Item Build

Starting Items

Early (Buy regen if low)
Core (Required, in order)

Situation (only if needed)
Extension (choice, Any order)

Ability Build

Wild Axes


Call of the Wild Hawk

Inner Beast


Primal Roar


Talent Tree


+{s:value} Damage

+{s:value} Mana Regen

+{s:value} Movement Speed


+{s:value} Boar Damage

+{s:bonus_hp} Health Beastmaster Controlled

+{s:value} Inner Beast Attack Speed


Author's Ability Notes

For each unit hit, Beastmaster gains damage to help with last-hitting, man-fighting or pushing power. Can be used to tear down trees or even stack jungle camps.
Target the farthest hero possible to make full use of its range and knockback on other foes. This is your initiating ability: 1. Blink near an enemy to cast your utlimate. 2. Use Primal Roar to the further enemy to stun them. 3. Summon your units to keep fleeing foes slowed. 4. Use Whirling Axes for the amplified damage
Affects all allies and units near you.
During the laning phase, use your boar to assist in last-hits, punish harassing supports or carries trying to get a last-hit. Later on, you'll use the boar's slow to entrap your foes for you to deal massive follow-up damage.
Use the Hawk to check for Roshan, check for ganks when you try to split-push or even serve as a temporary ward when your teammates refuse to buy some.

Author's Item Notes

Early (Buy regen if low)

Helm of the Dominator is a great early-game item. Initiate on enemies to then follow-up with your Primal Roar ultimate.
As a pusher and team-fighter, Vladmir's Offering suits the auras your team likes and desires early in the game. Vladmir's Offering works on all units whether that is Necromonicon units or your own beasts! Pick up a Buckler or Ring of Basilius early on to then make Vladmir's Offering.

Core (Required, in order)

Blink Dagger is used to initiate with Primal Roar. That way, you can maximize the stun duration to deal damage on your opponent when you summon all your opponents immediately after stunning.
Combining Roar and your units, you can entrap foes in place for an extended duration when followed-up with Divebomb.
Later on, Beastmaster will have decent damage and attack speed. Black King Bar can ensure your follow-through damage remains uninterrupted.

Situation (only if needed)

The value of Solar Crest comes from its movement speed and its dual usage depending on the situation: either to impart some of your armor to help an ally attack faster and survive physical damage OR to reduce an enemy's armor to utilize your physical damage or spells for further effect. The mana regen from Solar Crest is just enough to help you spam spells when farming or ganking.
Pipe of Insight is to help your units versus common counters that seek to wipe your beast army out with wave-clear magic abilities like Keeper of the Light's Illuminate.
Use Heaven's Halberd before an enemy uses Black King Bar to forceable disable them. It can serve as a great late-game item that cannot be purged. Additionally, the evasion from Heaven's Halberd permits you to stay longer in fights against other physical carries.

Extension (choice, Any order)

Lotus Orb gives survivability for Beastmaster and can provide a good dispel on allies when stunned or disabled in some way. It also helps you immensely to reflect back stuns for your units to then target that stunned foe.
When going Aghanim's Scepter, focus more on your positioning to throw your axe moreso than the attack the enemy. Generally, you're gonna play Beastmaster as a ranged unit than a head-on fighter, especially if you have other initatiors.
Any auras that Beastmaster can hold, would help his team and summons. Assault Cuirass shifts him into a damage-dealing beast and improves the attack speed of his summons; making his ultimate all the more useful.

Other Items

Refresher Orb can be a pocket item to double your summons as well as chain your stuns for an extended period of time.
With Aghanim's, you can continually tear down enemies and amp. up your attack with the only thing preventing you from dishing more Axe Throws is your mana-pool. Aghanim's can be especially useful late-game if you find yourself needing to scale up but are six-slotted.
Initiate with Silver Edge if you have foes who cannot immediately escape and allow you to position appropriately. Silver Edge is especially good if you need it to Break passives on heroes that depend on the like Viper or Bristleback.
Use Buckler to ensure that you and your boars can survive in the lane with additional armor: reducing the amount of physically harassment you receive.
Headdress provides sustainability in the lane for you and your boars.
Use Abyssal Blade to initiate onto enemies and follow-up with Primal Roar to extend your stun duration significantly.