Item Build

starting items
Early (Regen at Lotus Pool)

Core (Required, in order)
Situation (only if needed)

Extension (choice, Any order)

Ability Build

Acid Spray


Unstable Concoction


Corrosive Weaponry


Chemical Rage


Talent Tree


+{s:bonus_armor_reduction} Acid Spray Armor Reduction

+{s:bonus_radius} Unstable Concoction Radius

Acid Spray grants armor to allies

+{s:bonus_damage} Damage per Greevil's Greed stack

-{s:bonus_base_attack_time}s Chemical Rage Base Attack Time

+{s:bonus_max_damage} Unstable Concoction Max Damage

+{s:bonus_bonus_movespeed} Chemical Rage Movement Speed

+{s:bonus_bonus_health_regen} Chemical Rage Regeneration

Author's Ability Notes

Acid Spray secures your lane, but also pushes it. It also improves your farming, but at a high-mana cost. Use Acid Spray right before fights to lower their armour to make fighting easier. Use Acid Spray to clear stacked Jungle camps, hastening your farm even faster.
Unstable Concotion takes 5 seconds to reach its max stun duration. Before TPing into a fight or to defend a teammate, activate your Unstable Concotion so you can hit foes at a longer length without them being able escape. Affects all units around the target, even if self-casted.
Works regardless who gets bounty rune.
This ultimate has a relatively low cooldown and offers a ton of HP regeneration. Use it to farm; its also great to survive ganks and get that extra movement speed. When getting slowed or disabled, considering using your ultimate as a Dispel to rid all annoyances. Early on, you rely on this ability to survive while farming the lane and jungling.
Opt for Berserk Potion to help your carry out of a jam with the dispel or, more importantly, to maximize their damage output through additional attack speed and movement.
Combined with your Chemical Rage, your Corrosive Weaponry allows you to stack on a lot of this debuff within seconds, keeping enemies in place of Acid Spray and to prevent them from junking you so you can land your Unstable Concotion (again)

Author's Item Notes

starting items

Iron Branch can be placed on the ground to then be consumed by your tangos for additional healing.

Early (Regen at Lotus Pool)

Soul Ring consumes your life to have the mana to cast Acid Spray. Thanks to your Chemical Rage, that health is regenerated quickly over time.

Core (Required, in order)

Phase Boots permits Alchemist to fight early and to fight hard. More importantly, the armor is necessary for Alchemist who has significant Strength gain but no armor survivability. To add, the damage from Phase Boots also plays well with the Alchemist and Chemical Rage with its increased Base Attack Time.
The value of Solar Crest comes from its movement speed and its dual usage depending on the situation: either to impart some of your armor to help an ally attack faster and survive physical damage OR to reduce an enemys armor to utilize your physical damage or spells for further effect. The mana regen from Solar Crest is just enough to help you spam spells when farming or ganking.
Blink Dagger helps you initiate with Unstable Concoction to ensure you can maximize the charged duration and land it on a foe before they can react or escape. Cast Acid Spray right as you blink in to maximize the damage of Unstable Concoction.
Aghs Shard provides a dispel necessary when your Black King Bar runs out of its duration and youre still getting disabled like slowed. To add, it provides additional value for an mid-game fighter like Alchemist who needs to start making plays relatively early.
Only buy Aghs for teammates that have a good Aghs effect. Not everyone needs their Aghs and prioritizing those who do is key. The more Aghs you collect, the more damage and spell amp. you will earn.

Situation (only if needed)

Opt for Magic Stick early if the enemy spam a lot of spells or you’ll be in the lane significantly. Magic Wand can be bought as early as before Boots of Speed or as late as after your core Boots upgrade depending on how the enemy and their spell usage. Magic Wand can also be bought to make room for other items due to limited space.
After jumping your opponent with Unstable Concoction, the slow active and the manabreak youll be dealing with your increased Base Attack Time from Chemical Rage means youll burn off a significant amount of mana from the enemy, rendering them difficult to escape from your Acid Sprays AOE.
Heavens Halberd provides more survivability through evasion. To add, it also increases your life-steal/regeneration, reduces stuns and can disable foes. Use before your opponent’s pops their BKB as the Disarm will pursue even after.
Black King Bar is to help Alchemist maximize his damage output during Chemical Rage. It also allows you to cast Unstable Concoction without being interrupted at the very last moments.

Extension (choice, Any order)

Boots of Travel allows Alchemist to flash-farm different lanes and areas and to return whenever a fight is occurring. The extra movement speed means you can chase almost anyone down, combined with your Chemical Rages increased attack speed.
Crimson Guard is recommended against high-input and illusion-base or unit-related damage heroes, like Lycan or Broodmother, to mitigate their physical output against your team that needs, but cannot focus on, sustainability. Crimson Guard scales with your strength, so it is especially valuable with heroes who have high strength gain or are building strength-base items.
Octarine Core works constantly with your Radiance; making you regenerate life fast in combination with your ultimate: Chemical Rage. The cooldown reduction means Acid Spray can come online even faster and Chemical Rage comes off cooldown even more. Active items also come off cooldown quicky too.
Shiva's Guard wards off enemies attacks by reducing their attack speed and when activated, slows their movement and nukes them for large magic damage.
Mjollnir for a offensive Alchemist to really push his farming potential, strong attack speed and to combat illusion-based heroes (e.g Manta Style). The mix-up for Chain Lightning magic damage as well as the damage from Alchemists melee attack can be enough to completely wear down teams. Dont forget to cast Static Charge on yourself to punish enemies who target you.

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Other Items

Alchemist has incredibly weak armour throughout the game. Assault Cuirass will lessen the issue. With your Acid Spray and Assault Cuirass armor reduction aura, you should be able to tear down foes.
Get Silver Edge to initiate with your Unstable Concoction. If timed correctly, you can Break the damage, deal bonus damage and maximize your stun duration making your ganks all the more potent.
Radiance, in combination with your Greevil's Greed and Acid Spray; mean fast jungle camps, push lanes at an incredible rate and ultimately move onto even larger items. Combined with your Chemical Rage means Alchemist stays in fights longer and his Burn damage from Radiance lasts longer.
Manta Style is to help with your farming even more and Radiance works with your illusions, allowing you to push even more lanes, push more towers. Helps to dispel silences and slows that can prevent you from fighting.
Armlet of Mordiggian adds to Alchemist's stats while its negative effect is mitigated by Alchemist's ultimate: Chemical Rage, which regenerates his health much more quickly than he'll lose using Armlet.
Follow-up with Unstable Conoction with Abyssal Blade. The extended stun duration as well as the increase health-pool will make surviving in fights much easier for Alchemist.
Eye of Skadi slows enemies but also reduces their regen. Especially useful versus high health and regenerative enemies where you need to cripple their survivability from lifesteals and healing.
Stack jungle camps and rely on Battle Fury to regenerate your mana for your ultimate and Acid Spray. Battle Fury cleaves is amplified by your talent tree but also by your incredible attack speed with your ultimate.
Sange and Yasha provides Alchemist with an incredible mix of synergy. The movement speed and attack speed by Yasha helps dish out the damage that Alchemist needs to prevail in fights while the Sange portion amplifies his ultimates regeneration and reduces disable duration to keep him fighting and outlasting foes.
Monkey King Bar is ideal for users who need additional attack speed and versus evasive heroes either via Butterfly, inherent passive abilities or cause you to miss attacks. Monkey King Bar not only provides strong attack speed but also heightens your ability to your enemies with your attacks.
Nullifier is a key item for you late-game: it slows your target and dispels them. Especially useful against enemies that rely on key passive abilities or items like Ghost Scepter, Eul's, Glimmer, Satanic or Aeon Disk to have them disabled and nullified against you. Hero passive abilities like Windranger 'Windrun' and Monkey King&am
With Satanic, you have sufficient damage output but need to remain in fights. Satanic gives you more survivability and works great to capitalize on the damage you're dealing to extend fights long enough for you to win them.
The early Urn of Shadows provides not only mana regeneration to help you spam your Acid Spray in lane but can also capitalize on early kills in cooperation with your Position 4.
All of your active abilities are physical, leading to a strong combination with Medallion: 1. Hide somewhere near an enemy or fight 2. Prepare your Unstable Concoction to maximize the damage/duration 3. Blink on your target right before you cast your stun 4. Drop Acid Spray and Medallion on the enemy to maximize your damage
Lotus Orb provides the armor to give more survivability but also allows you dispel big stuns/slows or reflect back nuke damage on your teammates who keep getting targeted.
Glimmer Cape can be used both for you or for an ally to ensure they survive against targeted big spell abilities like Zeus lightnings or Ogre Magi’s spells. The goal of Glimmer is to reduce the damage your ally is taking and to disconnect the enemy’s from targeting your ally for future attacks
Improve team-fights and pushing power with Vladmirs Offering. You are a great holder of auras given his ability to maneuver and stay in and out of fights when necessary.
The value in Bloodthorn is both its increase in massive attack speed but also in disabling your opponent, making them unable to cast their abilities. Any physical attacks you and your allies do will be count as critical, allowing you tear them down relatively quickly before the duration of Bloodthorn ends!
An early bracer increases your survivability in the lane especially versus a heavy harassing team.
Skull Basher is a cheap and easy follow-through after Unstable Concoction that will deal even more physical damage when under your Acid Spray.
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