Through December 7th 2014

Across an ocean of possibilities, Oracle has foreseen his death at the hands of a thousand-thousand nemeses. Eager to avoid this grim fate, he has struck a deal with Phantom Assassin, granting her the Manifold Paradox and a contract to end the lives he has deemed most dangerous.


Each day during the event, Oracle will tally his killers to compile a list of nemeses. If Phantom Assassin faces one or more of these nemeses in a match where any player on either team owns the Manifold Paradox Arcana, Phantom Assassin will automatically receive a contract to kill an opposing nemesis hero.


If Phantom Assassin slays her target before the target slays her, the contract will be Fulfilled.


If the targeted hero kills Phantom Assassin first, the contract will be Denied.


All players on a team that has been both victorious at the end of the match, and has successfully Fulfilled or Denied a contract will be rewarded with a trophy. Additionally, each Arcana owner in the match has a chance to trigger a cluster-drop of items for the winning team.


Each day, the number of contracts Fulfilled and Denied against a hero will be calculated, causing some heroes to be removed from Oracle's Nemesis Registry and placed into the Graveyard. New heroes will then be added to the Nemesis Registry.


(2nd Continuum)

Oracle fears these heroes most, as they have proven most lethal to him across all battles. Should Phantom Assassin face one of them on the field, a contract will be issued for their death. Each Midnight GMT, a selection of heroes will be moved to the Graveyard, and new nemeses will take their place.

"Done so soon? Most impressive!"

Enough heroes have died for now.

The Nemesis Assassin Event has ended.


As days pass, and Phantom Assassin successfully completes contracts, some heroes will be stricken from Oracle's Nemesis Registry and placed here. These heroes are considered to have died enough, and are no longer a part of the Nemesis Assassin Event.

"Time is a peculiar thing. One must never underestimate what they may be capable of setting in motion, or setting out of motion."


Q: Do I need to own the Manifold Paradox Arcana to play the event or earn rewards?

    No, as long as one person in the match owns the Arcana, the event can be activated and everyone in the match is eligible for rewards.

Q: What do I get for successfully completing a contract?

    Anytime your team wins the match after successfully completing the contract, your team has a chance to earn a cluster-drop of items. In addition, winners will always receive a trophy.

Q: Do I need to win the match to complete the contract and earn rewards?

    Yes, in addition to Fulfilling or Denying the contract, you must successfully win the match.

Q: Is a cluster-drop of items guaranteed for completing a contract and winning the match?

    While there is a chance that a cluster-drop of items will be triggered for the winning team, it will not happen in every game.

Q: Does game length matter for rewards?

    The chance of earning a cluster-drop is based on the total amount of time you've played in the event. Time is counted whether you Fulfilled or Denied the contract. Playing fast games or long games won't increase your chances.

Q: What is required for a contract to be issued?

    In order for a contract to be issued, there must be one player in the match who owns the Manifold Paradox Arcana, and there must be a hero from Oracle's Nemesis Registry present on the team opposite Phantom Assassin.

Q: What game modes can contracts be issued during?

    Any game created through Unranked Matchmaking, not including Bot Matches.

Q: How do I evolve my Manifold Paradox Arcana?

    The Arcana evolves by earning points. Before December 7th 2014, winning a match with any hero will earn you 3 points. After December 7th 2014, matches must be won using Phantom Assassin, and will earn you 1 point. Earning 40 points will upgrade the weapon to Level 2, and earning 100 points causes the weapon to reach its maximum evolution.

Q: What happens if Phantom Assassin sends every hero into the Graveyard?

    If every hero is sent to the Graveyard the event will be reset, resulting in a new Continuum. Phantom Assassin will then be given a new, more stubborn series of contracts to pursue.

Q: How do I find out who the contract is for during the game?

    When the game starts everyone will be shown who the contract target is. You can also open the scoreboard at any time to see the current status of the contract.