A new custom game from Valve

Haunted Colosseum

The year grows colder. In the dancing hearth-light, tales are told of the warring Ancients and their quest to conquer a source of power hidden deep in the mountain forests: the Haunted Colosseum. Once a site of warriors' ordeal, the colosseum’s nefarious hierarchs are said to have captured and collected the souls of the unworthy into points of potent energy.

Prepare yourself for a new kind of battle full of clever mischief and cruel treachery!

Capture the enemy's control points

In Haunted Colosseum, two teams battle to capture five Control Points located throughout the arena.

Move your hero onto a Control Point to begin capturing it for your team.

Own three Control Points and your team’s score will rise. Own more than three, and your team will score points even faster!

The first team to score 5,000 points will win the match.

Trick your enemies with deadly traps

The deadly Pendulum and Spike Traps will damage any hero they strike, regardless of who activated them.

Fire Traps and poisonous Venom Traps will only damage enemies of the hero that activated them.

Fire Traps, Venom Traps, and the Pendulum are activated by pressing buttons on your team's side of the colosseum. Spike Traps are activated by stepping on them.

Claim treats from fallen foes

Slay your enemies to discover precious treats which restore your health, your mana, or grant additional gold to empower your hero with items.

Defend yourself with spooky Behemoths

If your enemy scores 1,000 points they will trigger a Milestone, causing powerful Behemoths to appear to defend you. Behemoths are immune to Magical Damage, and have True Sight.

Are you ready to face the haunted colosseum?

Gather your allies and enter... if you dare!