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Always at hand when trouble's afoot, Hoodwink lives to tangle with the threats that fill the haunted forest she has adopted as her home. Toting a massive crossbow while still able to scurry through the woodland with the greatest of ease, Hoodwink is nearly impossible to keep tabs on in battle. Lose track for even a moment and she'll pop out behind you -- your stunned carcass already dangling helplessly in one of her nets.
Watch your step, eh? Heaps of danger about
Hoodwink's earliest years were spent in the idyllic expanse of green that once filled the edges of Krimwohl. But as that kingdom grew, rival timber barons raced to outpace each other in devouring the natural beauty of the border forests. The folk living in these timberlands had little choice but to surrender, fall defending their homes, or flee north to tempt fate in the haunted glens and groves of the misty Wood Tomo'kan.

Having learned the tricks of safe passage in the tangles of those very mistwoods, where most living creatures wisely fear to tread, Hoodwink now strikes out against any who dare try to further pacify the wilds -- happily taking what she likes from their belongings, destroying what she has no use for, and helping guide any kindred survivors back to a life in the green once again.

Gameplay update 7.28

Aghanim's Shards

  • Added a new item: Aghanim’s Shard
  • Costs 1400 Gold. All heroes have their own custom shard upgrade as part of this update which permanently adds a new ability or improves an existing one. Can be purchased starting at 20 minutes and gets consumed immediately when it's given to your hero (like Aghanim's Blessing).
  • You can now check what Scepter and Shard upgrades do for the selected hero directly in the Hero UI, next to their abilities, as well as which ones are active. Consumed Scepter buffs no longer shows up as a buff icon mixed in with other buffs. Alt-Clicking on the Scepter and Shard UI will notify your allies whether the selected hero owns that upgrade.

Hero Changes

[[hero:abaddon]] [[patchnote]] Aphotic Shield cast point reduced from 0.4 to 0.3 [[patchnote]] Borrowed Time scepter duration increased from 5/6/7 to 6/7/8 [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent increased from +48 Mist Coil Heal/Damage to +50 [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent changed from +6 Armor to +65 Damage [[patchnote]] Level 20 Talent changed from +80 Damage to +8 Armor [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent increased from 375 AoE Mist Coil to 425 [[shard:abaddon_aphotic_shield:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Causes Mist Coil and Aphotic Shield to apply a Curse of Avernus stack on enemies. Increases base slow by 6%. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:alchemist]] [[patchnote]] Unstable Concoction manacost reduced from 120 to 90/100/110/120 [[patchnote]] Unstable Concoction cooldown reduced from 22/20/18/16 to 16 [[patchnote]] Acid Spray damage increased from 15/20/25/30 to 20/25/30/35 [[patchnote]] Acid Spray first damage instance is now immediate rather than after a second [[patchnote]] Gold bonus cap reduced from 18/22/26/30 to 18/21/24/27 (last hit count from 5/7/8/9 to 5/6/7/8) [[patchnote]] If an ally already has a scepter buff or the item, it refunds them based on which version they have (either 4200 or 5800). [[patchnote]] Alchemist granted scepter buffs provide the full stat bonuses. [[patchnote]] Scepter damage/spell amp bonus reduced from 30/6 to 20/5 [[patchnote]] Level 20 Talent reduced from +30% Cleave to +25% [[shard:alchemist_berserk_potion:shardnew]] [[shardnote]] Grants Berserk Potion. Throws a potion at the target ally, applying a basic dispel and granting +50 Attack Speed and +40 HP Regen for 10 seconds. Cast Range: 800. Cooldown: 45. Manacost: 125. Can be used on self. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:ancient_apparition]] [[patchnote]] Ice Blast max travel time improved from 2 seconds to 1.75 [[patchnote]] Chilling Touch manacost reduced from 30/50/70/90 to 30/45/60/75 [[shard:ancient_apparition_ice_vortex:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Causes Ice Vortex to deal 40 DPS and reduces attack speed by 20. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:antimage:scepterreworked]] [[patchnote]] Mana Break max burn reduced from 1/2/3/4% to 1/1.8/2.6/3.4% [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent changed from +12 Agility to +8 Armor [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent reduced from +325 Blink Cast Range to +300 [[patchnote]] Level 20 Talent changed from Blink Uncontrollable Illusion to +0.1 Mana Void Damage Multiplier [[patchnote]] Scepter Rework: Now grants Blink Fragment. Blinks an illusion at the target enemy or location and attacks them for 7 seconds. Uses Blink's Cast Range. Illusion cannot be controlled, deals 50% damage, takes 250%. Casting Counterspell also casts it on the Fragment illusion. Cooldown: 20. Manacost: 50 [[shard:antimage_counterspell:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Successful Counterspell creates an illusion attacking the caster for 5 seconds. Removes Counterspell manacost. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:arc_warden:scepterreworked]] [[patchnote]] Strength gain reduced from 3.0 to 2.8 [[patchnote]] Scepter Rework: After impacting an enemy, Spark Wraiths now spawn a new Wraith, which then starts its activation period. Has a 3 second spawn delay. Duplicated Wraiths do not duplicate again [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent reduced from +300 Flux Cast Range to +250 [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent reduced from +15% Cooldown Reduction to +12% [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent reduced from 50 Attack Speed to 40 [[patchnote]] Level 20 Talent changed from -1.5s Spark Wraith Cooldown Reduction to +150 Spark Wraith Damage [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent changed from +250 Spark Wraith Damage to +12s Tempest Double Duration [[shard:arc_warden_magnetic_field:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Magnetic Field now pushes enemies out of the area at cast time, and provides allies in it with +20% Magic Resistance. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:axe:scepterreworked]] [[patchnote]] Battle Hunger cast range rescaled from 750 to 700/775/850/925 [[patchnote]] Scepter Rework: Berserker's Call applies Battle Hunger to affected units. Battle Hunger also reduces enemy armor by 7 and grants you 7 per affected target (half on creeps). Lowers Berserker's Call cooldown by 2 seconds. [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent changed from +20 Movement Speed to +1.75 Mana Regen [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent changed from +2 Mana Regen to +25 Movement Speed [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent changed from Attacking Procs Counter Helix to +300 Health [[shard:axe_counter_helix:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Causes your attacks to have a chance to proc a Counter Helix. Attack procs ignore Counter Helix cooldown. Provides +20 Attack Speed. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:bane]] [[patchnote]] Night vision improved from 800 to 1200 [[patchnote]] Brain Sap damage type changed from Magical to Pure [[patchnote]] Brain Sap damage reduced from 100/200/300/400 to 75/150/225/300 [[patchnote]] Brain Sap scepter no longer improves the cast point. [[patchnote]] Brain Sap cast point reduced from 0.4 to 0.2 [[patchnote]] Fiend’s Grip damage type changed from Magical to Pure [[patchnote]] Fiend’s Grip damage reduced from 100/155/215 to 80/120/160 [[patchnote]] Swapped the Nightmare and Enfeeble hotkeys [[patchnote]] Reworked Enfeeble. Reduces all attack damage by 25/35/45/55%, regeneration by 25/35/45/55% and cast speed by 30%. Lasts 8 seconds. Does not pierce Spell Immunity. Cooldown: 20/16/12/8. Cast Range: 1100. Manacost: 40/50/60/70. Cast Point: 0.2 [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent increased from +9% Spell Amp to +12% [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent reduced from +125 Cast Range to +100 [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent reduced from +200 Brain Sap Damage/Heal to +150 [[shard:bane_fiends_grip:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Fiend’s Grip now creates an uncontrollable illusion that is also channeling Fiend’s Grip on the target. Illusion takes 750% incoming damage and immediately dies if it is interrupted. Multiple Fiend’s Grip effects do not stack on the target. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:batrider]] [[patchnote]] Base armor increased by 1 [[patchnote]] Sticky Napalm no longer does less damage to creeps [[patchnote]] Sticky Napalm damage per stack reduced from 10/15/20/25 to 6/12/18/24 [[patchnote]] Sticky Napalm turn rate slow reduced from 40/50/60/70% to 10/30/50/70% [[patchnote]] Sticky Napalm radius increased from 375 to 375/400/425/450 [[patchnote]] Firefly movement speed decreased from 4/7/10/13% to 3/6/9/12% [[patchnote]] Flaming Lasso cooldown increased from 100/90/80 to 120/115/110 [[patchnote]] Flaming Lasso cast range increased from 100 to 175 [[patchnote]] Flaming Lasso scepter secondary range increased from 550 to 600 [[patchnote]] Level 20 Talent increased from +25 Movement Speed to +30 [[patchnote]] Level 20 Talent changed from +12% Cooldown Reduction to 2 Flamebreak Charges [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent changed from -10s Flamebreak Cooldown to -35s Flaming Lasso Cooldown [[shard:batrider_flaming_lasso:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Allows Flaming Lasso to be cast on an allied hero, granting them 80% damage reduction. Has 20 second cooldown when used on allies. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:beastmaster]] [[patchnote]] Wild Axes damage per axe increased from 30/60/90/120 to 40/70/100/130 [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent changed from +200 Hawk Vision to +3 Mana Regen [[patchnote]] Level 20 Talent changed from +450 Health to +50 Wild Axes Damage [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent changed from +100 Wild Axes Damage to +350 Health Beastmaster Controlled Units (affects Beastmaster and all of his summoned units) [[shard:beastmaster_call_of_the_wild_hawk:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Hawks become controllable and gain Dive Bomb. Channels for 1 second, revealing itself, and then flies towards the target enemy, dealing 175 damage and stunning them for 1 second, killing the hawk. Cast Range: 500. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:bloodseeker]] [[patchnote]] Base intelligence reduced from 21 to 17 [[patchnote]] Bloodrage hp cost reduced from 2.2/2.3/2.4/2.5 to 2% [[patchnote]] Bloodrage attack speed increased from 50/80/110/140 to 60/90/120/150 [[patchnote]] Blood Rite damage reduced from 120/180/240/300 to 120/160/200/240 [[patchnote]] Blood Rite cooldown increased from 12 to 15/14/13/12 [[patchnote]] Blood Rite manacost increased from 70/80/90/100 to 90/100/110/120 [[patchnote]] Thirst non-hero heal increased from 8/12/16/20% to 11/14/17/20% [[patchnote]] Thirst no longer provides half heal when within 300 range of dying creeps [[patchnote]] Thirst now provides full heal (rather than half) when within 300 range of dying heroes [[patchnote]] Thirst hero heal reduced from 12/18/24/30% to 10/15/20/25% [[patchnote]] Rupture manacost reduced from 200/225/250 to 100/150/200 [[patchnote]] Rupture damage increased from 30/45/60% to 36/48/60% [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent reduced from -5s Blood Rite Cooldown to -4 [[shard:bloodseeker_bloodrage:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Bloodrage attacks now deal 1.5% of the target’s max health as pure damage and heals you for that amount. Only affects Bloodseeker. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:bounty_hunter]] [[patchnote]] Base movement speed increased from 315 to 320 [[patchnote]] Intelligence rescaled from 19 + 2 to 22 + 1.9 [[patchnote]] Shadow Walk slow increased from 14/20/26/32% to 16/24/32/40% [[patchnote]] Track speed radius increased from 900 to 1200 [[shard:bounty_hunter_track:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Allies now gain 50% of Track speed boost. Provides 800 vision around the target for your team. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:brewmaster:scepterreworked]] [[patchnote]] Base agility reduced from 22 to 19 [[patchnote]] Drunken Brawler now passively provides 6/12/18/24% Evasion and 24% Critical Strike chance for 145/160/175/190% damage [[patchnote]] Drunken Brawler can now be activated to provide 3x chance for evasion and critical strike and alternate between 20% slower and 40% faster for 5 seconds. [[patchnote]] Drunken Brawler cooldown increased from 23/21/19/17 to 29/25/21/17 [[patchnote]] Primal Split Earth brewling armor increased from 3 to 3/5/7 [[patchnote]] Primal Split Earth brewling health rescaled from 1500/2200/3000 to 1400/2200/3000 [[patchnote]] Primal Split Earth Brewling hp regen increased from 1/2/2 to 2/4/6 [[patchnote]] Primal Split Storm hp regen increased from 1/2/2 to 2/4/6 [[patchnote]] Primal Split Storm magic resistance increased from 0 to 25% [[patchnote]] Primal Split Storm health reduced from 1000/1500/1900 to 1000/1400/1800 [[patchnote]] Primal Split Fire Brewling armor increased from 0/3/6 to 0/4/8 [[patchnote]] Primal Split Fire Brewling hp regen increased from 2/4/4 to 2/4/6 [[patchnote]] Primal Split Fire Brewling now has 30% Status Resistance [[patchnote]] Scepter Rework: Primal Split now has 2 charges and can be canceled at any time. Your hero forms back on whichever brewling you canceled it from. Charge replenish time is equal to the normal cooldown. [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent changed from +175 Health to +1s Thunder Clap Slow [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent changed from +2.5s Thunder Clap Slow to +30% Cinder Brew Damage/Duration [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent changed from +15% Magic Resistance to +350 Health [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent reduced from +120% Drunken Brawler Critical Strike Damage to +80% [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent changed from -65s Primal Split Cooldown to Brewlings Gain Drunken Brawler Passive [[shard:brewmaster_primal_split:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Primal Split now creates a Void brewling. Has Astral Pulse ability, affecting enemies in 500 AoE. Applies a 20/30/40% slow and Disarm for 2.5 seconds. Cooldown: 20. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:bristleback]] [[patchnote]] Warpath bonus damage increased from 22/28/34 to 25/30/35 [[patchnote]] Viscous Nasal Goo Scepter now also increases max stacks from 4 to 8 [[patchnote]] Viscous Nasal Goo scepter radius increased from 825 to 950 [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent changed from +5 Max Goo Stacks to +15 Attack Speed [[shard:bristleback_hairball:shardnew]] [[shardnote]] Grants Hairball. Coughs a quill filled hairball towards the target location. Erupts at the location, hitting enemies in a 700 radius with Goo and two Quills. Cast Range: 1500. Cooldown: 20. Manacost: 100. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:broodmother]] [[patchnote]] Agility gain reduced from 3.2 to 3.0 [[shard:broodmother_silken_bola:shardnew]] [[shardnote]] Grants Silken Bola. Consumes 1 Spin Web charge and roots the target enemy for 2 seconds. Cast Range: 900. Cooldown: 12. Manacost: 50. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:centaur]] [[patchnote]] Stampede duration rescaled from 4 to 3.5/4/4.5 [[patchnote]] Stampede damage increased from 100/200/300% of your Strength to 200/250/300% [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent changed from +40 Damage to +1s Stampede Duration [[shard:centaur_double_edge:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Causes Double Edge to increase your strength by 15% per hero hit for 12 seconds. Duration refreshes per stack, up to 5 stacks. Slows enemies by 15% for 2 seconds. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:chaos_knight]] [[shard:chaos_knight_chaos_bolt:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Chaos Bolt creates a Phantasm illusion attacking the target for the duration of the stun. Increases cast range by 300. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:chen]] [[patchnote]] Divine Favor no longer has an active component [[patchnote]] Holy Persuasion can now be cast on an already converted unit to teleport it to you or can be cast on your own hero to teleport all creeps to you [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent increased from +150 Health to +175 [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent increased from +150 Cast Range to +175 [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent changed from -32s Divine Favor Cooldown to +12% Penitence Slow [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent changed from +4 Holy Persuasion Max Units to +3 Holy Persuasion Max Units and 3 Charges [[shard:chen_divine_favor:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Allows Divine Favor to be cast on allies, teleporting them back home after 6 seconds. Cooldown: 35. Manacost: 200. Cast Range: 500. Purgeable. Cannot target Spell Immune Allies. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:clinkz]] [[patchnote]] Base mana regen reduced from 0.25 to 0 [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent changed from Skeleton Walk Exit Summons A Burning Army Skeleton to +8 Agility [[patchnote]] Level 20 Talent changed from Kills Reset Death Pact Cooldown to -10s Strafe Cooldown [[shard:clinkz_wind_walk:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Causes Skeleton Walk to create two Burning Army Skeletons on Exit. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:rattletrap]] [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent changed from +40% Magic Resistance to Spell Immunity While Inside Power Cogs [[shard:rattletrap_jetpack:shardnew]] [[shardnote]]Grants Jet Pack. Rises up and grants flying vision, flying movement and 15% movement speed, but significantly reduced ability to turn. Lasts 6 seconds. You are disarmed during the flight. Casting Hookshot ends this buff. Cooldown: 25. Manacost: 150. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:crystal_maiden]] [[patchnote]] Frostbite damage interval changed from 0.7 to 0.25 (same overall damage, first instance at 0.25) [[patchnote]] Frostbite DPS changed to a fixed 25 per tick, rather than being defined by its total damage (same overall damage to both heroes and creeps normally, but affects things that change spell duration like her talent and status resistance) [[shard:crystal_maiden_frostbite:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Reduces Frostbite cooldown by 1 second and allows it to be cast on yourself, reducing incoming damage by 70% for the duration. Allows casting Frostbite while channeling as long as a valid target is in range. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:dark_seer:scepterreworked]] [[patchnote]] Ion Shell radius increased from 250 to 275 [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent changed from Ion Shell Provides 350 Max Health to +6 Armor [[patchnote]] Level 20 Talent changed from +8 Armor to +1s Wall of Replica slow [[patchnote]] Scepter Rework: Causes Ion Shell to have 2 Charges, increases duration by 20 seconds and provides +350 Health. [[shard:dark_seer_normal_punch:shardnew]] [[shardnote]] Grants Normal Punch. Passive cooldown attack. Causes your next attack on a hero to knock an illusion out of them and stun them for up to 2 seconds, knock back for 350 distance and deal 250 damage based on how far you've moved in the past 3 seconds. Cooldown: 14. Max power is after 1500 distance moved. Illusions lasts for 5 seconds. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:dark_willow]] [[patchnote]] Base intelligence increased by 3 [[patchnote]] Cursed Crown cast range increased from 600 to 600/625/650/675 [[patchnote]] Bramble Maze cast range increased from 1200 to 1100/1200/1300/1400 [[patchnote]] Terrorize cast range reduced from 1500 to 1300 [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent increased from +0.4s Cursed Crown Stun Duration to +0.6s [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent changed from +100 Cast Range to -2s Shadow Realm Cooldown [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent changed from -2s Shadow Realm Cooldown to +125 Cast Range [[patchnote]] Level 20 Talent reduced from -10s Bramble Maze CD to -8 [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent increased from +1.3s Terrorize Duration to +1.5s [[shard:dark_willow_cursed_crown:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Cursed Crown now creates four brambles around the target after the counter ends (regardless of how it ends). Reduces cooldown by 3 seconds. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:dazzle:scepterreworked]] [[patchnote]] Shallow Grave duration rescaled from 5 to 4/4.5/5/5.5 [[patchnote]] Shallow Grave cooldown reduced from 60/46/32/18 to 42/34/26/18 [[patchnote]] Shallow Grave cast range increased from 550/700/850/1000 to 700/800/900/1000 [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent changed from +30 Shadow Wave Heal/Damage to +35 Attack Speed [[patchnote]] Scepter Rework: Causes Shadow Wave to dispel allies, increases heal by +60 and increases damage by +80. [[shard:dazzle_bad_juju:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Launches an attack at the three closest enemies within 1200 range (prioritizes heroes) each time you cast an ability. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:death_prophet]] [[patchnote]] Base movement speed increased from 310 to 335 [[patchnote]] Spirit Siphon no longer drains movement speed [[patchnote]] Spirit Siphon charge replenish time from 45/40/35/30 to 36/34/32/30 [[patchnote]] Exorcism ghost speed increased from 500 to 525 [[patchnote]] Turn rate improved from 0.5 to 0.8 [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent changed from Exorcism Grants Haste to -20s Spirit Siphon Replenish Time [[shard:death_prophet_spirit_siphon:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Spirit Siphon now drains 0.75 armor per second and gives it to you. Armor gain/loss lasts for 14 seconds (starts from cast time). [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:disruptor]] [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent increased from -2s Kinetic Field Cooldown to -3s [[shard:disruptor_thunder_strike:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Allows Thunder Strike to be cast on allies, follows the ally and deals damage around them. Each strike gives a short 1s buff that provides +50% MS and +75 Attack Speed (strike interval is every 2 seconds). Increases radius by 160 when used on allies. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:doom_bringer:scepterreworked]] [[patchnote]] Scepter Rework: Causes Doom to apply Break and reduces cooldown from 145 to 100. [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent increased from +2s Doom Duration to +3s [[shard:doom_bringer_infernal_blade:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Infernal Blade stun duration is increased from 0.6 to 1.2 second. If the enemy level is a multiple of 3 or above level 24, they will be stunned for an additional 0.6 seconds and take 150 bonus damage. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:dragon_knight]] [[patchnote]] Breathe Fire manacost reduced from 100/110/120/130 to 90/100/110/120 [[patchnote]] Dragon Tail damage increased from 25/50/75/100 to 50/75/100/125 [[patchnote]] Elder Dragon Form splash radius increased from 300 to 350 [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent increased from +350 Health to +400 [[shard:dragon_knight_fireball:shardnew]] [[shardnote]] Grants Elder Dragon Form the Fireball ability. Ignites a 450 AoE area for 10 seconds, dealing 80 damage per second to enemies in it. Lasts 10 seconds. Cast Range: 1400. Cooldown: 20. Manacost: 150. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:drow_ranger]] [[patchnote]] Base damage reduced by 2 [[patchnote]] Frost Arrows slow reduced from 16/32/48/64 to 15/30/45/60 [[patchnote]] Marksmanship agility bonus rescaled from 28/36/44% to 25/35/45% [[patchnote]] Marksmanship damage bonus reduced from 70/80/90 to 50/70/90 [[patchnote]] Level 20 Talent changed from +2.5s Gust Silence Duration to -4s Gust Cooldown [[shard:drow_ranger_frost_arrows:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Frost Arrows apply a Hypothermia stack to enemy heroes, reducing their regeneration by 10% per stack. Lasts 7 seconds. If an enemy hero dies with Hypothermia stacks, they burst and deal 60 magic damage per stack and 25% slow for 2 seconds to enemies within 650 radius. Max Stacks: 7 [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:earth_spirit]] [[patchnote]] Earth Remnants duration reduced from 2 minutes to 1 minute [[patchnote]] Enchant Remnant can now also be cast on Remnants. Has a 5 second cooldown when used this way. [[shard:earth_spirit_stone_caller:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Causes Earth Remnants to provide 400 ground vision. Increases charge count by 4. (Can use alt to see the radius) [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:earthshaker]] [[shard:earthshaker_fissure:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Reduces Fissure cooldown by 2 seconds and allows you to walk on it. Whenever you cast a spell, an aftershock effect is replicated throughout the fissure path. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:elder_titan]] [[shard:elder_titan_echo_stomp:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Allows you to turn Echo Stomp on autocast. When cast while on Autocast, you will take the place of the Astral Spirit as it completes its stomp. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:ember_spirit]] [[patchnote]] Intelligence gain increased from 1.8 to 2.2 [[patchnote]] Activate Fire Remnant scepter manacost increased from 25 to 75 [[shard:ember_spirit_fire_remnant:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Fire Remnants deal 45 damage per second in a 600 AoE around them. Dying or killing an enemy hero leaves a Fire Remnant nearby. Kills within 400 range of you count. (DPS from multiple Fire Remnants does not stack) [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:enchantress]] [[patchnote]] Enchant cooldown rescaled from 20 to 28/24/20/16 [[patchnote]] Sproink upgrade no longer grants +150 attack range passively [[patchnote]] Sproink now launches an Impetus attack on the 3 furthest enemy units within your attack range + 200. [[patchnote]] Sproink cooldown increased from 3 to 5 seconds [[shard:enchantress_natures_attendants:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Adds 3 permanent Nature’s Attendants that follow you around. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:enigma]] [[patchnote]] Demonic Conversion attack point improved from 0.4 to 0.3 [[patchnote]] Demonic Conversion duration from 35 to 40 [[patchnote]] Malefice cooldown reduced from 18/17/16/15 to 14 [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent changed from +4s Midnight Pulse Duration to +0.35s Malefice Stun Duration [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent reduced from 12% Cooldown Reduction to 10% [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent changed from +0.35s Malefice Stun Duration to +150 Midnight Pulse Radius [[shard:enigma_black_hole:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Black Hole now does a non-interrupting pull towards its center in a 1200 AoE (pulls at a rate of 175 units per second) [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:faceless_void]] [[patchnote]] Base agility reduced by 4 (base damage unchanged) [[patchnote]] Time Lock bonus damage reduced from 20/25/30/35 to 10/15/20/25 [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent reduced from +275 Time Walk Cast Range to +250 [[shard:faceless_void_time_walk:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Time Walk remains castable for 1.5 second after landing. If used in this period, you will reverse your time walk back to your previous cast location. Increases Time Walk cast range by 200. (Note: Does not change health the second use) [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:grimstroke]] [[patchnote]] Base attack range increased from 575 to 600 [[patchnote]] Ink Swell Max damage is reduced from 100/200/300/400 to 90/180/270/360 [[patchnote]] Ink Swell max values now happen after 2.5 seconds of touching an enemy, rather than 3 seconds [[patchnote]] Phantom’s Embrace manacost reduced from 110/120/130/140 to 80/100/120/140 [[patchnote]] Phantom’s Embrace cooldown rescaled from to 32/28/24/20 to 36/30/24/18 [[patchnote]] Phantom's Embrace bounty from 37/20 Gold/XP to 10/10 [[patchnote]] Dark Portrait illusion duration increased from 15 seconds to 25 [[patchnote]] Phantom’s Embrace now refreshes the cooldown if the target it was cast on dies before it reaches them [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent changed from +80 Ink Swell Damage to -4s Ink Swell Cooldown [[shard:grimstroke_ink_over:shardnew]] [[shardnote]] Grants Ink Over. Covers a target enemy in ink for 6 seconds, slowing attack speed by 50, movement speed by 20% and dealing a total of 240 damage over its duration. Cast Range: 700. Cooldown: 14. Manacost: 125 [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:gyrocopter]] [[patchnote]] Attack backswing animation reduced from 0.65 to 0.1 [[patchnote]] Base damage range rescaled from 40-50 to 42-48 [[patchnote]] Base agility increased by 7 (base damage unchanged) [[shard:gyrocopter_rocket_barrage:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Rocket Barrage now hits an extra target. Increases Barrage duration by 1 second. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:huskar]] [[patchnote]] Berserker’s Blood max attack speed increased from 130/190/250/310 to 160/210/260/310 [[patchnote]] Life Break scepter duration increased from 2.5 to 3 [[patchnote]] Life Break scepter now also increases cast range by +300 [[patchnote]] Level 20 Talent changed from +325 Life Break Cast Range to -3s Life Break Cooldown [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent increased from +175 Attack Range to +200 [[shard:huskar_inner_fire:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Causes Inner Fire to reduce healing/regen by 50% and applies a 35% movement speed slow. Lowers cooldown by 2 seconds. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:invoker]] [[patchnote]] Forged Spirit now spawns two units when both Quas and Exort have 4 points [[patchnote]] Forged Spirit armor reduction cap increased from 10 to 20 [[patchnote]] Cataclysm cooldown increased from 90 to 100 [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent increased from +30% Chaos Meteor Damage to +40% Chaos Meteor Damage [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent changed from +1 Forged Spirit Summoned to +40 DPS Ice Wall [[patchnote]] Level 20 Talent reduced from +40 Alacrity Damage/Speed to +35 [[patchnote]] Level 20 Talent increased from -8s Tornado Cooldown to -10s [[shard:invoker_ice_wall:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Causes Ice Wall to become an 900 range Vector Target ability. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:wisp]] [[patchnote]] No longer has instant turning before actions [[patchnote]] Attack point increased from 0.15 to 0.3 [[patchnote]] Base damage increased from 39-48 to 45-51 [[patchnote]] Tether slow increased from 8/16/24/32 to 15/25/35/45 [[patchnote]] Tether movement bonus rescaled from 5/8/11/14 to 6/8/10/12 [[patchnote]] Tether heal transfer reduced from 60/90/120/150 to 60/80/100/120 [[patchnote]] Spirits now has the In and Out sub abilities again [[patchnote]] Spirits damage increased from 20/40/60/80 to 30/50/70/90 [[patchnote]] Spirits collision damage increased from 10/18/26/34 to 10/20/30/40 [[patchnote]] Overcharge attack speed reduced from 50/80/110/140 to 50/70/90/110 [[patchnote]] Overcharge now grants 10/12/14/16% Spell Amplification [[patchnote]] Relocate cooldown increased from 90/75/60 to 100/90/80 [[shard:wisp_tether:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Ending Tether now stuns enemies touching it for 1.75 seconds and deals 150 damage. Increases movement speed by 5%. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:jakiro]] [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent increased from -1s Ice Path Cooldown to -1.5s [[shard:jakiro_liquid_ice:shardnew]] [[shardnote]] Grants Liquid Frost. Autocast attack ability. Causes your Ice head to release a frost based attack, slowing enemies by 30% and dealing 20 + 2.5% max health as damage per second for 4 seconds. Cooldown: 12. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:juggernaut]] [[patchnote]] Blade Fury radius increased from 250 to 260 [[patchnote]] Omnislash is no longer restricted from initially being cast on Ancients [[patchnote]] Swiftslash is no longer restricted from initially being cast on Ancients [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent changed from +100 Blade Fury movement speed to -20s Healing Ward cooldown [[patchnote]] Level 20 Talent increased from +140 Blade Fury DPS to +160 [[shard:juggernaut_blade_fury:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Increases your movement speed during Blade Fury by +100 and attacks a random nearby enemy once per second. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:keeper_of_the_light:scepterreworked:newability]] [[patchnote]] Illuminate manacost reduced from 150/160/170/180 to 100/125/150/175 [[patchnote]] Chakra Magic can no longer be cast on enemies [[patchnote]] Removed Blinding Light as a basic ability [[patchnote]] New Ability: Added Solar Bind as a new basic ability. Lowers the target's magic resistance by 15/20/25/30% and causes the target to become increasingly slowed the more the target moves. Each 100 units moved reduces the target's movement speed by 4/5.5/7/8.5%. Lasts 7 seconds. Cast Range: 700/750/800/850. Manacost: 60/80/100/120. Cooldown: 22/20/18/16 [[patchnote]] Spirit Form is now an ultimate ability. Transforms your hero into a spirit form, granting you +20/25/30% Movement Speed, +125/250/375 Cast Range. Grants Blinding Light (18 cd, 600 cast range, 40% miss for 4 seconds, 400 knockback distance, 100 damage, 150 manacost) and Recall (15 cd, 3 second delay, 150 manacost). Also causes Illuminate to no longer require channeling. Cooldown: 90/80/70. Duration: 40. Manacost: 75/125/175 [[patchnote]] Scepter Rework: Now gains Will-O-Wisp, however instead of a stun on flicker, it applies a movement manipulation that pulls units inwards at a rate of 60 units per second but does not prevent attacking/casting. Cooldown: 60 [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent increased from -2.5s Blinding Light Cooldown to +30% Blinding Light Miss [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent changed from +2 Will-O-Wisp Flicker to -6s Blinding Light Cooldown [[patchnote]] Level 20 Talent changed from +150 Will-O-Wisp AoE to +15s Spirit Form Duration [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent changed from +3 Will-O-Wisp Health Count to +1.2s Blinding Light Stun [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent changed from +160 Illuminate Damage/Heal to +160 Illuminate Damage [[shard:keeper_of_the_light_illuminate:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Causes Illuminate to heal allied units for 40% of its damage during daytime. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:kunkka]] [[patchnote]] Intelligence gain increased from 1.5 to 1.8 [[patchnote]] Ghostship Rum movement speed increased from 10% to 12% [[patchnote]] Base health regen increased from 0 to 0.25 [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent changed from +6 Armor to +150 Cast Range [[patchnote]] Level 20 Talent increased from +18 Strength to +20 [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent increased from +110% Tidebringer Cleave to +140% [[shard:kunkka_tidal_wave:shardnew]] [[shardnote]] Grants Tidal Wave. Releases a wave towards the target direction that deals 225 damage and drags (non-interrupting) enemies along it for 600 range over 1.25 seconds. The wave spawns 600 units behind you and travels 1400 distance in front of you. Has 700 speed and 750 radius. Cooldown: 16. Manacost: 150 [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:legion_commander]] [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent changed from -6s Overwhelming Odds Cooldown to -9s [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent reduced from +25 Attack Speed to +20 [[shard:legion_commander_duel:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] While Dueling, every 1.5 seconds an Overwhelming Odds is cast centered on a random enemy unit within 900 radius. Does not center on the same target twice. Prioritizes heroes. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:leshrac:scepterreworked]] [[patchnote]] Scepter Rework: Grants the ability Nihilism. Grants you a temporary aura that causes you and all nearby enemies in 450 AoE to turn ethereal, preventing them from attacking, causing them to take 30% more magic damage and be slowed by 30% for 4 seconds. Increases your speed rather than reducing it. Cooldown: 25. Manacost: 75 [[shard:leshrac_split_earth:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Causes Split Earth to repeat in the same location two additional times, with a 5 second delay between each one. Each time the radius increases by 75. Split Earth echo location is visible to both teams. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:lich]] [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent increased from +60 Frost Nova AoE Damage to +90 [[shard:lich_ice_spire:shardnew]] [[shardnote]] Grants Ice Spire. Creates an icicle at the target spot for 15 seconds, slowing enemies by 20% within 500 range. Chain Frost can bounce to the Icicle if there are no other enemies in range. Can cast Frost Shield on it. Has 300 health. Cast Range: 750. Cooldown: 25. Manacost: 150 [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:life_stealer:scepterreworked:newability]] [[patchnote]] Base attack speed reduced from 130 to 120 [[patchnote]] Feast increased from 1.5/2/2.5/3% to 1.6/2.2/2.8/3.4% [[patchnote]] Feast no longer grants attack speed [[patchnote]] New Ability: Replaced Open Wounds with Ghoul Frenzy. Passively causes Lifestealer's attacks to slow enemy movement speed by 6/12/18/24% for 1.5 seconds. Additionally, grants you 20/30/40/50 Attack Speed. [[patchnote]] Rage manacost increased from 75 to 75/100/125/150 [[patchnote]] Infest manacost increased from 50 to 100/150/200 [[patchnote]] Level 20 Talent changed from -4s Open Wounds Cooldown to +8% Ghoul Frenzy Slow [[patchnote]] Scepter Rework: Allows Infesting enemy heroes for 4 seconds, attacking inside them every 1.25 seconds. Enemy heroes gain no bonuses from Infest. Doubles self regen rate, increases cast range to 500 and reduces cooldown to 25 seconds. [[shard:life_stealer_open_wounds:shardnew2]] [[shardnote]] Provides attackers with 50% Lifesteal for all damage dealt to the target. Has 800 cast range, 25 seconds cooldown. Max slow 50%. Manacost: 125 [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:lina]] [[patchnote]] Base damage reduced from 49-61 to 49-57 [[patchnote]] Base armor reduced by 1 [[patchnote]] Fiery Soul attack speed increased from 40/55/70/85 to 40/60/80/100 [[patchnote]] Light Strike Array cooldown increased from 7 to 10/9/8/7 [[patchnote]] Laguna Blade mana cost reduced from 280/420/680 to 250/400/550 [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent increased from +110 Light Strike Array Damage to +130 [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent increased from +300 Health to +350 [[patchnote]] Level 20 Talent increased from +30/1.5% Fiery Soul Per Stack to +30/2% [[shard:lina_laguna_blade:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Increases Laguna Blade cast range by 150. Laguna Blade can now also be ground targeted, and will always travel its full cast length and hit all units along its path. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:lion]] [[patchnote]] Agility increased from 15 to 18 [[patchnote]] Earth Spike cast range increased from 500 to 575 [[patchnote]] Hex unit movement speed reduced from 140 to 120 [[patchnote]] Mana Drain multi target now searches for units within your cast range +300, rather than in a 400 radius around the target. Prioritizes heroes. [[patchnote]] Fixed Finger of Death scepter reducing manacost by 25 at level 3 [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent reduced from +150 Cast Range to +125 [[shard:lion_mana_drain:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Mana Drain grants true sight over the enemy and reduces their attack speed by 90. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:lone_druid]] [[patchnote]] Level 20 Talent increased from -32s True Form Cooldown to -40s [[patchnote]] Level 25 Changed from +1000 True Form Health to +1000 True Form and Spirit Bear Health [[shard:lone_druid_savage_roar:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Savage Roar now empowers allied units in 700 AoE with +20% Movement Speed and +60 Attack Speed for 4 seconds. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:luna]] [[patchnote]] Base agility increased by 6 (base damage unchanged) [[patchnote]] Lunar Blessing damage bonus changed from 10/18/26/34% to flat +5/15/25/35 [[patchnote]] Lunar Blessing night vision increased from 200/400/600/800 to 250/500/750/1000 [[patchnote]] Moon Glaives damage reduction reduced from 52/46/40/34% to 50/44/38/32% [[shard:luna_lucent_beam:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Allows Lucent beam to be ground targeted, increases stun duration from 0.8 to 1.1 and grants you +30% bonus movement speed for 3 seconds. Ground Target Search Radius: 325. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:lycan]] [[patchnote]] Howl cooldown reduced from 24/22/20/18 to 18 [[patchnote]] Howl manacost reduced from 50 to 35/40/45/50 [[patchnote]] Feral Impulse no longer has a radius, affects your units anywhere. [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent changed from +4 Armor to +8 Feral HP Regen [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent changed from +10 Feral HP Regen to +75 Shapeshift Speed [[patchnote]] Level 20 Talent increased from +15% Feral Impulse Damage to +25% [[shard:lycan_summon_wolves:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Causes one of your creep waves to include an uncontrollable wolf that moves with each wave. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:magnataur:scepterreworked]] [[patchnote]] Empower duration rescaled from 38/42/46/50 to 40 [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent changed from +140 Shockwave Damage to -5s Skewer Cooldown [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent reduced from +12% Empower Damage/Cleave to +10% [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent increased from +0.8 Reverse Polarity Stun Duration to +1 [[patchnote]] Scepter Rework: Releases 3 shockwaves going outwards from you at 30 degree angles (can only be hit by one). After reaching the end, the shockwaves come back to their origin and deal 75% damage and pull towards cast point a second time. [[shard:magnataur_horn_toss:shardnew]] [[shardnote]] Grants Horn Toss. Tosses enemies in front of you, launching them behind you. Enemies spend 0.6 seconds in the air and take 150 damage on landing and are stunned for 0.25 seconds. Cast Range: 100. Cooldown: 30. Manacost: 125. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:mars:scepterreworked]] [[patchnote]] God’s Rebuke manacost increased from 65/70/75/80 to 80 [[patchnote]] Arena of Blood manacost reduced from 200 to 150/175/200 [[patchnote]] Arena of Blood damage reduced from 120/185/250 to 100/175/250 [[patchnote]] Scepter Rework: Creates invulnerable soldiers in front of you while Bulwark is toggled on. Soldiers move alongside your hero deal your full damage with a bonus 75 damage (applies procs as well). Enemies can only be attacked by 1 soldier at a time. Soldiers apply a 20% slow for 1 second on their attacks. [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent changed from -3s Spear Cooldown to +15 Movement Speed [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent changed from +20 Movement Speed to -4s God's Rebuke Cooldown [[patchnote]] Level 25 increased from +80 HP Regen Allied Arena of Blood to +120 [[shard:mars_spear:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Spear of Mars impales up to two units and leaves a fire trail behind it which lasts for 10 seconds. Deals 35 dps and slows by 20%. Debuff lingers for 2 second. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:medusa]] [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent changed from +800 Mana to +75 Intelligence [[shard:medusa_cold_blooded:shardnew]] [[shardnote]] Grants Cold Blooded. Passive. When you are targeted with a spell, a single target Mystic Snake is sent back towards the enemy. Cooldown: 12. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:meepo:scepterreworked]] [[patchnote]] Turn rate improved from 0.65 to 0.7 [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent increased from +30 Poof Damage to +35 [[patchnote]] Level 20 Talent changed from +8% Lifesteal to +8 Ransack Health Steal [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent changed from -4s Poof Cooldown to +1 Divided We Stand clone [[patchnote]] Scepter Rework: Grants a new skill, Dig. Clones also have this ability. Channels for 0.75 seconds and digs into the ground for 3.5 seconds, dispelling you and causing you to become invulnerable and untargetable. Restores a total of 25% of your max health over that duration. Can’t be cast while rooted. Cooldown: 40. Manacost: 150. [[shard:meepo_ransack:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Ransack now has a 30% chance on hit to apply a geostrike debuff, slowing enemies by 20% and dealing 20 DPS for 4 seconds. Instances from different Meepos stack. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:mirana:scepterreworked]] [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent increased from +12 Damage to +15 [[patchnote]] Scepter Rework: Causes Sacred Arrow to release a Starfall on enemies within 500 AoE along the travel path (only active on the primary arrow). Drops a second Starfall that deals 50% damage on the impacted unit. [[shard:mirana_leap:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Grants +1 Leap Charge. Attacks during the leap buff have a 1.5x Critical Strike. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:monkey_king]] [[patchnote]] Base armor increased by 1 [[patchnote]] Mischief cooldown reduced from 20 to 15 [[patchnote]] Level 20 Talent increased from +320 Primal Spring Damage to +350 [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent adjusted from +100 Wukong’s Command Armor to +200 [[shard:monkey_king_tree_dance:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Lowers Tree Dance cooldown from 1 to 0.3 and cast point from 0.3 to 0.1 [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:morphling]] [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent changed from +3 Multishot Adaptive Strike to +30 Strength [[shard:morphling_adaptive_strike_agi:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Causes Adaptive Strike to have +1 Multishot and removes the 3 second shared cooldown between the two different abilities. Prioritizes enemy heroes. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:naga_siren:scepterreworked]] [[patchnote]] Mirror Image cooldown reduced from 45/40/35/30 to 40/36/32/28 [[patchnote]] Ensnare cast point reduced from 0.5 to 0.4 [[patchnote]] Level 20 Talent changed from -9s Ensnare Cooldown to -30s Song of the Siren Cooldown [[patchnote]] Scepter Rework: Allows Ensnare to target Spell Immune or sleeping units. Reduces the Ensnare cooldown by 5 seconds and increases cast range by 400. [[shard:naga_siren_rip_tide:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Can activate Rip Tide, releasing stronger Rip Tide that deals 100 extra damage and slows enemies by 30% for 3 seconds. Applies around each illusion, but can be only hit by one instance. Cooldown: 15. Manacost: 75. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:furion:scepterreworked]] [[patchnote]] Nature’s Call treant movement speed rescaled from 325 to 300/320/340/360 [[patchnote]] Nature’s Call treant base damage reduced from 24/28/32/36 to 22/26/30/34 [[patchnote]] Nature’s Call treant base attack time improved from 1.75 to 1.6 [[patchnote]] Sprout back swing reduced from 1.1 to 0.5 [[patchnote]] Scepter Rework: Lowers cooldown from 85 to 60. Entangles all enemies it hits. Duration scales from 1.2 seconds up to 3 seconds at max bounce. [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent increased from +4 Treants Summoned to +5 [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent increased from 1.8x Treant HP/Damage to 2x [[shard:furion_sprout:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Causes the first two trees destroyed with Sprout to summon Greater Treants. Can only have two Greater Treants alive at a time. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:necrolyte]] [[shard:necrolyte_death_seeker:shardnew]] [[shardnote]] Grants Death Seeker. Spawns a fast moving large Death Pulse towards the target enemy or ally (not self), dealing 50% more damage and causing it to spread a normal Death Pulse towards nearby enemies and allies. Cast Range 900. Cooldown: 20. Manacost: 150. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:night_stalker]] [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent changed from +7% Hunter In The Night Movement Speed to +4 Armor [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent changed from +20% Lifesteal to +10% Hunter In The Night Movement Speed [[shard:night_stalker_hunter_in_the_night:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] During night time, you can cast Hunter in the Night. Consumes a lesser creature, instantly killing it and restoring 25% of your maximum HP and mana. Can only be cast on non-player units. Cooldown: 20 [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:nyx_assassin]] [[patchnote]] Base intelligence increased from 18 to 21 [[patchnote]] Vendetta damage increased from 250/375/500 to 300/450/600 [[patchnote]] Impale cast point reduced from 0.4 to 0.3 [[patchnote]] Level 20 Talent increased from +60% Spiked Carapace Damage to +75% [[shard:nyx_assassin_vendetta:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Causes your Vendetta attack to reduce magic resistance by -20% for 4 seconds. Also increases Vendetta movement speed by 40%, unlocking max speed. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:ogre_magi]] [[patchnote]] Base damage reduced by 2 [[patchnote]] Ignite manacost increased from 90 to 100 [[patchnote]] Ignite first damage instance is now dealt immediately [[patchnote]] Fireblast manacost reduced from 75/85/95/105 to 70/80/90/100 [[patchnote]] Unrefined Fireblast mana cost reduced from 45% of current mana to 30% [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent changed from +60 Movement Speed to 20% Bash 1.5s [[shard:ogre_magi_smash:shardnew]] [[shardnote]] Grants Fire Shield. Creates a shield around the target ally or building, absorbing 70% of the damage from the next 3 attacks. Launches fireballs at the attacker, dealing 125 damage. Lasts 25 seconds. Can be Multicast. Cast Range: 600. Cooldown: 18. Manacost: 125. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:omniknight]] [[patchnote]] Heavenly Grace duration reduced from 12 to 10 seconds [[shard:omniknight_hammer_of_purity:shardnew]] [[shardnote]] Grants Hammer of Purity. Auto Attack Ability. Causes your next attack to deal bonus pure damage equal to 25 plus 150% of your base damage. You are healed for the amount of damage dealt. Cooldown: 6. Manacost: 30 [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:oracle:scepterreworked]] [[patchnote]] Scepter Rework: Causes Fate’s Edict to no longer disarm allies or make enemies magic damage immune. [[patchnote]] Level 20 Talent changed from False Promise Invisibility to -50% Purifying Flames Allied Damage [[shard:oracle_false_promise:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Causes False Promise to have a 0.3 second fade delay invisibility. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:obsidian_destroyer]] [[patchnote]] Renamed from Outworld Devourer to Outworld Destroyer [[patchnote]] Agility reduced from 24 + 2 to 22 + 1.3 [[patchnote]] Minimum damage increased from 46 to 49 [[patchnote]] Astral Imprisonment cast range increased from 300/350/400/450 to 650 [[patchnote]] Astral Imprisonment scepter upgrade cast range bonus reduced from +300 to +150 [[patchnote]] Astral Imprisonment duration reduced from 4 to 1.75/2.5/3.25/4 [[patchnote]] Astral Imprisonment no longer deals area damage [[patchnote]] Astral Imprisonment damage to a single target increased from 100/175/250/325 to 120/190/260/330 [[patchnote]] Astral Imprisonment manacost reduced from 140/160/180/200 to 120 [[patchnote]] Astral Imprisonment now steals 14/16/18/20% max mana from enemies for 30/40/50/60 seconds. (It doesn't increase your current mana values, and it doesn't reduce the enemy's current mana value directly) [[patchnote]] Arcane Orb manacost changed from 80/120/160/200 to 20% of current mana [[patchnote]] Arcane Orb cooldown increased from 0 to 6/4/2/0 [[patchnote]] Arcane Orb damage increased from 7.5/9/10.5/12% to 14% [[patchnote]] Essence Flux no longer has an active component [[patchnote]] Sanity's Eclipse no longer provides his other abilities with a mana capacity charge counter [[patchnote]] Sanity's Eclipse base damage increased from 150/250/350 to 200/275/350 [[patchnote]] Sanity's Eclipse cooldown reduced from 160 to 160/145/130 [[shard:obsidian_destroyer_equilibrium:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Essence Flux becomes a 1.5 second channel ability. Swaps your current Life and Mana totals. Only transfers 75% of the respective values. Cooldown: 45 [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:pangolier]] [[patchnote]] Shield Crash damage increased from 75/150/225/300 to 90/160/230/300 [[patchnote]] Shield Crash manacost reduced from 90/100/110/120 to 80/90/100/110 [[patchnote]] Shield Crash cooldown reduced from 19/17/15/13 to 18/16/14/12 [[patchnote]] level 10 Talent increased from +350 Swashbuckle Slash Range to +400 [[patchnote]] Level 20 Talent increased from +16 Strength to +18 [[shard:pangolier_rollup:shardnew]] [[shardnote]] Grants Roll Up. Turns you into a protective ball for up to 4 seconds, gaining magic immunity and allowing you to turn. Can be cast during Rolling Thunder to temporarily pause it. Can cast Rolling Thunder and Shield Crash during Roll Up. If enemies attack you during Roll Up, you will roll away from the attacker for 0.75 seconds, applying Rolling Thunder damage/stun if there are enemies in the way. Cooldown: 30 [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:phantom_assassin]] [[patchnote]] Blur fade time for non-scepter reduced from 0.75 to 0.5 [[patchnote]] Blur evasion reduced from 20/30/40/50% to 15/25/35/45% [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent reduced from +175 Health to +150 [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent reduced from +350 Phantom Strike Cast Range to +300 [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent changed from +100% Critical Damage to +7% Coup de Grace Chance [[shard:phantom_assassin_fan_of_knives:shardnew]] [[shardnote]] Grants Fan of Knives. Releases sharp blades around you in a 550 AoE, dealing 12% of enemies' max health on impact and applies Break for 3 seconds. Cooldown: 20. Manacost: 125. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:phantom_lancer:scepterreworked]] [[patchnote]] Base intelligence increased from 19 to 21 [[patchnote]] Spirit Lance manacost rescaled from 110/120/130/140 to 120 [[patchnote]] Phantom Rush agility bonus is still provided if the dash is canceled [[patchnote]] Phantom Rush minimum proc distance reduced from 250 to 200 [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent increased from -1s Spirit Lance Cooldown to -2s [[patchnote]] Level 20 Talent decreased from +400 Phantom Rush Range to +350 [[patchnote]] Scepter Rework: Juxtapose can now be cast, destroying your other juxtapose illusions and quickly creating the max illusions it allows (6/8/10), with a bonus 10 seconds duration. Cooldown: 60. Manacost: 75. [[shard:phantom_lancer_spirit_lance:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Spirit Lance bounces once towards an enemy up to 900 units away, prioritizing heroes. Increases Spirit Lance Illusion damage by +20%. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:phoenix]] [[patchnote]] Supernova cooldown increased from 110 to 120 [[patchnote]] Supernova manacost rescaled from 200 to 150/200/250 [[patchnote]] Sunray manacost increased from 100 to 100/110/120/130 [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent increased from +18% Icarus Dive Slow to +24% [[shard:phoenix_fire_spirits:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Causes Fire Spirits to become a passive ability. Every 7 seconds a Fire Spirit respawns. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:puck]] [[patchnote]] Agility gain increased from 2.2 to 2.5 [[patchnote]] Turn rate improved from 0.5 to 0.8 [[patchnote]] Illusory Orb damage increased from 70/140/210/280 to 75/150/225/300 [[patchnote]] Waning Rift max distance increased from 275 to 300 [[patchnote]] Dream Coil scepter link break stun duration rescaled from 1.8/3/4.5 to 2/3.25/4.5 (base ability is 1.8/2.4/3) [[patchnote]] Dream Coil initial damage increased from 100/150/200 to 125/200/275 [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent increased from +25 Damage to +30 [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent reduced from +300 Waning Rift AoE and Range to +275 [[shard:puck_waning_rift:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Waning Rift now deals 70 bonus damage and knocks enemies back 250 distance over 0.4 seconds (non-interrupting). Reveals invisible enemy units and wards in the area for 5 seconds. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:pudge:scepterreworked]] [[patchnote]] Base damage increased by 2 [[patchnote]] Base armor increased by 1 [[patchnote]] Agility gain reduced from 1.5 to 1.4 [[patchnote]] Strength gain reduced from 3.2 to 3.0 [[patchnote]] Flesh Heap magic resistance increased from 8/10/12/14% to 12/14/16/18% [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent changed from +30 Rot Damage to -14% Rot Slow [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent changed from -16% Rot Slow to +120 Meat Hook Damage [[patchnote]] Scepter Rework: Increases Rot radius by 200, damage by 80. Reduces health regen on affected enemies by 25% [[shard:pudge_dismember:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Allows targeting an ally with Dismember to swallow them and heal them for 6% max health per second. Has half cooldown when used on allies. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:pugna]] [[shard:pugna_life_drain:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] For every 1.75 seconds of channel on an enemy, another secondary Life Drain is created targeting another random enemy hero in the cast range +200. You will continue to channel until there are no enemy heroes available or the channel duration runs out. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:queenofpain]] [[patchnote]] Strength gain increased 2.2 to 2.4 [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent increased from +8 Strength to +9 [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent changed from Scream of Pain Fear to +200 Sonic Wave Damage [[shard:queenofpain_blink:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Releases a sonic boom when you blink at both your starting and ending location. Deals 150 damage in a 300 AoE and silences for 1.5 seconds. (you can be hit by both) [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:razor]] [[patchnote]] Base movement speed increased from 285 to 290 [[patchnote]] Base HP regen increased from 0 to 1 [[patchnote]] Plasma Field minimum damage increased from 15/25/35/45 to 35/40/45/50 [[shard:razor_unstable_current:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Causes Storm Surge to have a 18% chance to release a forked lightning when attacked or always when targeted with a spell, hitting the target and up to 2 other enemies. Deals 120 Damage and slows them by 50% for 1.5 seconds. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:riki]] [[patchnote]] Smoke Screen can now be cast during Tricks of the Trade [[patchnote]] Smoke Screen radius increased from 280/310/340/370 to 300/325/350/375 [[patchnote]] Smoke Screen miss rate rescaled from 25/35/45/55% to 20/35/50/65% [[patchnote]] Smoke Screen manacost reduced from 90 to 75 [[patchnote]] Tricks of the Trade scepter cast range reduced from 1000 to 700 [[patchnote]] Tricks of the Trade scepter upgrade now hits 2 units at once rather than 1 [[shard:riki_poison_dart:shardnew]] [[shardnote]] Grants Sleeping Dart. Fires a dart at the target enemy, putting them to sleep for 3 seconds (target is invulnerable until duration ends). When the target wakes up, they receive 150 damage and are slowed by 25% for 4 seconds. Cooldown: 20. Cast Range: 1200. Manacost: 125 [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:rubick]] [[patchnote]] Arcane Supremacy no longer provides debuff amplification [[patchnote]] Arcane Supremacy now provides +75/125/175/225 Cast Range [[patchnote]] Spell Steal now provides bonus +10/20/30% Debuff Amplification to the stolen spells [[patchnote]] Spell Steal cooldown rescaled from 20/18/16 to 26/20/14 [[patchnote]] Spell Steal scepter cooldown rescaled from 2 to 6/4/2 [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent changed from +50 Base Damage to Fade Bolt Steals Hero Damage [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent changed from Fade Bolt Steals Hero Damage to +100 Base Damage [[shard:rubick_telekinesis:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Allows you to use Telekinesis on yourself or an ally. Throw range is 60% longer and cooldown is reduced by 30% when targeting allies. Throw delay is reduced to 0.5 seconds. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:sand_king]] [[patchnote]] Epicenter now uses cast time instead of channel time [[patchnote]] Epicenter radius increase from 275->725 to 500->725 [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent increased from +8% Caustic Finale Slow to +15% [[shard:sandking_epicenter:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Every 700 units moved causes an Epicenter Pulse around you in 400 AoE. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:shadow_demon]] [[patchnote]] Shadow Poison is no longer dispellable [[patchnote]] Demonic Purge Scepter upgrade debuff now ends when a new one is cast (deals damage relative to how long it lasted) [[shard:shadow_demon_demonic_purge:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Allows Demonic Purge to be cast on allies, continuously dispelling them and healing them at the end instead of damaging them. Does not slow allies. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:nevermore]] [[patchnote]] Shadowraze manacost reduced from 90 to 75/80/85/90 [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent increased from +15 Attack Speed to +20 [[shard:nevermore_necromastery:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Necromastery now provides 0.75% Spell Amp per Soul [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:shadow_shaman]] [[patchnote]] Mass Serpent Ward damage increased from 50/80/110 to 50/85/120 [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent increased from -4.5s Hex Cooldown to -5 [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent reduced from +30 Wards Attack Damage to +25 [[shard:shadow_shaman_shackles:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Shackles creates 4 Serpent Wards that attack the target while you channel. Increases Shackle range by 150. Wards last 8 seconds. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:silencer]] [[patchnote]] Last Word Scepter radius increased from 600 to 650 [[shard:silencer_glaives_of_wisdom:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Causes Glaives to bounce once towards the closest enemy unit, dealing 50% of your attack damage. Bounce range is 600 unit to unit. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:skywrath_mage]] [[shard:skywrath_mage_ancient_seal:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Ancient Seal debuff now causes other debuffs applied to last 40% longer. Grants vision over the target. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:slardar]] [[patchnote]] Sprint movement speed reduced from 18/26/34/42% to 16/24/32/40% [[patchnote]] Sprint river speed rescaled from 7/19/31/43 to 10/20/30/40% [[patchnote]] Slithereen Crush manacost increased from 80/95/105/115 to 90/100/110/120 [[patchnote]] Scepter hp regen reduced from 35 to 30 [[patchnote]] Scepter armor bonus reduced from 12 to 10 [[shard:slardar_amplify_damage:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Causes Corrosive Haze to be applied for 5 seconds to units hit with Slithereen Crush. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:slark]] [[patchnote]] Shadow Dance cooldown reduced from 80/70/60 to 80/65/50 [[patchnote]] Pounce scepter range increased from 1100 to 1200 [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent increased from +6 Agility to +7 [[shard:slark_fish_bait:shardnew]] [[shardnote]] Grants Fish Bait. Can throw it on enemies to reduce their movement speed by 30% and grant you truesight over them for 4 seconds. If you pounce an enemy during that time, you will be rewarded with 50 attack speed for the duration of Pounce. Cast range: 1100. Manacost: 100. Cooldown: 20. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:snapfire]] [[patchnote]] Firesnap Cookie manacost increased from 100 to 110 [[patchnote]] Lil’ Shredder manacost reduced from 90 to 75/80/85/90 [[patchnote]] Gobble Up now has a 150 Manacost [[patchnote]] Gobble Up’s Spit Out no longer has a 150 manacost [[patchnote]] Gobble Up can now target special units like Golems, Spirit Bear, etc [[patchnote]] Gobble Up impact damage changed from 400 to match the current Glob values on your ultimate (160/240/320) [[shard:snapfire_scatterblast:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Units in the point blank range of Scatterblast will be knocked back 250 units, take 125 extra damage and be stunned for 1.5 seconds. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:sniper]] [[patchnote]] Strength gain increased from 1.7 to 2.0 [[patchnote]] Agility gain reduced from 3.4 to 3.2 [[patchnote]] Base agility increased from 21 to 27 (base damage unchanged) [[patchnote]] Shrapnel charge replenish time reduced from 40 to 35 seconds [[shard:sniper_concussive_grenade:shardnew]] [[shardnote]] Grants Concussive Grenade. Knocks enemies back 425 units, slowing them by 50% and disarming them for 3 seconds. Radius: 375. Cast Range: 550. Cooldown: 20. Manacost: 75 [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:spectre]] [[patchnote]] Base attack speed reduced from 100 to 90 [[patchnote]] Dispersion rescaled from 7/12/17/22% to 8/12/16/20% [[patchnote]] Spectral Dagger cooldown increased from 16 to 22/20/18/16 [[patchnote]] Spectral Dagger manacost increased from 100/120/140/160 to 130/140/150/160 [[patchnote]] Shadow Step scepter ability now also casts a Spectral Dagger on its target [[shard:spectre_dispersion:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Can activate Dispersion to spawn a Haunt Illusion to attack the most recent hero that damaged you in the last 5 seconds. Illusion lasts 5 seconds. Cooldown: 25. Manacost: 150 [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:spirit_breaker]] [[patchnote]] Nether Strike cooldown reduced from 100/80/60 to 90/70/50 [[patchnote]] Charge of Darkness scepter cooldown increased from 6 to 7 [[patchnote]] Charge of Darkness scepter movement bonus increased from +100 to +175 [[shard:spirit_breaker_nether_strike:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Causes Nether Strike to have a cast delay rather than a cast time, deal 200 extra damage and apply Break for 4 seconds. You are Spell Immune during the cast delay. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:storm_spirit]] [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent increased from +325 Health to +375 [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent changed from Overload Pierces Immunity to +2 Overload Bounce (Causes your attack to bounce up to 2 times at random enemies, can bounce back if there are only 2 enemies) [[shard:storm_spirit_electric_rave:shardnew]] [[shardnote]] Grants Electric Rave. Gives you and allied heroes within 750 AoE of you 3 Overload charges. Lasts up to 12 seconds or until the charges are depleted. Cooldown: 30. Manacost: 150. Additionally, passively provides 40 Attack Speed to Storm Spirit. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:sven]] [[patchnote]] God’s Strength reduced from 110/160/210% to 100/140/180% [[patchnote]] Storm Hammer scepter no longer applies attacks on impact [[patchnote]] Storm Hammer scepter bonus range reduced from +500 to +350 [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent changed from Storm Hammer Dispels Enemies to +4s Warcry Duration [[shard:sven_storm_bolt:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Storm Hammer now applies a dispel on enemies. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:techies]] [[shard:techies_suicide:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Increases Blast Off! cast range by 600 and applies a 1.5 second stun to enemies within 200 AoE (half the primary radius). [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:templar_assassin]] [[patchnote]] Base strength increased from 19 to 21 [[patchnote]] Base attack range increased from 140 to 160 [[patchnote]] Psi Blades attack range bonus rescaled from 60/120/180/240 to 80/130/180/230 [[patchnote]] Psi Blades Spill range is now 2x your attack range [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent increased from +15 Movement Speed to +20 [[shard:templar_assassin_psionic_trap:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Causes Psionic Traps to silence enemies for up to 2.5 seconds based on how long the trap has been charged. Minimum 0.5 duration. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:terrorblade]] [[patchnote]] Reflection duration increased from 2.5/3.5/4.5/5.5 to 3.25/4/4.75/5.5 [[patchnote]] Terror Wave ability is now gained when equipping Scepter, rather than after Metamorphosis cast [[patchnote]] Terror Wave fear duration reduced from 3.75 to 2.5 [[patchnote]] Terror Wave fear now sends units away from you rather than towards the fountain [[patchnote]] Terror Wave scepter ability now grants you Metamorphosis for 10 seconds. If Metamorphosis is already active, it extends it by 10 seconds instead. [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent increased from -32s Sunder Cooldown to -34 [[shard:terrorblade_demon_zeal:shardnew]] [[shardnote]] Grants Demon Zeal. Costs 25% of your Current HP to cast, providing you +25 Movement and +50 Attack Speed for 6 seconds. Provides 50% more bonus while melee. Cooldown: 14. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:tidehunter]] [[patchnote]] Kraken Shell damage block increased from 14/26/38/50 to 18/30/42/54 [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent increased from +15 Movement Speed to +20 [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent changed from +80 Gush Damage to +1.75 Mana Regen [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent changed from +3 Mana regen to +120 Gush Damage [[shard:tidehunter_anchor_smash:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Increases Anchor Smash damage by +90 and causes it to affect buildings. Reduces cooldown by 1 second. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:shredder]] [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent increased from +175 Health to +200 [[patchnote]] Whirling Death base damage from 90/120/150/180 to 80/120/160/200 [[patchnote]] Whirling Death range increased from 300 to 325 [[patchnote]] Timber Chain speed increased from 1600/2000/2400/2800 to 1900/2200/2500/2800 [[patchnote]] Chakram scepter slow now stacks independently from the primary Chakram [[patchnote]] Chakram cast animation reduced from 0.3 to 0.15 (affects his scepter as well) [[shard:shredder_flamethrower:shardnew]] [[shardnote]] Grants Flame Thrower. Releases a flame in the direction you are facing. Lasts 7 seconds. Applies a debuff that deals 75 DPS and slows by 20% for 3 seconds. Sets trees on fire that eventually die after 5 seconds. Cooldown: 15. Manacost: 100. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:tinker:scepterreworked]] [[patchnote]] Scepter Rework: Upgrades your laser into a Shrink Ray, causing it to have +400 cast range and reduces the enemy model size and current health values by 20% (stacks). Laser bounces once on the furthest target up to 700 range from the primary target (prioritizes heroes). [[shard:tinker_defense_matrix:shardnew]] [[shardnote]] Grants Defensive Matrix. Targets an allied unit, applying a barrier to them that blocks the next 200 damage and provides 40% status resistance. Barrier lasts up to 10 seconds or until the damage shield is consumed. Cast Range: 400. Cooldown: 30. Manacost: 100. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:tiny]] [[patchnote]] Tree Grab cooldown reduced from 25/20/15/10 to 16/14/12/10 [[patchnote]] Avalanche now deals 2.5x damage to tossed units, rather than 3x [[patchnote]] Grow damage increased from 25/50/75 to 30/70/110 [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent increased from +3 Tree Grab Attack Charges to +5 [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent increased from -7s Avalanche Cooldown to -8s [[shard:tiny_craggy_exterior:shardnew]] [[shardnote]] Grants Craggy Exterior. Passive. Provides a 20% chance to stun the enemy for 1 second and deal 100 damage when a physical attack impacts your hero. Works against enemies within 400 range. Procs after an attack impacts, and does not affect Spell Immune enemies. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:treant]] [[patchnote]] Overgrowth now interrupts targets again [[shard:treant_natures_guise:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Causes Nature's Guise to root enemies upon attacking. Roots them for 1 second and deals a total of 200 damage. Lasts an extra second when attacking near a tree. Cooldown: 10 [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:troll_warlord:scepterreworked]] [[patchnote]] Berserker’s Rage movement bonus increased from 10/20/30/40 to 15/25/35/45 [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent changed from -5s Whirling Axes Cooldown to +2s Battle Trance Duration [[patchnote]] Scepter Rework: Causes Ranged Axes to dispel enemies, and melee axes to dispel yourself. Reduces cooldown from 9 to 4 and manacost by half. [[shard:troll_warlord_battle_trance:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Casting Battle Trance now gives you a global aura that gives allied heroes (including yourself) +60 Attack Speed. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:tusk]] [[patchnote]] Walrus Kick now targets a direction, and kicks the closest enemy unit to you within 250 radius. Prioritizes heroes. [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent increased from -8s Snowball Cooldown to -10s [[shard:tusk_frozen_sigil:shardnew]] [[shardnote]] Grants Frozen Sigil. Summons a flying Sigil that slows enemy attack by -30 and movement speed by -20% for enemies within 650 radius. Lasts 25 seconds. Cooldown: 30. Manacost: 100. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:abyssal_underlord:scepterreworked]] [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent changed from +12% Magic Resistance to +2 Firestorm Wave Count [[patchnote]] Scepter Rework: Dark Rift can now be cast on allied heroes. Reduces cast delay by 1 second and cooldown by 50 seconds. [[shard:abyssal_underlord_firestorm:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Firestorm can be self targeted. When used that way, the Firestorm follows you around. Also causes Firestorm to heal you for 15% of the damage values. Reduces cast point by half. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:undying]] [[patchnote]] Decay manacost increased from 70/85/100/115 to 85/95/105/115 [[patchnote]] Soul Rip Damage/Heal per unit reduced from 22/29/36/43 to 19/26/33/40 [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent changed from +5 Health Regen to +40 Decay Duration [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent changed from +40s Decay Duration to +10 Soul Rip Damage/Heal [[patchnote]] Level 20 Talent changed from +4s Tombstone Attacks to Destroy to -1.5s Decay Cooldown [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent changed from -2s Decay Cooldown to +6 Tombstone Attacks to Destroy [[shard:undying_decay:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Increases Decay radius by 100 and spawns a zombie around each hero target. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:ursa]] [[patchnote]] Overpower cooldown reduced from 15/13/11/9 to 12/11/10/9 [[patchnote]] Overpower manacost reduced from 40/50/60/70 to 30/40/50/60 [[patchnote]] Earthshock slow increased from 10/20/30/40% to 16/24/32/40% [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent increased from +300 Health to +350 [[shard:ursa_fury_swipes:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Every 6th Fury Swipes on a single target causes Ursa to get Enraged for 1 seconds. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:vengefulspirit]] [[patchnote]] Base intelligence increased from 17 to 19 [[patchnote]] Magic Missile cast range increased from 550 to 575/600/625/650 [[patchnote]] Magic Missile projectile speed increased from 900 to 1350 [[patchnote]] Vengeance Aura no longer increases attack range or primary attribute [[patchnote]] Vengeance Aura no longer has a illusion/death mechanics [[patchnote]] Vengeance Aura now increases base attack damage by 8/16/24/32% [[patchnote]] Scepter Rework: Upon death, creates a strong-illusion of you that can cast all your spells and deals 100% damage and takes 100% damage. Illusion has 30% movement speed bonus. If the illusion is alive when you respawn, you will take its place. XP earned by your illusion is given to your hero. [[patchnote]] Netherswap no longer has charges [[patchnote]] Netherswap cooldown reduced from 90/80/70 to 60/45/30 [[patchnote]] Netherswap cast range increased from 700/850/1000 to 800/950/1100 [[patchnote]] Level 20 Talent changed from +100 Vengeance Aura Attack Range to +125 Cast Range [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent changed from Vengeance Aura Illusion Casts Spells to +16% Vengeance Aura Base Damage [[shard:vengefulspirit_wave_of_terror:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Wave of Terror now steals 25% of enemy hero base damage and grants it to you as base damage for the debuff duration. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:venomancer]] [[patchnote]] Venomous Gale initial damage increase from 25/50/75/100 to 50/75/100/125 [[patchnote]] Level 15 Talent changed from Gale Hero Impact Summons 2 Wards to +100 Attack Range [[shard:venomancer_venomous_gale:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Causes Venomous Gale to summon two Plague Wards when it impacts an enemy hero. Increases travel distance by 400. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:viper]] [[patchnote]] Nethertoxin manacost rescaled from 70/80/90/100 to 85 [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent changed from Nethertoxin Silences to -11s Nethertoxin Cooldown [[shard:viper_poison_attack:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Poison Attacks now also lower armor by 1.5 per stack. Increases max stacks by 2. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:visage:scepterreworked]] [[patchnote]] Attack projectile speed increased from 1000 to 1400 [[patchnote]] Summon Familiars base attack time increased from 0.4 to 0.5 [[patchnote]] Summon Familiars damage increased from 20/40/60 to 25/50/75 [[patchnote]] Scepter Rework: Grants you the ability Silent as the Grave. Turns you and familiars invisible and +20% movement speed, as well as upgrading your movement type to flying. When you or your familiars exit invisibility, you deal 30% bonus damage for 4 seconds. Lasts 35 seconds. Cooldown: 45. Manacost: 100 [[shard:visage_gravekeepers_cloak:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Allows you to cast Gravekeeper’s Cloak to turn into Stone Form. Restores up to 25% of your health. Cooldown: 60. Manacost: 300. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:void_spirit]] [[patchnote]] Level 20 Talent reduced from -5.5 Astral Step Charge Restore Time to -5 [[shard:void_spirit_dissimilate:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Adds a partial outer ring to Dissimilate. Increases damage by 125. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:warlock]] [[patchnote]] Level 20 Talent increased from +300 Shadow Word AoE to +500 [[shard:warlock_shadow_word:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Shadow Word now provides +20/-20% movement speed on allies/enemies. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:weaver]] [[shard:weaver_the_swarm:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Causes The Swarm to latch onto and reveal invisible units. Causes Geminate attack to also launch an extra attack onto other enemies within 1200 range of the attack target that have Beetles attached to them. Reduces The Swarm cooldown by 4 seconds. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:windrunner]] [[patchnote]] Windrun scepter movement speed reduced from 45% to 40% [[shard:windrunner_powershot:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Powershot now becomes global, but after reaching its default range, it only affects heroes (max 1 hero). Impacted heroes will be killed if they are under 13% health after taking the impact damage. Kill threshold scales based on powershot channel duration. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:winter_wyvern]] [[patchnote]] Base damage increased by 2 [[patchnote]] Cold Embrace base heal per second increased from 20/26/32/38 to 30/35/40/45 [[patchnote]] Arctic Burn scepter mana cost reduced from 30 to 20 [[patchnote]] Arctic Burn scepter upgrade also increases your movement speed by 25% [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent increased from +1.2s Winter’s Curse Duration to +1.5 [[shard:winter_wyvern_cold_embrace:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] When Cold Embrace ends, a Splinter Blast goes off at that location, hitting enemies within 1200 range. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:witch_doctor]] [[shard:witch_doctor_voodoo_switcheroo:shardnew]] [[shardnote]]Grants Voodoo Switcheroo. Turns you into a Death Ward for 2 seconds. Death Ward has -30 Attack Speed. You are hidden/invulnerable during this time. Cooldown: 70. Manacost: 250. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:skeleton_king]] [[patchnote]] Reworked Mortal Strike. It is now a passive cooldown critical strike ability. Crit: 150/190/230/270%. Cooldown: 4 [[patchnote]] Reworked Vampiric Aura. Now called Vampiric Spirit. Provides you with 10/18/26/34% Lifesteal. Can be activated to summon skeletons (same numbers as when it was on Mortal Strike). Skeletons also have the Vampiric Spirit ability. [[patchnote]] Scepter upgrade now buffs Wraith units with +75 Attack Speed and +25% Movement Speed [[patchnote]] Level 20 Talent changed from No Reincarnation Mana Cost to +30 Movement Speed [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent changed from +20% Vampiric Aura to -2s Mortal Strike Cooldown [[shard:skeleton_king_reincarnation:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Causes Reincarnation to not have a mana cost and spawns three skeletons to attack each nearby enemy hero when Reincarnation is triggered. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]] [[hero:zuus]] [[patchnote]] Thundergod’s Wrath manacost increased from 250/350/450 to 300/400/500 [[patchnote]] Thundergod’s Wrath cooldown increased from 120 to 130/125/120 [[patchnote]] Level 10 Talent reduced from +1.5 Mana Regen to 1.25 [[patchnote]] Level 20 Talent changed from +12% Cooldown Reduction to +100 Thundergod's Wrath Damage [[patchnote]] Level 25 Talent reduced from +115 Arc Lightning Damage to +100 [[shard:zuus_static_field:shardupgrade]] [[shardnote]] Static Field can be cast to perform a Heavenly Jump, shocking the closest visible enemy (hero priority) within 2000 range, dealing Static Field damage to them and reducing their movement speed by 100% for 2.5 seconds. If you were moving forward, you will jump towards that direction 450 distance. Cooldown: 14. Manacost: 100. [[shardvideo]] [[heroend]]

Item Changes


  • Costs 250 gold
  • Grants 125 Health

  • Requires Fluffy Hat, Sage's Mask, Blades of Attack and 225 gold recipe
  • Grants +150 Health, +1.6 Mana Regen, +10 Damage

  • Requires Blight Stone, Orb of Venom, and a Fluffy Hat
  • Provides +150 Health, 13%/4% Slow, 3 Magic DPS, and 3 Armor reduction. Lasts 3 seconds

  • Requires Blitz Knuckles, Chainmail, Robe of the Magi and a 600 gold recipe.
  • Grants +35 Attack Speed, +12 Intelligence, +6 Armor and +300 Projectile Speed. Has a 9 second passive cooldown that procs on attacks, applying a curse for 3 seconds that slows by 25% and deals your Int as damage every second.

  • Requires Maelstrom, Rod of Atos and a 700 gold recipe.
  • Provides +30 Damage, +20 Intelligence, +12 Strength and +12 Agility. Passive: 160 damage Chain Lightning proc
  • Active: Targets a 450 AoE area, releasing a lightning strike onto each enemy unit, ensnaring them for 2 seconds and dealing a chain lightning damage proc for 220 damage. Cast Range: 1100. Manacost: 200

  • Requires Cloak, Blade of Alacrity, Claymore and 600 gold recipe.
  • Grants +20% Magic Resistance, +20 Agility, +20 Damage and causes your attacks to place a -35% Spell Amp debuff on enemy heroes lasting 4 seconds.

  • Requires Hood of Defiance, Voodoo Mask and a 1100 gold recipe.
  • Grants +8.5 HP Regeneration, +20% Hero Spell Lifesteal and +4% Creep Spell Lifesteal.
  • Can be activated to create a shield that absorbs up to 400 magical damage and converts it to mana. Lasts 12 seconds. Cooldown: 60. Manacost: 50

  • Helm of the Dominator can now be upgraded to Level 2 by buying ultimate orb and a 1600 recipe.
  • Allows converting Ancients. Minimum health increased to 1800. Increases stat/armor/hp regen bonuses from 6/6/6 to 20/8/8

  • Requires Blink Dagger, Reaver and a 1750 Gold Recipe.
  • Grants you +25 Strength, and when you land at a destination, all enemies in a 800 AoE have 50% movement slow and 50 attack slow for 6 seconds and take damage equal to 200 + 100% of your strength.

  • Requires Blink Dagger, Eaglesong and a 1750 Gold Recipe
  • Grants you +25 Agility, and when you land at a destination, you gain 30% phased movement speed, and +40 Damage and +40 Attack Speed for 6 seconds.

  • Requires Blink Dagger, Mystic Staff and a 1750 Gold Recipe
  • Grants you +25 Intelligence, and when you land at a destination, gain -50% Cast Point and 25% Ability Cooldown Reduction for 6 seconds. Does not affect items.

  • Requires Euls, Mystic Staff and a 1600 gold recipe.
  • Grants +50 Movement Speed, +6 Mana Regen, +35 Intelligence. Extends the Cyclone functionality to allow casting on allies. When cast on yourself, you can move the tornado anywhere at a speed of 360.

Balance Changes:

  • Mana reduced from 450 to 300

  • No longer grants 10% Magic Resistance

  • No longer grants 10% Magic Resistance
  • No longer has a 900 gold recipe
  • Now requires Aether Lens instead of Voodoo Mask (with respective Aether Lens bonuses)
  • No longer provides Spell Lifesteal

  • No longer grants 10% Magic Resistance
  • Now also requires Voodoo Mask
  • Now grants +15% Spell Lifesteal (+3% against creeps)

  • Mana regen increased from 1.25 to 2.25

  • Now requires Oblivion Staff instead of Echo Sabre (Note: Echo Sabre can still be disassembled)
  • Bonuses changed from +45 Attack Speed, +40 Damage, +12 Strength, +10 Intelligence, +1.5 Mana Regen to +45 Attack Speed, +40 Damage, +10 Intelligence and +3 Mana Regen.
  • Recipe cost increased from 600 to 1100 (total cost is 500 cheaper)
  • Cooldown reduced from 22 to 18

  • Item has been removed

  • No longer uses Ring of Tarrasque
  • Recipe cost increased from 650 to 900
  • Bonus health reduced from 400 to 250
  • Bonus strength increased from 40 to 45
  • HP regen increased from 1% to 1.6%
  • No longer has out of combat regen
  • Now automatically gains a charge every 15 seconds
  • Now requires a Fluffy Hat and a Headdress instead of a Ring of Tarrasque
  • Recipe cost reduced from 500 to 475 (same overall cost)
  • Now provides a 3 HP regen aura instead of a personal 4.5 health regen

  • No longer has a 800 gold recipe
  • No longer provides Status Resistance
  • Damage increased from 25 to 45
  • Unholy Rage duration increased from 5 to 6 seconds

  • Sange and its upgrades' Status Resistances don’t stack with each other

  • Recipe cost reduced from 400 to 200
  • Regen amp reduced from 30% to 24%
  • Status Resistance reduced from 20% to 16%

  • Status Resistance increased from 20% to 25%

  • Status Resistance increased from 20% to 25%

  • Health reduced from +225 to +200
  • Mana reduced from +250 to 200

  • Charge count increased from 6 to 8
  • Now requires Wind Lace, Robe of the Magi, Belt of Strength, and 550 Gold Recipe.
  • Now provides +6 Strength, +6 Intelligence, Swiftness Aura (+20 Movement Speed Aura)

  • Upon equipping, automatically sells TP scrolls that you have, and grants you 1 charge. This also applies to Meepo clones.

  • Damage reduced from 15 to 10

  • Overwhelm active now also triggers the bash passive cooldown

  • Recipe cost increased from 500 to 675

  • Now requires 450 Gold Recipe instead of Gloves of Haste
  • No longer gives +20 Attack Speed

  • Cooldown reduced from 90 to 80
  • Archer Warrior now has a 5/7/9% Movement Speed Aura

  • Proc chance increased from 25% to 30%
  • Proc damage reduced from 80 to 70

  • Damage reduced from 42 to 40

  • Damage reduced from 42 to 40
  • Recipe cost increased from 550 to 675
  • Proc damage reduced from 100 to 70
  • Magic damage procs on attacks no longer work with Lifesteal (this is a general change)

  • Proc chance increased from 25% to 30%

  • Proc chance increased from 25% to 30%

  • Damage reduced from 60 to 55

  • Damage reduced from +330 to 300

  • Unholy Strength active bonus damage increased from 31 to 35
  • Health drain reduced from 54 to 50

  • Magic Resistance reduced from 25% to 20% (still has the barrier active)
  • No longer has a 300 gold recipe

  • Recipe cost increased from 1250 to 1550

  • Now also requires a Buckler
  • Grants +3 Armor Aura
  • Mana regen reduced from 2 to 1.4

  • Now requires Chainmail instead of Buckler
  • No longer provides an Armor Aura
  • Manacost reduced from 225 to 200
  • Recipe cost reduced from 1175 to 900

  • Now also requires Buckler

  • Melee damage reduced from 15 to 13

  • Cost reduced from 300 to 275
  • Slow reduced from 15% to 13%

  • HP regen reduced from 1.5 to 1.25

  • Mana Regen increased from 0.6 to 0.7

  • Mana restore reduced from 110 to 100

  • Cost reduced from 900 to 700
  • Spell Lifesteal reduced from 12/2.5% to 10/2%

  • Mana regen increased from 1.25 to 1.5
  • Duration and Cooldown increased from 7 seconds to 12

  • Duration and Cooldown increased from 7 seconds to 12

  • Mana regen increased from 1.5 to 1.75

  • Mana regen reduced from 5 to 3.5

  • Can now be disassembled

  • Active damage block values increased from 60 to 70

  • No longer ignores ancient creeps

  • Manacost reduced from 375 to 300
  • Cooldown reduced from 180 to 160

  • Now requires Staff of Wizardry, Crown and 1300 Recipe.
  • Grants +14/16/18/20/22 Intelligence and +6/8/10/12/14 Strength and Agility.

  • Bonus damage reduced from 21 to 20
  • Cost reduced from 1400 to 1350

  • Projectile speed increased from 1000 to 1100

  • Recipe cost reduced from 750 to 650

  • Cost reduced from 3000 to 2800.

  • Cost reduced from 3000 to 2800

  • Cost increased from 2700 to 2800

Neutral Items

Tier 1 Items


  • +100 Health, +5% Spell Amp. Reduces manacosts by 5%

  • [[chipped_vest:new]]
  • Grants +3.5 HP Regen and passively returns 26 damage to hero attackers and 13 to creeps.

  • [[possessed_mask:new]]
  • +7 Primary Attribute, +7% Lifesteal

Cycled Out:


Balance Changes:

  • Cooldown increased from 40 to 45

  • Active cooldown increased from 4 to 15

Tier 2 Items


  • +30% Attack Animation and Projectile Speed. +5% MS and +10 Attack Speed. If any of your abilities are on cooldown, you gain an additional +5% MS and +15 Attack Speed.

  • [[bullwhip:new]]
  • +3 HP Regen and +3 Mana Regen. Can be cast on allies to grant them +16% Movement Speed for 5 seconds, or on enemies to slow them by 16% for 5 seconds. Cast Range: 850. Cooldown: 12

Cycled Out:


Balance Changes:

  • Cooldown reduced from 8 to 7

  • Health reduced from 425 to 400

Tier 3 Items


  • Grants +26 Attack Speed, +16% Evasion, +8% Movement Speed

  • [[cloak_of_flames:new]]
  • Grants +5 Armor, +10% Magic Resistance and a passive immolation aura dealing 45 damage per second in a 400 AoE

  • [[ceremonial_robe:new]]
  • Grants +350 Mana. Enemies in 1200 AoE have -10% Status Resistance and -10% Magic Resistance.

  • [[psychic_headband:new]]
  • Grants +12% Intelligence and +100 Cast Range. Activate to push the target enemy 400 distance away from you. Cast Range: 800. Cooldown: 30.

Cycled Out:


Balance Changes:

  • Moved to Tier 4

  • Cooldown reduction reduced from 13% to 12%

Tier 4 Items


  • Provides +45 Damage, +80 Melee Attack Range and 20% chance to Maim enemies, reducing their movement speed by 20% and attack speed by 60 for 3 seconds.

  • [[stormcrafter:new]]
  • Grants 4 Mana Regen. Zaps an enemy within 700 range of you every 3 seconds, dealing 200 damage and slowing by 40% for 0.3 seconds. Can be activated to cyclone yourself for 0.75 seconds. Cooldown: 25 Manacost: 50

  • [[trickster_cloak:new]]
  • Grants +20% Evasion, +20% Magic Resistance. Activate to become invisible for 6 seconds. Cooldown: 25

Cycled Out:


Balance Changes:

  • Moved from Tier 3 to Tier 4
  • Attack and Cast Range Aura increased from +125 to +135
  • No longer affects non-player units

  • Max blink range increased from 400 to 450
  • No longer costs 25 Mana

  • Cooldown reduction reduced from 20% to 18%

  • Illusion bonus damage reduced from 10% to 8%

Tier 5 Items


  • +40 Strength, +60 Movement Speed, +60% Model Size and can walk over any terrain. When standing on top of an enemy (100 AoE), deals 100% of your strength per second.

  • [[book_of_shadows:new]]
  • +12 All Stats, +400 Night Vision. Target an enemy, ally or self. Causes the target to become untargetable but also silenced, muted and disarmed for 4 seconds. Applies a Basic Dispel. Cast Range: 700 Cooldown: 25

Cycled Out:


Balance Changes:

  • Damage increased from 40 to 50

  • Armor increased from +20 to +25
  • Active no longer has a manacost
  • Cooldown reduced from 45 to 30

  • Now has an active that reveals a target 800 area of the map for 5 seconds (enemies can see the area is revealed). Cooldown: 70.

  • Now a unit target ability with 750 cast range
  • Push range increased from 600 to 750
  • Cooldown reduced from 9 to 8

  • Bonus health increased from 50% to 100%

  • All stats reduced from +20 to +16

  • Bonus attack damage reduced from +75 to +60

General Updates


  • Game now starts at night time and turns to day once creeps spawn

  • Neutral creeps no longer increase their bounty over the course of the game
  • Neutral stacked gold bonus reduced from 40% to 30%

  • Roshan armor growth increased from 0.325 to 0.375

  • Radiant Ancient camp is now easier to stack

  • Added lore to all items

  • Rearranged some items in the shop (mostly ordering based on cost changes in recent years, but also in some cases moving from one category to another. Consumables are unchanged.)

  • When combining, items will attempt to be placed into the slot of their component that has the most similar active effect. For example, Magic Wand will combine onto Magic Stick, Bloodthorn will combine onto Orchid Malevolence, etc.

Neutral Units Balance

  • Neutral ancients magic resistance reduced from 70% to 50%
  • Ancient Thunderhide's Frenzy ability no longer interrupts movement when cast by a neutral
  • Ancient Thunderhide's Slam ability no longer interrupts movement when cast by a neutral
  • Ancient Thunderhide's Slam damage increased from 70 to 250
  • Ancient Thunderhide's Slam slow increased from 25% to 60%
  • Ancient Thunderhide's Slam radius increased from 250 to 350
  • Ancient Thunderhide's Accuracy Aura ability has now been moved to Ancient Rumblehide
  • Fixed Thunderhide Accuracy Aura not working properly
  • Ancient Granite Golem model size increased
  • Black Dragon Fireball cooldown increased from 10 to 15
  • Alpha Wolf unit level increased from 4 to 5
  • Ghost Base attack time increased from 1 to 1.2