Item Build

Starting Items
Early Game



Ability Build

Stifling Dagger


Phantom Strike




Coup de Grace


Talent Tree


+{s:value} Health

-{s:value}s Stifling Dagger Cooldown

{s:value}% Lifesteal

+{s:value} Phantom Strike Cast Range

-{s:value} Armor Corruption

+{s:value}% Blur Evasion

+{s:value}% Coup de Grace chance

Triple Strike Stifling Dagger

Author's Ability Notes

Stifling Dagger can be very useful in all phases of the game. Use it to ensure last-hits and harass your opponents during the laning stage. Use it to slow down and demolish your opponents in the later stages of the game.
This spell can be used both offensively and defensively. In combination with Blur defensive usage of Phantom Strike can save your life or grant you an easy kill.
Blur is a very powerful farming and fighting tool. Make sure to use it effectively throughout the game. You can use it to farm ancient camps very early into the game, get closer to enemy heroes to kill them or get away from fights or ganks.
Coup De Grace is a signature ability of Phantom Assassin. Use it to farm, fight and kill Roshan.
+{s:value}% Coup de Grace chance : Both level 25 talents are very strong. Decide for yourself whichever talent you find more useful.

Author's Item Notes

Starting Items

Leave 100g from your starting gold to be able to purchase Quelling Blade at the beginning of the laning stage. Do it right after your team picks two Bounty Runes.
As a core player on a side lane, you should always get 6 Tangoes minimum to sustain the laning stage comfortably. You are not expected to use Courier in the first three minutes of the game, becuase your midlaner has a higher priority to use it.

Early Game

Stats matter. Getting x2 Wraith Bands in the early stage of the game will help you to not be afraid to participate in fights and farm faster.
Magic Wand is one of the best, if not the best item you can get on a core hero. It will significantly improve your sustainability in fights.


Battle Fury is very important to purchase on PA, as this item will improve your farming potential. Without this item you will be very dependent on making kills, and if you fail you will not have any way to comeback into the game.
This is your key fighting tool. Desolator will significantly improve your damage output and improve Roshan killing potential.
Phantom Assassin is a very vulnerable carry. It is very necessary to get Black King Bar in most games, even if you play against few disables. Having this item will allow you to fearlessly position yourself in fights.


Use Abyssal Blade in combination with Phantom Strike to hold enemies in place and demolish them with the help of Coup De Grace.
The biggest strength of Satanic is a +30% Status Resistance bonus. This bonus itself can have a major impact on late-game fights.


Great alternative to Abyssal Blade, if the ability to disable your opponents is not very important for you. Additional stats and passive slow will make you significantly stronger in fights and improve your killing potential.
Decent alternative to either Desolator or Black King Bar. Status Resistance bonus stacks with Satanic, it makes these two items very strong to purchase together.
Great item to get if your team is lacking damage. WIth the help of Divine Rapier you will be able to demolish enemy supports by using Stifling Dagger.
This item can work quite well if Black King Bar is not necessary to buy, but you need to remove annoying debuffs: slows, silences, roots, etc.
This item is only worth to buy if enemy cores have any source of Evasion.
Linken's can be necessary to buy if you play against powerful single-target abilities, such as Hex, Flaming Lasso, Primal Roar, etc.
Aghanim's upgrade will make Blur a lot stronger and more useful in fights.

Other Items

Aghanim's upgrade will make Blur a lot stronger and more useful in fights.