Forged in benevolence, reborn in blood...

Centuries ago, the Rumusque priestess Crella forged unbreakable links of hook and chain to bind the most powerful servants of the Dead God. But the Dead God's corruption grew too strong even for Crella's revered enchantments. Taken up with the rhythm of the Dirge, her chains abandoned their charge, turning instead to carry out the destruction of Crella's homeland at the Dead God's command. Now, their vile purpose long since served, the Chains of Abscession have sworn service to a new master... and the delights of butchery.

Style 2
Celebrate Pudge's slim margin of victory over Rubick during the Arcana Vote with a second unlockable style fashioned after that of the Grand Magus — just win 12 games with Rubick on the enemy team to claim the second style.
Hook Streak Counter
As Pudge lands consecutive hooks without a miss, his Hook Streak Counter will display above him. But hook with care. Though Pudge grows more excited with each success—and the celebratory banners respond in kind—he doesn't take kindly to missing meat and losing his streaks.
The Arcana Includes:
- 新的基礎模型、貼圖材質、自訂臺座 -
- 全新的著裝姿勢、替代移動、罕見閒置、短程 & 長程肢解動畫、連勾計數器和更多 -
- 連勾紀錄的自訂里程碑計數特效 -
- 對於不同體質之英雄有不同的自訂肢解特效 -
- 百餘條全新臺詞和替換語音 -
- 自訂英雄肖像、技能圖示、小地圖圖示 -
- 全新「跳到好東西!」嘲諷 -
- 替換樣式「盛剮魔鏈」 -
- 自訂聊天表情符號 -
- 於 2018 年 5 月 4 日購買即可獲得「崇高」品質 -