Creating items for Meepo
Below you'll find technical information necessary to create a valid item for Meepo.

Meepo bio

"If you ask me, life is all about who you know and what you can find. When you live up in the Riftshadow Ruins, just finding food can be tough. So you need to cut corners, you need to scrounge, you need to know your strengths. Some of the beasts up there can kill you, so you need a way to trap the weak and duck the strong. On the upside, the ruins have history, and history is worth a lot to some people. There used to be a palace there, where they had all these dark rituals. Bad stuff. If you survived the ceremony, they would shatter a crystal and split your soul into pieces. They made great art though! Sculptures and such. Let me tell you: sometimes you stumble onto some of those old carvings. Take a pack full of those to town and sell them, then get yourself food for a few weeks. If luck is really on your side, you might find a Riftshadow crystal. Get it appraised and start asking around. Someone always knows some crazy fool looking for this kind of thing. If all else fails, sell it to a Magus the next time one's in town. They love that stuff. Still, whatever you do, be careful handling those crystals. You do not want one to go off on you. It really hurts."

Model and texture files

Use the hero model to see your item in context. Download Meepo model

Item slots and their budgets

  • LoD0 Triangle Limit: 1000
  • LoD1 Triangle Limit: 500
  • Texture Size: 256H x 256W
  • LoD0 Triangle Limit: 650
  • LoD1 Triangle Limit: 250
  • Texture Size: 128H x 256W
  • LoD0 Triangle Limit: 200
  • LoD1 Triangle Limit: 150
  • Texture Size: 128H x 256W
  • LoD0 Triangle Limit: 1400
  • LoD1 Triangle Limit: 800
  • Texture Size: 256H x 512W
  • LoD0 Triangle Limit: 450
  • LoD1 Triangle Limit: 350
  • Texture Size: 128H x 512W
  • This model should primarily be bound to the bone: weapon_1
  • LoD0 Triangle Limit: 150
  • LoD1 Triangle Limit: 150
  • Texture Size: 128H x 256W