Item Build

Starting Items
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Early (Buy regen if low)
Core (Required, in order)

Utility Items
Situation (only if needed)

Extension (choice, Any order)

Ability Build

Sticky Napalm






Flaming Lasso


Talent Tree


+{s:value}% Spell Amplification

+{s:value} Armor

+{s:value} Sticky Napalm Damage

+{s:value} Health

+{s:value}% Magic Resistance

+{s:value} Movement Speed

+{s:value}s Firefly Duration

-{s:value}s Flaming Lasso Cooldown

Author's Ability Notes

Use the low cooldown and cheap mana cost to harass your opponent in lane. Follow this up with regular attacks or Firefly and watch how fast your opponent will feel incapable in-lane. Use this to punish their attempt to last-hit.
Flamebreak works well as a finisher with Sticky Napalm stacks and to curb enemies in the direction you want. Does not interrupt channeling spells.
Use Firefly to escape or to cause trouble in team-fights. Once activated, you can go over hills, through trees and into team-fights with this. Firefly works best after using Flaming Lasso as the opponent will take damage in any direction you take them. In-lane, using Firefly after stacking Sticky Napalm on your opponent is a guaranteed way to damage them while positioning yourself to auto-attack them to death.
You must be on top of your enemy to Flaming Lasso them: 1. Activate Firefly moments before using your Blink Dagger. 2. Use your Blink Dagger (if bought) to get on top of your enemy and activate Flaming Lasso. 3. Use Force Staff to retreat towards your allied team. 4. Use Napalm throughout to slow your enemy.

Author's Item Notes

Starting Items

Iron Branch can be placed on the ground to then be consumed by on your tangos for additional healing.
Get an Observer Ward to ward the enemy forest and avoid getting ganked as you leech early experience.

Early (Buy regen if low)

With Batrider, youll want to start roaming at 6 but even more importantly, you need some early mana gain due to Sticky Napalm spam and Firefly.
Early Boots of Speed means you can use Firefly to outchase almost any hero and deal the damage you amplified with Sticky Napalm

Core (Required, in order)

Combined with your Firefly movement speed, youll be able to outrun and burn up foes before they can even run away. Use your Boots of Travel to target enemies, Lasso them and kill them with your team.
Opt for Magic Stick early if the enemy spam a lot of spells or you’ll be in the lane significantly. Magic Wand can be bought as early as before Boots of Speed or as late as after your core Boots upgrade depending on how the enemy and their spell usage. Magic Wand can also be bought to make room for other items due to limited space.
Prevent enemies from disrupting your initiation with Black King Bar. This is an item that can really give you favour as you are heavily relied on for initiation.
Aghs Shard's value comes from the further control with additional Flamebreaks but also the Sticky Napalm additions to hit that maximum stack faster.
Use Blink Dagger to get on top of enemies to Flaming Lasso them. Your ultimate has a very short range, so Blink Dagger is essential to gank and then retreat towards your allies with a lassoed foe.
For heroes with a large spell cooldown on their ultimate, Octarine Core is a great assistance, especially if you naturally build into it by having its components created earlier in the game.

Utility Items

Before you have Blink Dagger (and even after), you may need a Smoke of Deceit to get close to an enemy and gank with your Lasso.

Situation (only if needed)

Go farther and faster with this Force Staff: 0. Activate Firefly 1. Use Blink Dagger to be on top of your enemies 2. Cast Flaming Lasso on your enemy 3. Use Force Staff to pull them towards your allies or base 4. Cast Sticky Napalm throughout the sequence 5. Stay on top of them with Firefly as they try to flee.
While casting Flaming Lasso, time your Meteor Hammer to channel and complete just as your ultimate runs out on an enemy.
The value of Solar Crest comes from its movement speed and its dual usage depending on the situation: either to impart some of your armor to help an ally attack faster and survive physical damage OR to reduce an enemys armor to utilize your physical damage or spells for further effect. The mana regen from Solar Crest is just enough to help you spam spells when farming or ganking.
Keep foes in place to better initiate on them or to single out a specific enemy for further pounding. This helps your mana regeneration to allow for more liberal use of Napalm and the movement speed is always appreciated on Batrider.
Lotus Orb provides the armor to give more survivability but also allows you dispel big stuns/slows or reflect back nuke damage on your teammates who keep getting targeted.

Extension (choice, Any order)

Ethereal Blade is a great nuking component as a follow-up to your abilities as well as Sticky Napalm. To add, it can also be used defensively to either disable physical carries from attacking or save an ally from being targeted by physical attacks.
After using your ultimate on an enemy, either cast Shivas Guard on the enemy team as you flee with Force Staff or use it after your enemy is released from your ultimate, to slow their retreat.
Refresher Orb can be a great late-game component to either further drag an enemy to your line-up or to drag multiple enemies backward. In short, your Flaming Lasso will eventually used more for the disable than its displacement of an enemy.

Other Items

Both great for yourself or your allies, Linken's Sphere is becoming a widely accepted for its stats and Spell Block ability.
A great intermediary item to help with team-fights for Batrider who can rely on Drum for the movement speed, survivability and to bolster his teams' attack damage and speed when he initiates.
Initiate with Rod of Atos to make Lasso'ing enemies easier or to extend how long an enemy is incapacitated in combination with Lasso. Rod of Atos helps against enemies who have a quick get-away like Queen of Pain's Blink.
Spirit Vessel provides great health, movement speed and capitalizes on Batrider's desire to gank early and much. It scales great late-game against strong tanky heroes.
Aeon Disk helps you get out of a jam where you are constantly being chain-stunned or destroyed by abilities like Faceless Void's ultimate or PA's massive critical strikes.
Aether Lens means theres less reliance on you to be on top of your foe. Combined with your extreme movement speed, foes are more likely to get caught into your Flaming Lasso before they can escape.