Item Build

starting items
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Early (Buy regen if low)
Core (Required, in order)

Situation (only if needed)
Extension (choice, Any order)

Ability Build





Blast Off!


Proximity Mines


Talent Tree


+{s:value}% Magic Resistance

-{s:value}s Proximity Mines Cooldown

+{s:value} Blast Off! Damage

+{s:value} Mana Regen

+{s:value} Extra Minefield Sign

-{s:value}s Blast Off! Cooldown


+{s:value} Mines Movement Speed

Author's Ability Notes

Use Proximity Mines to follow-up after landing on an enemy with Blast Off! Blast Off! can also be used to: 1. Finish off harassed laning foes 2. Escape up/down cliffs 3. Follow-through initiation to silence enemies in an AOE
Once you get Aghanims Scepter, start laying these in key locations such as Roshan Pit near many mines that you know are typically checked, including places like just near towers and such. Be precise as the range is quite small. Another tip is you can place mines directly under towers (like Tier 3 base towers) and put the Sign in front of it, forcing enemies in an awkward position.
Use Sticky Bomb during the laning phase to harass enemies, disrupt enemy supports from pulling camps and to punish enemy carries from trying to last-hit. Comboes well with Blast Off! as your enemies will not have abilities to escape and thus you can zone their escape path with a Sticky Bomb. Also comboes well with a stun from your laning partner.
Utilize Blast Off! and Reactive Tazer to initiate onto enemies and chain disable them. Reactive Tazer can also be a viable escape given the extra movement speed or a positioning tool so you can lob a Sticky Bomb or place a strategic Proximity Mine.
Try and place Proximity Mines where the enemy typically doesn't ward or near and around trees and juke paths where vision is especially limited and foes cannot react to your mines in time. As a good defense, placing Mines around towers or in Roshan Pit will serve as a good signal and warnings that the enemy team is maneuvering in a contested area or seeking to gank.

Author's Item Notes

starting items

Faerie Fire will buff up your auto-attack for harassment, denies and more.

Early (Buy regen if low)

Arcane Boots because despite other items you have, you need as much mana gain as possible to keep up with your low cooldown spells.

Core (Required, in order)

Use Aether Lens to better situation yourself when casting your abilities and your enemies. This is especially useful during the late-game when you need to defend yourself but cant be caught out near the edge of your base. Be sure to disassemble Arcane Boots to make Aether Lens.
Aghs Shard improves your best contribution to a team-fight, allowing you to then follow-up with mines to maximize your damage.
Techies relies on his abilities to dish damage to foes. Kaya reduces that cost, and helping Techies damage impact in-game.
Before casting Blast Off! Try to throw out your Ethereal Blade for extra damage. If not possible to guarantee your opponent doesnt run, cast it after when you throw in your bombs to maximize damage.

Situation (only if needed)

Soul Ring is Techies best friend during the early round as it gives you good regeneration and a fast pump of mana to drop more Mines
Because your Blast Off! and Sticky Bomb have a cast-delay to use, you have plenty of time to lay down a Veil of Discord to maximize the damage before things blow up
Stay hidden when charging Reactive Tazer to then land immediate on your target to disable them right when Reactive Tazer
Lotus Orb provides the armor to give more survivability but also allows you dispel big stuns/slows or reflect back nuke damage on your teammates who keep getting targeted.

Extension (choice, Any order)

Force Staff is Techies escape. As everyone can tell, Techies has few escapes if caught off-guard or out of place. Use Force Staff immediately after Blast Off! to re-position yourself to either escape, block an enemys escape path with Proximity Mines or regroup with the team.
For heroes with a large spell cooldown on their ultimate, Octarine Core is a great assistance, especially if you naturally build into it by having its components created earlier in the game.

Other Items

Ghost Scepter is situationally good as it can give you that delay to either pop-off your Blast Off! or lay down that Stasis Trap!
Since the first minute is crucial to set up traps as Techies, you will run out of mana very quickly. This massive stock of Clarity is to alleviate that drain and keep you on that initial momentum.
As Techies, Mobility goes without saying. The ability to teleport back to base to prevent a push or to quickly mine an area that is crucial to the enemy (Roshan, Jungle, Secret Shop) are what justifies getting Boots of Travel.
Euls Scepter works nicely to further immobilize a foe. Open with Euls Scepter of Divinity, Cast Blast Off! and as the enemy falls, you should be able to explode on them. Additionally, you can Blast Off! an enemy, Eul's then plant Proximity Mines and Remote Mines before they land. Lastly, you can use Blast Off! then Euls yourself to bait people into thinking they can target you as you land.
Late-game, Techies will want as much mana juice as he can. Bloodstone fixes that completely but also provides him more damage and survivability.