Item Build


Early (Buy regen if low)
Core (Required, in order)

Situation (only if needed)
Extension (choice, Any order)

Ability Build



Pit of Malice


Atrophy Aura


Dark Rift


Talent Tree


+{s:value} Armor


+{s:value} Pit of Malice AoE

-{s:value}s Firestorm Cooldown

{s:value}% Firestorm Building Damage

+{s:value} Atrophy Permanent Bonus Damage

+{s:value}s Pit of Malice Root


Author's Ability Notes

Stack jungle camps and destroy them using Firestorm. This will also improve your Atrophy Aura damage to be able to harass enemies in-lane or to prepare for a fight. Firestorm should follow Pit of Malice to ensure damage is done to enemies trapped within Pit of Malice.
Use Pit of Malice as a zoning tool, you do not necessarily need to trap enemies in, but can use it to force them to retreat another path or must cross it to fight you. Anyone who crosses Pit of Malice while it is up, gets immobilized. You can use this separate teams or to disrupt the back-line. Affects and reveals invisible units.
Use the early level in Atrophy Aura to not only screw with the enemy's laning ability, but also to incur damage to help with last-hitting or any harassment needed. When preparing for a team-fight, try and farm (jungle) creeps to improve your base damage - and then initiate a fight with that damage
Dark Rift can be used to push a lane after successfully defending to pull back to defend backdoors: 1. Kill creeps to build up your Atrophy Aura buff 2. Use Dark Rift to gank an enemy or force a push/defense 3. Pit of Malice incoming enemies 4. Immediately Firestorm in the Pit of Malice AOE
+{s:value} Armor : Depending on the enemy line-up, select the right talent to help you survive better.

Author's Item Notes

Early (Buy regen if low)

The extra Strength and Underlord's large mana-costs make Soul Ring a worthwhile early investment to reach larger items later on.

Core (Required, in order)

Pipe of Insight for a magic-heavy team. Otherwise, consider armour and strength-based items to alleviate incoming damage amounts.

Situation (only if needed)

Improve team-fights and pushing power with Vladmir's Offering. Magnus is a great holder of auras given his ability to maneuver and stay in and out of fights when necessary.
Heaven's Halberd provides more survivability through evasion. To add, it also increases your life-steal/regeneration, reduces stuns and can disable foes.
Crimson Guard has no mana cost and an incredible synergy with your passive: Atrophy Aura. The damage you take is reduced first from Atrophy Aura before blocked by Crimson Guard (and subsequently: Vanguard). The extra armour, life and regeneration will make Underlord a constant menace to fight.
BKB is necessary for a hero that relies on not getting stunned or silenced to dish out the necessary damage.

Extension (choice, Any order)

Solar Crest provides defensive capabilities for yourself but more importantly, adds fragility to enemies by reducing their armor - allowing your carry and you to kill the more quickly. Use this also to farm jungle creeps more quickly as there is no mana cost.
Use Rod of Atos to either entrap an enemy until you are in-range to capture them with your Pit of Malice If the enemy is in your Pit of Malice, follow-up with your Rod of Atos to extend the duration and proc. another root from Pit of Malice after.
Lotus Orb provides the armor to give more survivability but also allows you dispel big stuns/slows or reflect back nuke damage on your teammates who keep getting targeted.
Shiva's Guard is a great defensive item to increase your armor while also staving off strong physical carries wtih your nuke aura. Against tanky enemies, this item is also recommended to reduce their sustainability through regeneration or lifesteal.
Greaves dispels slows and silences that can hamper you from casting your low-cooldown abilities. More importantly, it improves incredible support for your team and beefs up an Underlord that is okay taking hits to the face but has a lot of trouble escaping outside his ultimate ability.

Other Items

Rely on Eul's Scepter of Divinity to: 1. Initiate before casting Pit of Malice. 2. Pit of Malice -> Eul's -> Pit of Malice to root enemies consecutively. 3. Avoid damage while you wait for your Dark Rift teleport to finish casting.
Combined with Atrophy Aura, Blade Mail absorbs a good amount of damage that would have otherwise killed Underlord. Pick this up versus especially aggressive (but frail heroes) such as Sniper, Clinkz, etc.
Consider Linken's Sphere if specific ultimate, target abilities like stuns and silences are keeping you down. This should be seen different as Black King Bar because it will waste ultimate abilities on you like Doom's Doom or Necrophos' Reaper Scythe from completely killing/disabling you.
Force Staff is a necessary item if maneuvrability is key for your hero or to save an ally. A nice little trick is to force staff enemies into your Pit of Malice.
Rely on your position 4 to refill your Bottle whenever they TP back to your tower after roaming/ganking. Pick up Bounty Runes to refill your bottle as well. TP back home and use your ultimate early on to go back to base to also refill your bottle.