For aeons beyond count, the stars above coalesced their energy, each in time bursting forth the cataclysmic fires of supernova to mark the sky with stellar progeny. By this ageless crucible the star called Phoenix collapsed into being. Over long cycles this conscious light inquired and studied, and through chance learned of an enduring conflict of cosmic consequence. Thus an infant son of suns has taken terrestrial form, eager to shine its warmth wherever events seem their darkest.
Icarus Dive - Swoop forward in a fierce arc, slowing and damaging all enemies in your path.
Fire Spirits - Spend health to summon spirits which can be launched at your foes to burn them over time.
Sun Ray - Sacrifice vitality to blast your enemies, and heal your allies, with a beam of searing light.
Supernova - Become a core of fusing energy that burns nearby enemies which, if allowed to detonate, will stun foes and renew your strength.
New for this Update
Replay Takeover
Grab your friends and rewrite history! Now you can take control in any replay created after the New Bloom update, then act out the rest of the match from that moment forward. During a replay, hit the Takeover button to create a lobby where everyone can choose which hero to portray. Resume the match, and become the one to turn the tide of a favorite pro play, discover a way to escape an impossible setup, or relive a cherished team fight again and again.

Takeovers are considered a new match and have separate replays, which are recorded from the moment you assume control.
Coming to the Dota Store
Treasure of Vermilion Renewal
Unseal the gifts of renewal and you may discover one of these items
Curse of the New Season
The stirring of the New Bloom imbues ferocity with a new form.
Charming Assassin Curls
The Western Wails value beauty and efficiency in equal measure.
Healing Fount of the Lost Isles
The healing arts of bygone lands have lost none of their potency.
New Gear for the New Bloom
Sett: Ember Crane
Blessings of Lucentyr Set
Strength of the Demon Stone Set
Created by the Dota Community; chosen by the Dota Community.
The artisans of the Dota Workshop have been hard at work forging items to celebrate the New Bloom Festival. Now the fruits of their labor will begin arriving on the Dota Store. These items will be appearing throughout the event, so check back often to see what new creations have been added!
Additional Features
Items that have been purchased while dead can now be sold, if that item was bought during the same death. Previously, no items could be sold while dead.

Highlighting an allied Ward will now display its effective range.

Holding ALT and clicking on an ability will now issue a context-sensitive ping for that ability. This can be used to indicate whether the pinged ability is ready for use, if you do not have enough mana to use this ability, or to indicate the number of seconds remaining on that ability’s cooldown.