Rebuilt In-Game Interface

Efficiently controlling your hero while gathering information from the game world around you is crucial to ensuring your team has the upper hand in its quest to destroy the enemy Ancient. With the debut of a completely redesigned in-game interface, players gain increased vision of the map and multiple new ways to see details of what's happening in each game.

Increased Visibility, Increased Options

New Top Bar and Minimap

The top bar now has a reduced footprint on the screen, providing more vision of the terrain around your camera. We've also added features to the top-bar hero portraits, made settings accessible in game, and introduced an optional simplified minimap.

New Hero Control Console

The hero control console has been reworked to reduce its on-screen footprint and allow space for the new Hero Talent interface and Backpack slots. Information on other selected units now appears in a left-aligned pop-out to let you maintain hero control as you gather intel.

New Shop and Courier Controls

Shop through a list of common items for your hero, or flip back to the traditional grid to explore alternatives to the established item builds. Community builds are just a click away if you need some guidance.

Top Bar & Minimap

Quick-Read Minimap Option

Use the new simplified background option to help parse the minimap more quickly. Scale the minimap to a size of your liking. We've also added an indicator of which friendly structure or unit will be targeted before you teleport.

Top Bar Teammate Status

Hold ALT to display health, mana, and buyback status of teammates. You can also target abilities by clicking on an allied hero's top-bar portrait.

Access Settings In-Game

No need to seek the safety of your fountain just to change your controls and options. View and adjust your settings without leaving the map.

Hero Control Console

One-Click Level Up

No matter how chaotic the fight, easily upgrade your hero's abilities with one click.

Hero Talents and Backpack

It's more than just a design change; we've added new features as well. Read more about Hero Talents and Backpack slots on the New Gameplay page.

New Unit Query Panel

With the side-aligned unit query, you can gather info on other heroes, units, and buildings without sacrificing any actions on your own hero. A legacy-mode option is available.

Mana Cost on Items

With mana costs displayed directly on item icons in your inventory, you'll always know how much mana to save for that clutch Force Staff or Eul's.

Custom Hero Interface

Dynamic HUD elements add flexibility for custom interface designs. Check out Morphling's new slider display for Agility and Strength Morph gains.

Equip Legacy Skins

Even with all these changes, you can still equip any favorite HUD skins from your inventory—they've been remapped to fit the new layout.

Shop & Courier

New Shop View

The shop view has been simplified and tailored to your hero. All suggested item builds have been updated to include each hero's standard items plus a set of other recommended alternatives.

Common Items & Grid View

In addition to hero-specific items, the default shop view also includes a quick-access selection of items regularly purchased by all heroes. For anything else, just click to the traditional grid shop view.

Stock Count

Items with a limited quantity now show available stock on their in-shop display.

Buyback Status Indicator

Press ALT to display your buyback status—including gold surplus or deficit—on the Shop Button.

Right-Click Courier Options

Courier logistics get complicated in the heat of battle. If you interrupt someone's delivery, or just want to expedite a pickup, use the courier's right-click menu to send it on the correct path.

Courier Controls

We've adjusted the courier controls and added the ability to upgrade to Flying Courier without opening the shop.

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