middle of a fight to ensure your teammates don't run away without knowing you can help.
Target your creeps and allies to your Penitence target. Usually someone caught out or trying to flee.
The additional Heal amp. and regen applies to all units you own + allies, making other aura regeneration items even better for your team. Cast Divine Favour on yourself to gather all your controlled creeps back to you. Cast Divine Favour on allied heroes to bring them to you.
+{s:value} Holy Persuasion Max Units : Adds additional units to Holy Persuasion. If the max level let's you control 4 units, ths ability would add to that number.

Author's Item Notes

Core Items (Support)

The logical conclusion after buying Arcane Boots and Mekansm. Get this as you near six full slots of items since your mana issues will be negligible by then and the value of Guardian Greaves surpasses both core items needed for it.

Situational Items

Get Drums when intending to gank early and for the movement speed with your creeps. All-around good item and relatively cheap.
Aeon Disk is especially important if you find yourself just completely dying. Typically this is if someone's attacks can't be reduced, blocked or remove enough for you to run or escape. Aeon Disk can be important if they have a strong team-combo that you want to completely negate.
Solar Crest provides defensive capabilities for yourself but more importantly, adds fragility to enemies by reducing their armor - allowing your carry and you to kill the more quickly. Use this also to farm jungle creeps more quickly as there is no mana cost.

Extension Items

Ideal for when caught out of position or to help a friend. Use Force Staff to avoid large AOE attacks or direct stuns and utilize your creeps to make the chase difficult for your foes.
Vladmir's Offering is welcomed on all teams, especially one you can create via jungle creeps. The extra armour, lifesteal and mana regeneration are insanely good for Chen and his team.
For magic-intensive enemy teams, Pipe of Insight can be considered.
With Aghanim's Scepter, make sure you grab the Ancients with team-awarding buffs or to siege towers. Does not increase the # of controller units.
For further pushing power and creep army, Necromonicon can provide further attack speed, damage and slow for your team. At level 3, you will be able to see invisible units, via True Sight, so very useful vs. ganking heroes like Nyx Assassin, Riki or Bounty Hunter

Other Items

Early mid-game support that helps with pushing and could be upgraded to level 3 to deal with stealth heroes. Necromonicon adds even more versatility in Chen's massive one-man/multi-creep army.