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Make Way for Your Queen
Content for so long exploring the playground of the mortal realm, Akasha returns now to the dangerous Court of Ristul, where her star has fallen in her time away. But the Queen above intends to claim as well the throne below. Striking a bargain with an exiled demon prince, Akasha has seized a new measure of power, and her fiendish plans are at last set to begin.
Exquisite Agony on Display
Akasha excels at torment, and nothing dominates her foes en masse like the perfect Sonic Wave. With the addition of a special toast, now the Queen can celebrate each target punished by a single wave. Turn up the decibel level and the suffering by hitting as many enemies as possible with each ultimate to push the pain meter to the max.
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Royal Decree
As her influence in Ristul grows, the Queen can change her form at will.
Torment 1000 enemies with Sonic Wave in victories to unlock the Royal Decree alternate style for this Arcana, featuring a variant color theme for its model and effects.
Salatieteellinen sisältää:
Upouusi malli, esineitä ja jalusta
Queen of Pain's entire model, items, and loadout pedestal have been fittingly redesigned to reflect the power of true demon royalty that she has gained in her bargain.
Muokatut animaatiot ja tehosteet
Features an all-new animation set, sound effects, Sonic Wave counter, new Sonic Wave and Blink, a custom deny effect, new ambient effects for both styles, and a custom whip melee attack animation and effect when in range.
Räätälöity sankarigrafiikka
Sisältää tuliterän sankarin muotokuvan, kykykuvakkeet ja pienoiskarttakuvakkeen.
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Torment 1000 enemies with Sonic Wave in victories to unlock the Royal Decree alternate style.
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