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“Across dimensions, strength succumbs to knowledge.
Yet knowledge wilts in the shadow of the unknown.
And the unknown only yields to strength.”
-- Grunch; as spoken to his captor
Aghanim Arrives with a Menagerie of Monsters
“I am Aghanim. Yes, THAT Aghanim.
Aghanim the mighty. Aghanim who studied dark, forbidden magic and became lost across the astral dimensions in an effort to create a grand scepter.
I'm sure you heard lies of my works in hero school. But here is something your stupid teachers DIDN'T tell you:
Aghanim then sought out the deadliest creatures from the darkest dimensions and brought them here to test the mettle of the mightiest among you. Sharpen your blades! Utter your incantations! Stretch! Perform your vocal warm ups!”
Enter the Labyrinth
Gather three friends or matchmake with others. No Battle Pass required, everyone plays for free.
“What horrors lie in wait for your party? Allow Aghanim the mighty to tell you -- several horrors!”
Choose Your Path
After completing each room, you and your comrades will be faced with choices. What skills do you require? What rewards do you desire? Which of Aghanim's monsters do you wish to face next? Choose your opponent, but choose wisely. A wrong or hasty choice can be the end of your run at The Labyrinth.
“Aghanim the Generous offers you a panoply of ways to die.”
Assemble your Power
Collect Aghanim Scepter Shards to augment your heroes’ abilities in unique ways - you’ll create a different combination each game. Choose your upgrades carefully; you’ll need to be calculating to defeat Aghanim’s beasts.
“Such strong and mighty warriors! Imagine what you could accomplish with tools such as “skill” and “talent”!”
Advance Your Battle Pass
Battle Pass owners who play Aghanim's Labyrinth have the ability to unlock up to 2,000 Battle Points each week.
Fight Fearsome Bosses
Take On Indomitable Foes
Go toe-to-toe against the toughest monsters Aghanim could procure from countless dimensions before facing the Apex Mage himself. In the unlikely event of your victory, steel yourself for ascension runs of even greater challenge!
“Dear friends, Aghanim the humble does not toot his own horn! But if he did it would sound like the wails of your party meeting its demise!”
Tackle Ascension Levels
Escalating Challenge
You'll unlock a new Ascension Level with every hard-fought victory. Only by employing grit and experience can you hope to defeat them all. There are four Ascension Levels, each grants a unique Aghanim chat wheel voice line once you complete the Labyrinth.
Are you pumped? Great. Are you focused? Perfect. Did you pick out a headstone that reads “Died of hubris, leaving behind only a cat and a pile of blood-soaked clothes?” I hope so.
Strategize and Reattempt
Unlock Blessings
Become more powerful over time as you gather Arcane Fragments throughout your runs, unlocking permanent upgrades for future attempts at The Labyrinth. You’ll receive a 3x bonus on the first 1,800 Arcane Fragments you earn each week.
Aghanim's Trials
Test Your Mettle Against The Best in the World
Next week: party up with your friends and take on Aghanim's Trials.
Once a week you can compete against a global leaderboard on the same randomly generated labyrinth. The fastest and most successful parties will be rewarded with Aghanim's rarest and most valuable prize.
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