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Community-Authored Bots

Programmers, scripters, and mad scientists rejoice! You can now create your own Dota bots using a brand new scripting API. Upload your bots to the Workshop for others to download and play. Then, enjoy watching as your creations slowly take over the Dota universe. Learn more at the Valve Developer Community Wiki.

Not a programmer but worried about the upcoming bot-pocalypse? Join in the fight by downloading player-created bots from the workshop to battle against. Community bots are available for download in the Bot Settings section of the Advanced Lobby Settings. Show those tireless drones who’s boss!

Hero Remodels

Life as a Dota hero is difficult enough without enduring constant jabs about your appearance. To help buff the confidence levels of three of the longest-serving heroes in the game, this update also introduces redesigned models for Slardar, Viper, and Enigma.

Melee Carry Durable Initiator Disabler Escape

Ranged Carry Durable Initiator Disabler

Ranged Disabler Jungler Initiator Pusher

Showcase View Improvements

Sometimes a hero needs to take a moment from the carnage of battle to stop and enjoy the scenery. With multiple improvements to the environment, the battlefield around you looks more alive than ever.

Added Skybox

The foreboding ether in the sky has been replaced with atmosphere and clouds visible in Showcase View.

Showcase View Tree Scale

Imposing trees now tower over your hero when using Showcase View on the default map.

Windblown Trees

Multiple maps now have trees that sway in the wind, but don't worry—they can't dodge tangos.

Dynamic Grass

The default map now has grass that blows gently in the battlefield breeze and moves about underfoot.

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