Creating items for Tiny
Below you'll find technical information necessary to create a valid item for Tiny.

Tiny bio

Coming to life as a chunk of stone, Tiny's origins are a mystery on which he continually speculates. He is a Stone Giant now, but what did he used to be? A splinter broken from a Golem's heel? A shard swept from a gargoyle-sculptor's workshop? A fragment of the Oracular Visage of Garthos? A deep curiosity drives him, and he travels the world tirelessly seeking his origins, his parentage, his people. As he roams, he gathers weight and size; the forces that weather lesser rocks, instead cause Tiny to grow and ever grow.

Model and texture files

Use the hero model to see your item in context. Download Tiny model

Item slots and their budgets

  • LoD0 Triangle Limit: 12000
  • LoD1 Triangle Limit: 7000
  • Texture Size: 2048H x 2048W
  • LoD0 Triangle Limit: 7000
  • LoD1 Triangle Limit: 5000
  • Texture Size: 1024H x 1024W
  • LoD0 Triangle Limit: 15000
  • LoD1 Triangle Limit: 8000
  • Texture Size: 2048H x 2048W
  • LoD0 Triangle Limit: 2500
  • LoD1 Triangle Limit: 1500
  • Texture Size: 512H x 512W
  • LoD0 Triangle Limit: 8000
  • LoD1 Triangle Limit: 6000
  • Texture Size: 1024H x 1024W