Frostivus 2017 Contest Rules
  • Entries must be a new game mode for Dota 2, heavily themed around Frostivus.
  • Entries must be multiplayer, with a maximum of ten (10) players. The game mode may be cooperative or competitive among the players.
  • Entries can only have two sources for game materials: (a) original content created by one of the named contributors to the Workshop submission, or (b) content from any Valve game. No third party content may be included. You are free to use any Valve game IP in your entry.
  • 技術性需求:
    • 記憶體需求:參賽作品必須能於 32 位元模式,並於 -2gb 指令中使用。
    • CPU requirement: The lobby host must be able to run at the lowest video settings at 30hz on a high end machine.
    • 崩潰頻率:參賽作品不能經常或是容易導致崩潰。
    • UI Framework: Entries must use Panorama.
  • 允許一人送出多個參賽作品。
  • Submissions must be free of advertisements.
  • 需要三個步驟以參加比賽:
    • 1. 上傳參賽作品到 Dota 2 工作坊
    • 2. 確認所有人員對參賽作品的貢獻並收到他們的認可,包含獎金分紅比例。
    • 3. 為參賽作品在 Dota 2 工作坊加上「Frostivus 2017」標籤。
  • 所有步驟必須在太平洋時間 2017 年十一月 20 日清晨 04:00:00 前完成。
  • 參賽即代表您同意若作品獲獎,根據《工作坊補充條款》您將無法獲得任何 Valve 的收益分成。獲獎作品的唯一報酬只有下述獎金。
  • Submissions will be reviewed by the Steam community on the Steam Workshop. The winning entry will be selected by Valve in its sole discretion. Valve will announce the winning entry on the Dota 2 blog within a maximum of eight (8) weeks after the entry deadline.
  • Valve will award $30,000 to the winning entry. The prize will be divided among the winning contributors in accordance with the percentages the contributors establish during the Workshop submission process. Entrants must complete Workshop contributor documentation in order to be paid.

Other people helped me with my submission. How do I add them as co-authors?

Once you've uploaded a submission, it should appear in the videos section of your Steam Community page. From here, simply click on the video; once it pops up, click on 'View Comments and Details' to view Owner Controls and add contributors.

點擊「新增 / 移除貢獻人員」將會顯示您的 Steam 好友列表,藉其選擇共同作者。